Children, whether infants or teenagers, are always learning. As parents, we all want to give our children every opportunity we can to explore, create, and expand their minds. The holidays are a time for fun, and we know that learning should be fun as well. Give gifts to the children in your life that encourage learning. There are so many amazing products for kids that spark their imagination and foster a love for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). We think gifts like these are especially great to give to someone else’s child because not only will the child get so much out of whatever you choose, the parents will be happy with you as well. Everyone is happy and kids are learning while they play. These gifts are a win all around!


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Småland Dollhouse by Lundby

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About Lundby

Swedish company Lundby specializes in classic and detailed dolldream-houses. The company gets its name from the village in Sweden where company founders Grete and Axel Thomsen began creating and selling dollhouse furniture in 1947. Nearly seven decades later, Lundby continues to enchant children with lovely, high-quality dollhouses, furniture, dolls, and accessories. All of its products are based on the fundamental belief that the urge to play lies in the details. In fact, Lundby was the first brand to install electric lighting in dollhouses! Kids can customize each dollhouse with furniture, lighting, and even house additions to make it their own. Committed to both quality and safety, all Lundby houses are made from plastic that does not contain environmentally detrimental softeners or other questionable substances.


The Småland Dollhouse is the company’s classic dollhouse: a five-room, two-story residence. The rooms are each “wallpapered” in different patterns; the floors vary between tile, carpet, and wood; and the house comes pre-wired and ready for light installation. There’s a balcony on the second floor, doors between the rooms, and hinged windows which can open and close. All of these small details add a sense of realism to this modern-yet-traditional dollhouse. Just be warned: you may have major house-envy once your child decorates their Småland dollhouse with Lundby’s furniture, appliances, lights and decorations! Gifts That Encourage Learning 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Decorate Your Småland Dollhouse:

  • Outfit the kitchen with the Småland Sink and Dishwasher set, which features a sink, dishwasher, kitchen accessories, and shelves with working lights; the Småland Stove and Fridge set, a classic-yet-modern kitchen that includes a stainless steel oven with working lights; the Småland Kitchen Furniture set, a colorful and contemporary four-doll dining table; and the Småland Dining Room set, a brightly colored bench, two matching chairs and natural wood table.
  • For the bathroom, the Småland Shower and Bath set is a whimsical mix of vintage and modern, and features an old-fashioned tub and contemporary shower stall with chrome fixtures. Complete the bathroom with the Småland Bathroom set, which includes two sinks, a mirror, shelf, working cabinets, and lighting –plus all the amenities of a real bathroom, such as a toilet paper holder, toilet brush, and toothbrushes.
  • The kids’ rooms will be complete once you add the Småland Nursery Set, an adorable chest with changing table, crib, and teddy bear; the Småland Children’s Room Set, which comes with two twin beds that convert to bunk beds, a play table, two stools, and a rug; and the Småland Toy Set, which includes a rocking horse, baby buggy, toy car and teddy bear for the kids to play with.
  • For the parents’ room, the Småland Brass Bed Set is the epitome of dollhouse luxury, featuring an elegant headboard and footboard with brass-look scrollwork, two night stands, chic bedding, and sparkly accent pillows.
  • The Småland Sitting Room Set provides comfy space for the dolls to unwind, with a couch andthrow blanket that look so inviting, you’ll consider adding a bright pink sofa to your living room, too.
  • Decorate your dollhouse for the holidays with the Småland Winter Set, which features a sled, snowman and a light-up snowball lantern; the Småland Gingerbread House, a newly baked gingerbread house with real lights and plats full of Lucia buns and gingerbread cookies; and the Småland Christmas Tree Set which features a tree (with working lights!), gifts, a charming gnome doll and the traditional Swedish Yule goat.
  • Kids will love “playing house” with the Småland Classic Family and winter-ready Småland Winter Family, both of which feature clothing and accessories that can be removed and changed. The family can go for walks around the neighborhood with the Småland Pushcar with baby.
  • Every family needs a pet or two — we love the Småland Dog Family and Småland Aquarium set. The aquarium set features a real, light-up aquarium!
  • Most famous for its working lights, adding lighting to your Småland Dollhouse is a must. Choose from the Småland Lampset Floor Lamps, the Småland Paper Lamp and Wall Sconces, and the Småland Ceiling Lamps.
  • Connect your lights using the Extension Cord Set and Lundby’s Power Supply adapter. You’ll need both to give light to your Småland dollhouse!

