Serenity Found: Getaway to the Catskills at Emerson Resort

When was the last time you felt truly relaxed and completely connected with all that is going on around you? Life certainly has a way of taking over. Between work, personal obligations, hauling the kids to sports, birthday parties, and class trips, the list just seems endless. Sometimes, with the monotony and business of day to day responsibilities you start to feel worn down as a person, mother, and wife. Slowing down is a foreign concept to many couples and families, yet it is the most overlooked way to rest and recharge. If you are looking for a getaway, whether just for adults or for the whole family, you simply cannot overlook the Emerson Resort and Spa located in the picturesque Catskills.



It is time to escape the daily grind. We all know that feeling!

What comes to mind when you think of a little getaway? For us here at Daily Mom, we quickly envision homey and quaint towns with friendly faces and just the right amount of country charm. If you agree, then The Catskills are not something to be missed. No matter the season, you will never find a shortage of things to do. This hilly region will welcome you in with its gorgeous views, trout streams, pine covered hills, and the perfect blend of tried and true old shops and new and exciting destinations.

Visiting The Emerson

The Emerson Resort and Spa is a can’t pass up destination nestled right in the heart of the Catskills. This hidden treasure resort is just two hours from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and an easy drive for many of those in New England. Here you will find stunning views during all seasons and beautiful touches throughout the property, bringing the splendor of outside in. If you are seeking contemporary, the Inn is the perfect place for you, but if you are in search of something with more of a country feel you will be right at home in their Adirondack style lodge. The spacious property will lure you in with restorative treatments at their luxury spa, delicious farm to table delights in the Woodnotes Grille restaurant, a wide selection of shops in their country store, and the famous and always family friendly World’s Largest Kaleidoscope.

Property & Shops

From the moment you walk into The Emerson, you will be surrounded by the beautiful combination of nature and luxury. Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes adorn the walls around you. From the world’s largest kaleidoscope to the shops and the beautiful outdoor surroundings, you will need more than a full day to explore, so be sure to at least book for that long weekend you’ve been saving for. And we do recommend you go out and take in the breathtaking sites, local shopping, and hit some of the hiking trails.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you hold a love for shopping? Or maybe you just have some time to kill after you’ve found yourself thoroughly relaxed at the spa. While there is plenty of shopping in and around the Catskills, we think you will find that meandering the shops right inside of The Emerson to be quaint and perfect. They offer a selection of gift shops that truly have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for trinkets to bring home for the kids, gorgeous farm decor for your house, souvenirs, or some delicious local food samplings, you will find it here!

Have the kids with you or are you just craving a treat? No need to travel out. They have you covered with ice cream, coffee, and baked goods galore! You can find the Emerson Cafe inside the country stores, and here you can enjoy fresh pastries, sandwiches, soups, and even homemade cookies. They also have a variety of tea and coffee from locally sourced companies.

Without even leaving the resort you can enjoy a delectable farm to table dinner at the Woodnotes Grille. As one of the most sought after restaurants in the area, you will find a menu that is sure to impress. They really hone in on the local spirit, and they also offer handcrafted cocktails. They are open for breakfast and dinner, and you will want to make sure you venture in for both.

The Spa

Enjoy a trip to the luxury spa at The Emerson to relax both your body and your mind. With a wide selection of services, there truly is something for everyone. From the moment you step through the doors you will be surrounded by the ultimate and serene environment for relaxation. The spa offers a wide menu of services from massages to a full range of esthetician services. You can relax in the sauna or steam room while taking in their harmonious blend of nature, balance, and restoration.

You will find that all of the spa therapies here are inspired by the earth’s elements. The natural surroundings of the property make for a tranquil and relaxing experience. You will find that each guest receives the personal attention they deserve, and every little detail is accounted for. Need more than an afternoon? Book a full day at the spa and be sure to tell them you want the spa lunch!


This family friendly spot needs to be at the top of your list when you visit the Emerson. Located in the connected barn on the property that once belonged to Riseley Flats, you will find The World’s Largest Kaleidoscope. This kaleidoscope is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest at 56 feet long (the size of the old barn’s silo). You will experience this brilliant burst of color along with the theatre-quality surround sound and get the pleasure of listening to a musical experience by Gary Burke. Bring out the whole family to enjoy this magical experience.

Out And About

Don’t worry about finding things to do while you are visiting The Catskills. You can spend your time perusing the eclectic and historical towns of Phoenicia, Woodstock, and the Saugerties. These towns are packed with quaint and adorable shops, coffee stops, restaurants, and no shortage of fun.

For the adventurer at heart you will find skiing, hiking, biking, tubing, fishing, and outdoor concerts at every turn. Whatever type of trip your heart seeks, you can find.

Make sure that you check out the Phoenicia Diner right down the street from The Emerson. We would rate this possibly one of the best diners we have ever encountered here at Daily Mom. They put an exciting spin on diner food by using fresh and local ingredients while still retaining the diner vibe that everyone knows and loves!

It is far time that you recharge your ability to deal with your commitments, your relationships, and your overall health and wellbeing with MORE vigor and energy. A weekend away is always a worthwhile investment of time, because the importance of a well-rested mind will make all aspects of your life more productive and joyful.

Need a little bit more convincing to take the plunge and plan a trip? Check out our article on Why You Need a Weekend Getaway!




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