12 Unique Date Night Activities to Keep Life Interesting for Those Married with Children

Date night activities should be fun and exciting. But for those of us married with children, sometimes we’re lucky to even leave the house together for a quick dinner let alone something fun and exciting. We find ourselves in the position of life happening, rather than us choosing how we want to live.

Sometimes we wait and wait for our spouse to plan a date that never happens. Why wait? Be bold. If you are the keeper of the family calendar and can line up a babysitter for the littles, start a regular date night with your spouse. Start planning today. It might be weekly. It might be monthly. Whatever works for your family is the right thing to do. If you do not live near family, trade babysitting services with a friend so they can have a standing date night each month, too.

12 Unique Date Night Activities To Keep Life Interesting For Those Married With Children

It is important to have time for quality date night activities together away from those adorable children, even if it is only an hour or two a month. It’s a way to recharge your batteries. It’s a way to remind each other how much you love one another. It’s a way to stay connected. It’s a way to have something to talk about besides work and children. It’s a way to have fun. It’s a way to keep your marriage strong.

Active Date Night Activities

Date night activities that are active can lead to more dates. Once you find an activity you both enjoy together, you may discover a new hobby you enjoy together, which will be the basis of future dates. And, sometimes, it’s just fun to try new date night activities because when you try something new together it brings laughter and new experiences, which keeps the connection and flame alive in your marriage.

12 Unique Date Night Activities To Keep Life Interesting For Those Married With Children

Of course, all dates do not have to be in the evening. Sometimes your date might be on a Saturday morning or even a weekday morning after dropping the children at school. Hiking can be a great date. If you’ve never hiked before, you can start with a quiet walk along a trail at a local park.

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The fresh air and the hidden beauty along a trail often bring a couple together hand-in-hand. If you become more adventurous, you may start with longer hikes at state parks. And, as you gain experience, your hikes will bring you further into the woods and closer together.

12 Unique Date Night Activities To Keep Life Interesting For Those Married With Children

Swimming can be a perfect date night activity, especially if you have a pool at home. After the children are tucked into bed, you quietly sneak out to the pool for an evening swim. If you don’t have a pool, it might take more planning to schedule a swim date at a lake, a waterfall, or the ocean, but a grownup swim can be oh, so refreshing.

12 Unique Date Night Activities To Keep Life Interesting For Those Married With Children

Ax throwing has become the trendy new thing for date night activities. If you have not tried it, you must. You can chat with your spouse while learning a new skill. It’s a great date night activity to bring another couple along, too. Ax throwing is never boring and keeps the excitement and a bit of competition alive.

Indoor rock climbing can be enjoyed by beginners or experienced climbers. It is an experience date, yet you work to conquer your own goals on your side of the “mountain” on your own. Rock climbing improves flexibility, strengthens muscles, and provides a cardio workout. It’s definitely a fun escape from the day-to-day routine with children. It’s a way to see your spouse in a new light and provide him encouragement as he tackles new heights.

Just Plain Fun Date Night Activities

Perhaps your family already owns an annual pass to the local theme park, zoo, or museum. You might be thinking, we always go there with the children, we don’t want to go there on a date night. But, think again. Going without the children is even better.

You will find when you have a pass to a theme park, zoo, or museum that when you go without the children as one of your fun date night activities, it’s like sneaking out. At a theme park, you get to ride the rides you like best. You don’t have to ride the kiddie rides. You get to enjoy the grownup food and beverages. You get to watch the shows at the theme park without having to get up to take a little one to the bathroom in the middle of the show. You get to go at your pace. You can stay later. It’s just different.

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At the zoo, you might find that you and your spouse just walk around the pond where the wild birds nest. You may sit on a bench, relax and chat without visiting any of the other animals at all. Visiting a zoo without children after visiting a zoo many, many times with children is a whole new experience.

And, of course, you might have passes to the local museum but you may only ever go to the planetarium and the children’s section of the museum. When you visit the museum with just you and your spouse, you can stroll slowly, read the signage and discuss the art and the history.

Romantic Date Night Activities

Sometimes the best and most romantic date night activities for married couples with children are to recreate their first dates. Pack a picnic dinner and bring along a book of poetry. Visit a quiet park or lakeside, bring a comfy blanket or find a secluded picnic table tucked up in the trees. Take turns reading poems to each other the way you did when you first started dating. And, if you have never read poetry to each other, give it a try.

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Another romantic date night activity is to take dance lessons as you did in the weeks leading up to your wedding. A weekly dance lesson gives you a scheduled time for your date to be followed by dinner and drinks, of course. Who knows, maybe, now that you are a bit older you will love learning new dance moves with your partner.

Traditional Date Night Activities

The purpose of date night activities is not to add stress to an already busy marriage. The purpose is to have fun, enjoy each other without the children every now and then. That might mean the traditional date night activities like dinner, a movie, or a concert are more your speed.

However, if you want to make it a bit more interesting and make certain that you pencil in your date nights every month, set a few ground rules. Here are a few options…

Two dates per month: You plan one and he plans one.

Two dinner dates per month and one must be at a restaurant you have never been to before. This forces you to step outside your routine.

Alphabet Dating: Starting with the letter, “A” either visit a restaurant or eat food that begins with the letter. The next date moves on to letter, “B,” and so on. With 26 letters in the alphabet that is at least two dates a month and two months with three dates. It’s just a way to be creative rather than always visiting the same restaurant ordering the same entree.

Creative date night activities keep a couple connected even through the ups and downs of raising children of all ages. Of course, we enjoy watching our children play sports. We enjoy driving our children to dance and Scouts, but it is imperative to continue to date your spouse as your children grow up. Because one day, in the not-so-distant future, the goal is for the children to transform into independent adults leaving you alone with your spouse.  

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12 Unique Date Night Activities To Keep Life Interesting For Those Married With Children



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