Make Home A “Yes” Place With Evenflo Gates

Make Home A &Quot;Yes&Quot; Place With Evenflo Gates 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesMany parents have the goal of saying “no” as little as possible. Well, this gets hard when baby is constantly chewing on, banging into, and crawling on/behind everything! The only solution is to either follow 2 inches behind your child for the next few years or do some serious baby-proofing. The Summit Easy Walk-Thru gate by Evenflo makes turning your home into a place of “yes” very simple and affordable.

Easy Installation

Make Home A &Quot;Yes&Quot; Place With Evenflo Gates 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

No tools were needed to install this Evenflo gate. The two pieces are placed together and then each side is tightened into place using a pressure mount system. This means, if you change your mind and want to place the gate in another location, no harm has been done to the walls by screwing it into place.

The Look

Most easy installation gates are constructed of plastic that ages over time and easily gets dirty. This Evenflo gate is made of a sturdy metal that is extremely resistant  to wear. The streamlined look and earth tone of the metal ensures that it will not distract from your home’s decor and appeal. Also, the bars of the gate make it so I can still see everything my child is doing when in the room next to me. He can still pass me toys, we can dance, he just can’t interrupt dinner while it’s cooking!

Features We Love

Make Home A &Quot;Yes&Quot; Place With Evenflo Gates 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The gate has a lock indicator on the top; green if it’s locked, red if it’s not. This is so wonderful because the door can look like its closed without actually being so,  when I’m unsure I just need to take a peek at the indicator window. This saves the user the trouble of stopping what they’re doing to check the gate. This indicator also tells you whether or not the gate is secured tightly enough to the wall, saving you from second guessing your handiwork.

The wide bars are perfect to prevent little hands from getting caught in the door. There is no place on the gate that a baby could pinch their finger when hanging onto the bars of this sturdy Evenflo gate.

Easy Walk Thru For High Traffic Areas

Make Home A &Quot;Yes&Quot; Place With Evenflo Gates 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The gate opens easy, for adults, as only one hand is needed. Anyone carrying a baby or a heavy load of laundry through frequently will appreciate this mechanism. What makes the opening even better is that the gate swings open both ways, this feature is perfect to avoid hitting the little one waiting (im)patiently on the other side.

When comparing gates to put in our house I originally thought the only thing to take into consideration was correct length. I was so wrong. Not all gates are the same. Some are hard to install, some are hard to look at, and most importantly, most are hard to use. But, Evenflo solved all of those problems. A baby gate is going to become a staple in your life for the next few years, make sure you purchase the right one.


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