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If you’re like most moms, as soon as your child comes through the door after school, you are waiting with baited breath to hear the phrase, “Mom! I’m hungry!”

You don’t want to give them a huge snack, since dinner will be on the table within the next few hours, and you’d like some easy snack ideas that are, most importantly, healthy! 

Here are our 4 favorite healthy and simple after school snack ideas. (3 of which don’t even require actual cooking!)

Ants On a Log, and Ladybugs On a Log:

Everyone knows the old favorite of peanut butter (or sunbutter!) on top of celery sticks, topped with raisins. To keep it fun though, try out a different rendition of this recipe. Instead of using peanut butter, use some protein packed greek yogurt, and top it with dried cranberries. It makes for a fun change that every kid is sure to love.


Fruit and Yogurt Roll Up:

Spread greek yogurt on a whole wheat tortilla, and add in your child’s favorite seasonal berries. Roll it up and serve to your hungry kiddo. We love this combo of protein, whole wheat, and good fruit carbohydrates! It will also fill up your child a bit more, because of the grains, in case you are jetting them off to an after-school activity.


Ham and Apple Kabob:

Everything is more fun for kids if it’s served on a portable stick! Alternate your favorite preservative-free lunch meat with sliced organic apples for this treat. Regular skewer sticks are rather large, so you can really taper this for either a bigger, or smaller appetite.


Roasted Chickpea Poppers:

These easy snacks can be whipped up in a larger batch, and kept on hand to munch on throughout the week. While it does require baking, it’s a simple recipe that has stress-free ingredients to keep on hand.

How To:

  • