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The end of the school year is upon us. Before you grab your kids and run off on summer vacation, it is time to take a moment to show some love to the teachers who have been pouring so much into your children all school year long. Teachers are such a huge part of our kids’ lives. It is bittersweet to move on at the end of the year to the next grade. You are sad to say goodbye to the teachers your child has grown to love, but excited to get to know the new teachers in the fall. Each teacher shares a little piece of his or her heart with your children, and your children carry that through the rest of their lives. To show your love and gratitude this year, think outside the box when it comes to teacher appreciation gifts. Here are a few gifts we’ve gathered that teachers will actually love.


Gifts for the busy elementary school teacher on the go…

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Top Teacher Appreciation Gift

As moms, we all know just how much teachers deserve to be appreciated… worshipped actually. Teachers are the people whom we trust with our most precious beings each and every day. These incredible women and men inspire, create, control, educate our children, navigate social, emotional, and cultural boundaries, bandage boo-boo’s, and wipe away tears all in a day’s work. So this year show your child’s teacher how thankful you really are for all she does with a trendy tote bag or gift box from Teacher Peach.

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For the elementary school teacher who leads her line of rambunctious 1st graders to and from their specials, lunch, and playground time, or the middle or high school teacher who is constantly using their personal time to grade exams, Teacher Peach has the ideal Teacher’s Oversized Confidence Tote Bag, perfect for carrying all of those classroom essentials.

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From curriculum planners to laptops, this bag is big enough to fit everything a teacher needs throughout the school day. Perfectly designed and captioned with words of inspiration for every teacher, this classy bag will be her new go-to whether spending a day at school or attending a conference on education.

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Perfect for placing in the oversized tote, or a cute and crafty gift on its own, is the Once Upon a Box for School Teacher Peach has tailored for those teaching our elementary age students.

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Filled with fun and inspiring items all children and teachers love, this box full of stickers, staplers, pens, labels, and award certificates, along with some special items just for the teacher, will be greatly appreciated and put to good use in any primary classroom.

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With cute, trendy, and practical gifts for teachers, Teacher Peach totes or gift boxes will be enjoyed and appreciated.

About Teacher Peach

Teacher Peach is dedicated to inspiring teachers and their students to be the best that they can be! With thoughtful gifts acknowledging the hard work and commitment of our teachers to kids everywhere, this go-to brand carries coveted teacher must-haves and motivating classroom products that promote a positive school environment and instill confidence and creativity. From certificates, stickers, greeting cards, and positive postcards, Teacher Peach encourages the recognition of student achievements both in the classroom and out. Teacher Peach believes that when teachers receive positive recognition for all they do, teachers, students, and families all benefit. In addition to creating quality and inspirational products, this company donates 10% of all profits to fund initiatives designed to help raise confident and creative kids through their non-profit

31 Bits

Perfect for the fashionable teacher.

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Top Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teachers are some of the most selfless people we know. They dedicate their lives to making the world a better place through educating and caring for our children. We love the idea of pampering our child’s teacher with a gift that is all about her but still gives back to the world as a whole at the same time. With a gift like this, you can treat your favorite teacher to something she can’t use on anyone else, but she will still feel amazing about receiving such a personal gift knowing that the creation and purchase of the gift improved the life of another person.

The Aliza Necklace from 31 Bits will spoil your child’s teacher. She will not see this gift coming. It is not your ordinary teacher gift, but we think teachers deserve to be surprised! This necklace is stylish but not so trendy that it won’t be enjoyed by everyone. It is a classic, long, three stranded necklace of handmade paper beads.

Available in three color options, rose (pictured), light blue, and mint, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. All three are neutral enough to wear with anything, everyday. Your favorite teacher can easily wear the Aliza necklace to school as it is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. She can dress it up for a night out or wear it on the weekend just hanging out in jeans and a tee. The rose color also features cream colored beads with golden accents. The light blue has grey beads, and the mint has a darker green bead. So pick the one that best suits your teacher. You will be hard pressed to not buy one for yourself at the same time!

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About 31 Bits

31 Bits is a company that cares and changes the world. Started by a group of college friends after an eye opening trip to Uganda, this company makes “Fashion for Good.” They empower artisans in impoverished parts of the world, and they empower us as consumers to be able to buy products that do good. Their jewelry is crafted by hand by skilled artisans in Uganda and Indonesia. Each bead is unique because it is handmade with love. 31 Bits offers fair wages, dignified working conditions, and counseling, health care, and educational support for the artisans, and you help them continue this very important mission with your purchase. Don’t just shop; shop to change lives. Your purchase will make a difference, just like your child’s teacher makes a difference everyday. This makes 31 Bits the perfect brand for teacher appreciation gifts!