Gifts That Encourage Learning 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect For

Lundby Dollhouses are perfect for kids with vivid imaginations and an eye for detail. Each house can be fully customized by your little interior decorator; and, with various options for house additions, these dollhouses can literally grow with your child! Each dollhouse offers plenty of room for creative play — and these houses are so detailed and downright cool, parents will love playing, too!

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Gifts That Encourage Learning 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Guidecraft

In New York State back in 1966, Fred Fein worked away in his wood shop, creating quality, wooden toys for children. This small enterprise grew over the years and was passed through the Fein family, continuing to create beautifully crafted toys and products for kids, all with safety and compliance at the forefront of their mission. Today, Guidecraft is known around the world for offering well-known brands to their consumers, with a wide variety of children’s products available, from unique blocks and educational manipulatives to furniture systems and household helpers.


Dressing up and playing pretend is part of being a kid and is an important developmental milestone. The See and Store Dress Up Center is the ultimate Christmas present for kids who love wearing costumes, putting on a show, and embracing their imagination.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

You can finally gather up all the princess gowns, superhero masks, and play shoes that are littered around the house and keep them neatly stored in one stylish, modern space. With a hanging rod, three shelves (plus two fabric bins included), a large bottom divided tray, and a full length mirror, there is plenty of space for all your kid’s favorite dress up clothes and accessories. Not only is the See and Store Dress Up Center practical, but it’s a modern piece of furniture that won’t clash terribly with your adult decor.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • Sturdy wood materials with a child-safe polyurethane finish
  • Full length, shatter-proof acrylic mirror on one end
  • Wooden dowel for clothes hangers
  • 2 fabric storage bins included
  • Available in 4 new colors: grey, pink, lavender, and sage (also pastel and natural)
  • Free personalization if purchased through Guidecraft’s website
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dimensions: 36″W x 14″D x 42″H
Perfect For

The See and Store Dress Up Center will look right at home in just about any child’s bedroom or playroom. It’s a must have for the child on your Christmas list who will happily play for hours as a fireman, doctor, princess, or fairy.

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Gifts That Encourage Learning 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Disney Imagicademy

Disney Imagicademy created a world of wonder for children who dream with their eyes wide open and are hungry for discovery. A world where imagination rules, creativity is king, and learning comes naturally. Imagining and creating provide compelling reasons to learn. The emphasis is on how the creative experience fuels children’s curiosity and love of learning. Curiosity is the fuel that propels young learners forward, and beloved Disney characters are their companions.

Disney Imagicademy offers an engaging spark that ignites a passion to build, create, design and invent. The magic extends to families through the Parents section in select Imagicademy apps, which connects parents to their children’s accomplishments. Disney Imagicademy was created with families in mind. 


The Imagicademy Rocket Builder will appeal to young minds who will love to build their own custom rockets and explore their creativity. They can make a variety of unique combinations with the 21 piece set, while learning about shapes, colors and counting. Press Mickey’s head for some fun sound options, and explore the app available in iTunes for games and activities that reinforce the toy’s learning potential.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts That Encourage Learning 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Imagicademy Mickey’s Tune Track (coming soon!) helps bring musical theory to life with 34 pieces of train fun. Tracks connect to form a railroad perfect for exploration, and the train station features a dock, perfect to connect an iPad to join the real life activity with the world of apps and games. Each color/instrument has a special sound, and when you place them in the train, you can see them come to life on the app! As your train passes triggers on the track, the app reacts and records the special songs. You can rewatch the videos time and time again, for endless fun.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts That Encourage Learning 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

*App only available through iTunes, and currently not supported on Windows/Android devices.

Perfect For

The Mickey Mouse Imagicademy line is perfect for any child (ages 3+) who loves building and creating items, and has a good grasp at interactive tablet play. They are great to build children’s skills with problem solving and technology, and paired with their favorite classic Disney character, Mickey Mouse, they will have fun learning, creating, and practicing skills, all through the simple act of play. 


Mickey Mouse Rocket Builder | Tune Track (coming soon!)


Disney Imagicademy | Facebook | YouTube

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Blocks & Alphabet Learning Locks by Lakeshore Learning

Gifts That Encourage Learning 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore Learning has been inspiring children from the littlest of learners through grade school since 1958. They dedicate themselves to making learning materials for children that will spark their imagination, help them discover a sense of wonder and instill a lifelong love for learning. They offer something for a wide range of ages, developmental milestones and to help achieve educational goals. The products that you will find at Lakeshore will help your youngsters be motivated, encouraged and ready to investigate the world. They realize that play time with children is powerful and that it is important to make learning fun!


