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There are two types of parents who are curious about the mamaRoo by 4moms.

  1. New Parents. You’re expecting your first child and have seen the mamaRoo lined up next to various types of baby swings while completing your registry. It seems expensive and you’re trying to convince yourself that you really need it.
  2. Experienced Parents. Maybe you’re expecting your 2nd or 3rd child. You by-passed the mamaRoo the first time around (or it didn’t exist yet) because it didn’t fit into your budget. But, after struggling with a baby that didn’t know their night from day, or a colicky baby, or a baby that wouldn’t stop crying unless she was in mom or dad’s arms, you’re thinking that maybe a mamaRoo is necessary this time.

Either way, we’re glad you’re here. Today, we’re going to discover what makes the mamaRoo so unique and why we truly believe it’s the only infant seat you’ll ever need.

 When Only Mom Will Do - Mamaroo


The mamaRoo by 4moms infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like any parent would do to comfort their new baby. 

There are other infant seats on the market that claim to provide similar motions, but the mamaRoo does it with unbelievable style. With five different motion settings that mimic mom’s (or dad’s) natural movement, five different speeds and four different sounds, even the most difficult babies can find a combination of motion, speed and sound that works for them.


In addition to a typical tree swing motion, the mamaRoo offers four other unique motions including car ride (for those babies who only seem to fall asleep in the car), kangaroo, rock-a-bye and wave. These motions can be controlled via the large and intuitive LCD panel or with your smart device.

Is it really necessary to control everything from our smart device? Probably not, BUT, when mom is trying to prepare dinner, this functionality can be a life saver.


Five nature sounds can also be adjusted from the LCD panel or your smart device. If those sounds don’t do the trick, you also have the option to plug in your Mp3 player or smartphone via the included universal 3.5mm headphone jack. Whether your baby prefers a lullaby or hip hop, the mamaRoo experience can be completely customized. 


One of the most interesting features of the mamaRoo is that it can be adjusted into any position that your baby likes. As a newborn, your baby may prefer a full recline; and as your baby gets closer to the six-month mark, they may prefer to sit more upright. Whatever the case, sometimes a fraction of an inch makes all the difference between a happy baby and a crying baby,  and the adjustable bar allows you to find that perfect fit for maximum comfort. [Safety note: it goes without saying that the mamaRoo should safely remain on the floor and your baby should never be left unattended.]

Speaking of comfort, the mamaRoo is available in 5 easily removable, washable and comfortable fabrics including classic black, classic grey, designer plush, multi plush and silver plush. Whether you choose a classic pattern or one of their newest plush fabrics, you’ll find that the soft infant seating is easily removable via two snaps and zippers off.


We know that infant eyes are not capable of processing a 3-dimensional view of the world or able to see in color until around five months of age. Therefore, the mamaRoo mobile has three 2-sided plush balls. On one side, a black and white design for younger infants. On the other side, colorful patterns for older infants. These balls are removable and washable.

Finally, unlike many baby products, the mamaRoo easily sets up and breaks down. In fact, don’t throw away your box. Since this infant seat is really only designed for babies up to 6 months of age or 25 lbs (able to sit up unassisted), 4moms recognized that this product needed to be stored easily. The box gives you very clear instructions for dis-assembly.