Aliza Necklace


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Personalized gifts for the socially conscious teacher…

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Top Teacher Appreciation Gift

This is no real way to show thanks for the time a teacher spends with our children. From hours practicing sight words, to grading papers during what should be their lunch break, to spending their own money to stock the classroom art supplies, teachers are committed to helping us build children into wonderful young adults. This year, share how much you appreciate the commitment they’ve made to your children with a personalized gift from UBUNTU Made.

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Thanks to a partnership between UBUNTU Made and Zazzle, you can fully personalize UBUNTU’s 18oz safari cotton canvas bag to whatever design suites your recipient’s personality. For a favorite biology teacher, we love the Red Fish Design, the perfect reminder of the 35 Power Point presentations they sat through on the anatomy of bony fish varieties.

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This tough bag with heavy duty straps is perfect for hauling text books, essays needing grades, and even a science project or two. The interior pocket ensures that small items are just a moment away and won’t become lost in the shuffle of papers and grading pens.

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After years of reading Farewell to Arms, Moby Dick, and Fahrenheit 451, every English teacher has a novel inside of them. UBUNTU’s Canvas Travel Journal is perfect for inspiring that story to get put to paper. With an interior pocket ideal for storing notes and a sliding closure, this notebook is a Grade A gift for any teacher with a passion for the English language.

With personalized products, UBUNTU Made’s canvas and leather gifts will stand the test of any classroom and be loved by the teacher who receives them.

About UBUNTU Made

Based on the African philosophy meaning, “I am because we are,” UBUNTU Made is a socially conscious business with all products produced directly in the communities they support. Originally launched as a response to offset the needs of the first special needs Kenyan school, Ubuntu has grown to serve 50 families of children with special needs and over 230 families with children who have neurological conditions. Those interested in furthering the mission of UBUNTU can do so by supporting the UBUNTU Foundation directly.


Canvas Utility Tote | Canvas Journal


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Perfect for the thirsty teacher.

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Top Teacher Appreciation Gift

One way to the heart of a teacher is with little treats to make her day more comfortable. Skip the apples and give her something to keep her feeling her best that she will actually enjoy, like a water bottle or some coffee! Zazzle has lots of amazing options for Teacher Appreciation Gifts, and here are two of our favorites.

Everyone needs a quality water bottle. Staying hydrated is crucial to functioning during the day. Keep your child’s teacher hydrated through the long school day by giving a Custom Chevron SIGG Water Bottle from Zazzle. SIGG water bottles are of the highest quality. This bottle has a screw top and fits into cup holders in a car. It holds one liter of water and will taste clean and fresh. The bottle is lined with aluminum. Your teacher’s water will stay cold and she will love seeing the bottle sitting on her desk during the day with its cute chevron design.

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You know what teachers need? Coffee! Think about how much your kids wear you out. Teachers have a classroom full of kids all day long, five days a week. Help them caffeinate properly. Tie a gift card to a local coffee shop to one of the Thanks A Latte Gift Tags available through Zazzle. These tags feature an adorable coffee shop cup design on one side and “To:” and “From:” on the back. Twine is included so you can quickly attach the gift card or tie it to a coffee cup and give a bag of coffee beans as well.

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About Zazzle

Zazzle lets you personalize any aspect of your life through art, design, and customization. You will not find an online retailer with a more diverse offering of beautiful and fun products than Zazzle, from accessories, art, home goods, cards, craft supplies, clothing, and more. Through Zazzle, you have access to the best design and artwork available because the makers of products sell them directly to you through Zazzle’s easy to use site and excellent customer service. Shopping for gifts is a breeze with the different gift guides that Zazzle offers.


Custom Chevron SIGG Water Bottle | Thanks A Latte Gift Tags


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We can’t believe it is already time to talk about the end of the school year. However, the time has come. Surprise the teachers in your life with something special. They deserve it! Thank them for the ways they have changed your child for the better with something thoughtful.

School supplies are a whole different issue. If you have the wiggle room in your budget, you should help out with classroom needs so the burden doesn’t fall on your underpaid teachers. Here is The Scoop on School Supplies.

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