If you are looking for holiday gifts that will do exactly what Lakeshore intends their products to do, inspire and teach young minds, then the Alphabet Learning Locks and Wooden Blocks need to be on your radar.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

A master set of wooden blocks is a classic toy that should be in the playroom of every child. Blocks offer endless hours of play while inspiring imagination and provoking tons of fun.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 14 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Lakeshore Learning recently released their Alphabet Learning Locks, and just in time if you need a toy that will keep a little one entertained while helping them with their upper AND lower case letters! Kids simply choose a lock with an uppercase letter and then need to locate the lowercase counterpart. Once they find the matching letter they will be able to open the lock.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 15 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

Master Wooden Block Set

  • Precisely related in size
  • Sanded for smooth play
  • Freestanding and easy to grip
  • Great for stacking, building and creating

Alphabet Learning Locks

  • Builds alphabet skills
  • Helps children learn upper and lowercase letters
  • Pictures to encourage letter sounds
  • Bright fun colors
Perfect For

Both of these toys are perfect for young children. Blocks are especially perfect for children who want to express their inner creative side. The Alphabet Learning Locks make the perfect gift for a toddler or a younger child who is just beginning to differentiate and learn about upper and lowercase letters. Both toys are great for encouraging fine motor skills in young children. They will also both last through a large range of ages so they make great gifts if you want your gifts to be used for years to come.

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Color Variety Game Set by GeoMag

Gifts That Encourage Learning 16 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Geomag

Geomag is an original branded product that specializes in magnetic construction toys consisting of magnetic rods and metal spheres. Based in Switzerland, Geomag’s products have continued to keep the market intrigued by their expanding product line. These products are designed to help children ignite their curiosity and creativity, allowing them to build whatever their hearts desire while exploring magnetism properties.


The Geomag Color Variety Game Set is a great gift for the builders in your life. There are enough Geomag pieces to create larger and more complex designs such as bridges or jet planes. It includes 57 spheres, 24 yellow rods, 20 orange transparent rods and 12 red rods, as well as 4 yellow-orange transparent square platforms and 3 orange-red transparent pentagonal platforms. With 120 pieces there is plenty for them to really get creative and use their imagination. This game set will help them stimulate their creativity and deduce logical reasoning. 

Gifts That Encourage Learning 17 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • 57 metallic spheres (non-magnetic)
  • 24 yellow rods
  • 20 orange transparent rods
  • 12 red rods
  • 4 yellow-orange transparent square platforms
  • 3 orange-red transparent pentagonal platforms
  • Great for inspiring creativity
Perfect For

The Geomag Color Variety Game Set is a great gift for children ages 3 and up (due to small pieces). It will keep them entertained while teaching them things like logical thinking and how to expand their imagination. There are enough pieces included to allow multiple kids to build things and it’ll keep the kids busy for hours.

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Ball Track Starter Set by HABA

  Gifts That Encourage Learning 18 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About HABA

HABA is a very reputable wood manufacturing company that produces high quality baby and children’s toys in addition to block sets and games. They also offer consumers plush toys, games and textiles. The inventors and designers of their toys are parents themselves and really understand not only what children want but also what they need to learn, create and be inspired. All of the materials that they use undergo continuous controls and inspection. HABA products can be found all across the globe.


The Ball Track Starter set by HABA will be a loved toy by little engineers everywhere. This wooden marble run will encourage their building skills as well as their visual spatial skills. This set contains 26 blocks and 12 domino blocks and are made of beech wood. It also contains 6 glass marbles. While constructing paths and ramps for the marbles to run down kids will have to use creative thinking and problem solving skills. 

Gifts That Encourage Learning 19 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts That Encourage Learning 20 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • Wooden marble run
  • Ignites creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • 26 blocks and 12 domino blocks
  • Can be used alone or in combination with other HABA ball tracks
  • Made of Beechwood
Perfect For

The Ball Track Starter Set is ideal for children approximately ages 3-5 who love to build, create and be inspired. It will provide endless hours of educational fun.


Ball Track Starter Set


HABA | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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Connectagons PopOptical by HearthSong

 Gifts That Encourage Learning 21 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About HearthSong

HearthSong was founded by Barbara Kane in 1983 in an effort to bring parents age-appropriate and wholesome toys for their children. Finding it hard to find quality toys for her own children, she decided to create a brand that reflects her own family values. The company name clearly suggests —Hearth, which is the core symbol for their home, and Song, symbolizing the family spirit and joy experienced during family gatherings.

During these 30 years, HearthSong has been proudly providing parents with quality toys that are safe, educational, entertaining, and most importantly, relevant for your child’’s development. With your children’’s playtime experience at its center, HearthSong has become the nationwide go-to source for toys with good reason.


