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As we creep further into the fall season, many of us who are newer families are yearning to start fun traditions with our children that will leave a lasting impression on them into adulthood. What better way to do this than by starting a fall tradition bucket list?

Fall Tradition Bucket List

Every season, new and old families rack their brains trying to come up with unique ideas of fresh activities to stimulate their children, as well as have good old family fun! Whether you choose to hunker down indoors and enjoy a movie night every year, or trek off to your local pumpkin patch, you are implanting a tradition in your child, and hopefully they will want to continue it with their own family far down the road. Here are our favorite 15 things to do during the autumn months; a fall themed bucket list!

1. Go on a hayride.

2. Go to a football game (high school, college, or professional!)

3. Go to a corn or hay maze.

4. Go apple picking.

5. Find an age-appropriate haunted house, or better yet, make one in your own home!

6. Plant your spring time bulbs as a family. Fall is also the perfect time to plant new trees in many locations. Planting a tree as a family is always a fun reminder of your family roots!

7. Make homemade apple cider.

8. Go to a pumpkin patch.

9. Bob for apples.

10. Carve or decorate a pumpkin.

11. Jump in a pile of leaves.

12. Plan a family Halloween movie night.

13. Bake a pie, or some fun pumpkin muffins!

14. Make a fun fall themed craft and display it in the home as decoration.

15. Make and eat caramel apples as a family.

Do you have a favorite fall-time activity not mentioned? Share it with us in the comment section!

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