The Best Flowers For Spring Gardens

Spring is in the air and as the weather turns warmer it is time to start planning what improvements you’d like to make to your yard. Starting with a spring plan will help ensure that your garden is bright and beautiful during the peak summer months.

Traditional spring flowers like tulips, daffodils and crocus are planted in the fall, but if you haven’t planned ahead it’s not too late to create a beautiful spring garden using other options that are best planted after the ground has thawed.

Today we’ll share some easy tips and plant recommendations from experts that you can use to improve your curb appeal and create a beautiful landscape you are proud of.


Find your Growing Region

Start your planting season by determining what growing region your home is located in. The growing region will determine when the ground is most likely to be thawed, what month is the most probable last freeze, and which plants will thrive in your area.

Home Depot has a wonderful growing region outline you can use to check the specifics for your area. Your local store will most likely stock plants that already fall into your area’s growing region, but if you plan to shop online this information is important to know.

Determine Maintenance Level

Some types of blooms require more dedication and effort on your part as the gardener. If you do not have a set amount of time each day or week to maintain those types of flowers you may wish to avoid including those in your garden.

Consider the amount of sun exposure you have and if you are able to water those areas frequently enough for the types of plants you’d like to use. If your time is at a premium and your sun exposure is high, look for flowers that are known to be more drought resistant.

Spring Garden Recommendations


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Pansies are an easy to care for plant and grow spring blooms that also do well in cooler weather. Blooms are about 1” and the full grown plant is around 4 inches tall. With an assortment of colors to choose from you can select a complimentary color palette with ease. Pansies are a very hardy plant that do well in containers and along borders.


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Senetti are a cool weather annual that look similar to daisies. Blooms are 1.5”-2” and the full grown plant is about 12 inches tall. They grow well year-round including in low temperature environments and can be planted in early spring. High summer temperatures will slow re-blooming, but these beautiful flowers will begin to thrive again in the autumn.


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A cool weather annual, Ranunculus has paper-like petals that are 1-3” in diameter. Mature plants are 12-16 inches. Craig Jenkins of Topiarius says that die-back will be the most serious problem faced with ranunculus flowers when temperatures heat up.


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Iris is a hardy and reliable bulb flower that can be planted in the spring. Blossoms are 2”-4” wide and the mature plant height will vary based on the specific species of iris. With bright colors and a strong scent, iris will attract butterflies and other pollinators into your garden.


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Susan Brandt of Blooming Secrets shares that Forget-Me-Nots are perennial flowers that spread easily. With blooms in blue, white and pink, the blossoms are small (½”) but plentiful. This low care plant is a native wildflower that does well without much attention.


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Snapdragons are a low blooming spring annual that will add a beautiful pop of color to your garden. Plants are 12-18 inches tall when mature. Each stem will bloom with 4-6 beautiful flowers that do best in high sun areas.


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Also known as marigolds, calendula do well in many gardens and require only moderate watering. With blooms in beautiful bright colors, calendulas attract bees and butterflies and look well alongside pansies. The tall stems can grow up to 3 feet high depending on the species but most gardeners use blossoms that average around 14 inches.


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Lobelia is a trailing blue flower that provides a stunning edge to landscape beds. A single plant can spread up to 6 inches and will be between 4 and 8 inches tall. This easy to care for plant will do well in high to moderate sun areas and help fill in the holes in your garden.

It’s just that easy to start planning your spring garden today! No matter the amount of time you have to invest in your garden, using simple, easy to care for plants will help create an oasis the whole family (and neighborhood) can enjoy. 

If you are looking for additional resources for your specific area, check out the Home Depot Garden Club online or visit the experts (Susan Brant from Blooming Secrets or Craig Jenkins of Topiarius) who helped provide recommendations for this post.

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Photo Credits:  LikeaDuckBlooming Secrets, Pixabay, Topiarius, Senetti by Armstrong Garden Centers, Ranuculus by Sage Innovations

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