HearthSong Connectagons PopOptical is a toy construction set that will put your creativity to unlimited hours of fun spent crafting constructions that “pop”. With the neon-bright pop-art designs and the optical illusion pattern of every piece, you will put your little crafty engineers to work from the moment they lay eyes on those marvelous pieces. For endless constructions only limited by your imagination, the multiple sizes of each piece will inspire your kids to invent countless variations and use their creativity skills in a fun and engaging way.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 22 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts That Encourage Learning 23 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • Fun way to build logic and creative skills
  • Perfect for honing the imagination
  • Creative construction kit with 264 pieces
  • Unlimited combinations and choices
  • Designed by one of HearthStone’’s top artists
  • Depth defying, 3-D optical illusion patterns
  • Neon-bright pop-art designs
  • Piece sizes range from 1¾”-4” inches
  • For children aged 4+
Perfect For

The HearthSong Connectagons PopOptical is the perfect gift for preschool children and up, who enjoy constructing and building things with nothing but their creativity as their guide. With endless options to craft magnificent constructions and have a great time for hours in a row, even parents may find it hard to resist joining in on the fun!

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Modarri 3 Car Combo Pack by Modarri

Gifts That Encourage Learning 24 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Modarri

Founded in early 2013 by David Silverglate, Modarri’s mission is simply to “create the ultimate toy car experience.” Inspired by their love for cars, David and his team set out to make a line of toy cars modeled after the real thing in every aspect possible. Their goal was to “create cars that are sleek, gorgeous, fun, durable, drivable, buildable and interchangeable.” They believe in creating toys that are high in quality, durability and fun-factor. Modarri toy cars are built to last and to be played with.


Modarri’s 3 car combo pack is the ultimate toy car set. Complete with 3 different cars: the S1 street car, T1 track car and X1 dirt car, this set includes 9 safety cones, 3 hex tools and 36 mix and match car parts. The possibilities of part combinations is practically endless.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 25 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Modarri toy cars are like no other in that they have real 1 or 2 finger steering. This lets you control the car, and feel the ground below it. Each car has soft grip tires and a personalized license plate that is unique to each individual car that can be registered for cool promotions.

Modarri cars are made so that children can play, learn and create. They can “interact with real mechanics, feel physics in action, build with tools, invent new tricks, design new car looks and color schemes.”

Gifts That Encourage Learning 26 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • 3 cars with 36 interchangeable pieces
  • Real 1 or 2 finger steering
  • Comes with 9 safety cones and 3 tools
  • Built durable to last through rough play
  • Modeled after real cars
Perfect For

Modarri toy cars are the ultimate gift for any little one who has an interest in cars and how they’re put together. Your child will have hours of fun mixing and matching the parts to create new cars. Modarri cars are not only fun but educational and skill-building as well.

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Missing Socks Matching Game from Chronicle Books

Gifts That Encourage Learning 27 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Chronicle Books

Originally affiliated with the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, Chronicle Books was founded in 1967 with one single employee. Now an independent company with over 200 employees, Chronicle Books produces over 330 books a year. Their book categories range from lifestyle, art, childrens, pop culture and food and drink.

Chronicle Book’s mission: “Inspired by the enduring magic and importance of books, our objective is to create and distribute exceptional publishing that’s instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value. This objective also informs our business relationships and endeavors, be they with customers, authors, vendors, or colleagues.”


Gifts That Encourage Learning 28 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

A clever spin on the classic matching memory game, Missing Socks Matching Game will excite your children as they search for the matching pairs of socks, all the while aiding in their development of crucial memory building skills and concentration. Simply mix up all of the heavy cardboard sock cards, flip them around so none of the patterns are exposed, and let your children take turns flipping them around, one at a time, trying to remember where they saw each sock’s match during previous turns. This game is not only educational for children, but fun for the whole family!

Gifts That Encourage Learning 29 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • Educational and fun game recommended for children ages 3-5, but fun for everyone
  • 18 pairs of thick, durable cardboard socks to match
  • Comes in “washing machine” storage box
  • Aids in memory, matching and concentration – building skills
Perfect For

The Missing Socks Matching Game is perfect for little ones who are in the midst of developing memory-building skills. It’s secretly educational, all while being super fun. Any child on your list will love receiving this quirky spin on the classic memory matching game.

Dm Divider9Lego Friends 41085 Vet Clinic by LEGO

 Gifts That Encourage Learning 30 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About LEGO

For the past 82 years, LEGO has provided children with a solid foundation for good quality play. Founded in Denmark in 1932 and with an emphasis on high-quality toys, LEGO stays true to this commitment even today. Every product is meticulously tested in order to satisfy the high safety and quality standards expected of all LEGO products, which keeps adults and children returning for more.

