Why Sonic Soak is the Safest Cleaner for Your Baby Items

Most people think they know everything about baby care. However, sometimes caring for baby and managing their hygiene can be challenging. Do you know that a new study found that common baby items are dirtier than a water bowl for pets? They touch everything, put their hands in their mouth and also touch their items such as feeding gear and toys. Using the safest cleaner, such as sonic soak, for your baby items is one of the best things you can do to reduce the chances of your baby encountering germs and infectious bacteria.

Why Is Sonic Soak The Safest Cleaner?  

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It Cleans Deeper

Do you know that germs and other contaminants remain after cleaning your baby items like toys, binkies, and bottles? It means your baby products are still not 100% safe after cleaning them. Sonic soak is the safest cleaner for your baby items because it cleans at a microscopic scale to get rid of bacteria, germs, and dirt and ensures 99.9% clean and safe baby items. 

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It Clean Items Gently

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sonic Soak

Washing your baby items by hand or standard washing machines and cleaning solutions can result in deterioration. This can, in turn, reduce the lifespan of your baby’s delicate items. But the ultra-gentle wash that the sonic soak delivers when cleaning your baby items makes it the safest cleaner because it doesn’t cause wear and tear. It doesn’t require any scrubbing but still offers deep cleaning. Interestingly, most times you don’t need detergents or solutions that contain harsh chemicals. This also makes it the safest cleaner for your baby items because it reduces irritation and allergies especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

No Disturbing Noise

Most of the washers and cleaners available these days makes some noise which can disturb you and your baby while sleeping. The sonic soak is a portable ultrasonic cleaning machine that is absolutely quiet and completely silent while cleaning baby items. It means you can wash your baby’s toys and feeding gear without disturbing his/her sleep

It’s Portable

If you are going on a vacation with your family including your baby, how do you intend to take care of your baby items? Can you carry your standard washing machine with you? Even if you have a portable washing machine would you prefer it to a sonic soak that is more portable and measures only 4.5 inches? Sonic soak is portable and can be taken with you anywhere you go to ensure you get your baby items washed and clean when needed.

It is Eco-Friendly

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sonic Soak

When using a standard washing machine for your baby items, you might have to use more water and energy. But with a portable ultrasonic washing machine such as sonic soak, you can use 15 times less energy and 40 times less water. This means you can save more on your bills while ensuring your baby items are safe from germs and contaminants.

How Does Sonic Soak Work?          

The portable ultrasonic cleaner makes use of ultrasound to clean items. When you place it in the water, switch it on and set the timer, it emits high-frequency sound waves which produce pressurized bubbles that are tiny. It is the tiny bubbles that collide with the baby items you are washing to blast away germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. Most times, the sonic soak don’t require the help of detergents to get the job done making this the main reason it is the safest cleaner for your baby items. 

How to Use the Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner    

The sonic soak is easy and safe to use. 

  • Get a bowl or use a sink and fill it with the required water.
  • Plug in the sonic soak.
  • Place your dirty baby items and sonic soak in the bowl or sink filled with water.
  • Set the time of wash and press start. You will see your items getting washed by the portable ultrasonic washing machine. 

What Baby Items Can The Sonic Soak Wash?  

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sonic Soak

The sonic soak is versatile and washes your baby toys, bottles, laundry, and delicates. With the 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second created by the ultrasonic washer, your baby’s delicates and bottles are safe so you don’t have to worry about the bottles breaking and the delicates getting damaged. 

When you want to wash your baby’s laundry and you encounter a stubborn stain that is hard to remove, you can make use of a baby safe cleaning detergent or solution for extra effectiveness. Sonic soak is the safest cleaner for your baby items, but fortunately, as a mother, you can also use it to wash and clean your items such as food, personal care tools, utensils, and laundry.

Why Should You Use The Safest Cleaner For Your Baby Items?  

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sonic Soak
  • It reduces the chance of devastating effects such as poisoning that can occur from household cleaners.
  • The babies skin is sensitive and using the safest cleaner like sonic soak for your baby items can reduce the risk of irritations and allergies.
  • It limits your baby’s exposure to germs, chemicals, and contaminants.  
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How Often Should You Clean Your Baby Items  

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sonic Soak

There is no set rule to follow when it comes to how frequently you should wash and clean your baby items. But scheduling a constant cleaning with the safest cleaner can be beneficial to the health of your baby.

As a parent you can see why you should skip the harsh cleaners and make use of sonic soak which is the safest cleaner for your baby items. It gives the deepest clean, and gets rid of harmful bacteria, germs, and contaminants. Also, it is absolutely quiet, eco-friendly, and ultra-gentle. No doubt, it is the ultimate cleaner, and your baby items are safe. 


For more on baby safety check out Think About Safety as you Prepare for Your New Baby.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sonic Soak



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