The center of LEGO’’s core philosophy is that quality play enriches and nourishes children’’s lives, preparing them for their adult life later on. By stimulating children’s imagination and encouraging them to express themselves creatively, generate ideas, and have fun, children learn to be systematically creative and hone their imagination through free play, which can also explain why the classic LEGO bricks were (and are) such a big hit among children and adults alike.


LEGO Friends 41085 Vet Clinic belongs to the widely popular LEGO Friends product range, and it is all about helping injured animals at the Vet Clinic. The set includes Mia, a mini-doll figure, a cat and a dog, the Vet Clinic, animal playground and a rolling trolley. Helping Mia treat her patients, examining the dog and cat, and taking them for some exercise at the animal playground are just some of the exciting tasks for today. Combine it with the LEGO Friends 41086 Vet Ambulance, and you’’re ready to offer a full animal emergency service!

Gifts That Encourage Learning 31 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts That Encourage Learning 32 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • Adjustable carry handle
  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure, cat and dog
  • Full Vet Clinic station, animal playground and rolling trolley
  • Features an x-ray scanner, examination table, pet food stand and more
  • Hours of fun taking care of injured animals
  • Perfect building toy for kid’s that love animals
  • Can be combined with the 41086 Vet Ambulance
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Compatible with LEGO bricks
  • Measures 3” x 4” x 4”
  • Include 192 pieces
  • Great for children aged 5-12
Perfect For

LEGO Friends 41085 Vet Clinic is the perfect gift for any child that loves animals and wants to help the injured cat and dog at the Vet Clinic. With this fantastic building toy set your child will enjoy hours of fun through engaging play with plenty of new things to learn, too!

Dm Divider9Magnetic Toys by SmartMax

Gifts That Encourage Learning 33 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About SmartMax

SmartMax is an innovative toy company that creates magnetic discovery and construction toys for kids. These STEM-inspired toys help with hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and counting, while also encouraging collaboration, creativity, and imaginative play. Kids can choose from basic building sets, ball runs, build and play vehicles, and fantasy kits! These colorful, magnetic pieces are made from durable, high-quality materials that will stand up to lots of action. Think of SmartMax toys as a fun alternative to other tried-and-true (and tired!) building sets.


The Basic Stunt set is a great first foray into SmartMax, containing 46 pieces and a guide to build both structures and vehicles. There are enough small and large pieces to create various buildings, ramps, and roads — plus wheels, balls, and bases for cars, trucks, and lots of things that go! Since all SmartMax sets are compatible with each other, the Basic Stunt is a solid starter set for any child.

Gifts That Encourage Learning 34 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the SmartMax system, the Power Vehicles set provides even more magnetic magic! The instruction manual shows kids how to assemble a fire truck, forklift, tow truck, pick-up truck, and van; however, truck-loving tots will love mixing and matching the various 25 pieces to make all sorts of fantastic creations!

Gifts That Encourage Learning 35 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

For kids seeking a classic house-building set, look no further than the SmartMax Flower Palace. This 45-piece kit allows kids to build incredible magnetic structures — and add some pizzazz with colorful flowers. Create castles, flowers, forests, and more — or spice up your Power Vehicles with a little flower power!

Gifts That Encourage Learning 36 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

Basic Stunt

  • Kids will have fun learning about magnetic properties
  • Pieces can hold 60 times their weight to tackle even the toughest construction projects
  • SmartMax is certified to meet the world’s toughest safety requirements
  • All SmartMax sets are compatible with one another, making this 46-piece set a great starter set

Power Vehicles

  • Build a firetruck, forklift, tow truck, pick-up truck, and van with these 25 pieces
  • Promotes creativity with lots of mix-and-match vehicle combinations
  • Despite their seemingly small size, all pieces are child-safe
  • Great for use with the roads and ramps from the Basic Stunt set

Flower Palace

  • Contains 45 brightly colored pieces for endless building possibilities
  • A fun alternative to traditional house-building sets
  • Compatible with other SmartMax sets — kids will have fun mixing and matching to create gigantic castles, houses and more!
Perfect For

SmartMax toys are perfect for any kid who likes to imagine, build, and create. The magnetic poles make building a breeze — meaning your child won’t become frustrated by the construction process. Your child will quickly get the hang of the attraction and repulsion properties (all pieces with a “cold” color can be connected to all bars with a “warm” color; all other combinations repel) — and you’ll be impressed by their scientific swagger! SmartMax toys are the perfect combination of logic and creativity, meaning your kids will get a full-brain workout while playing!

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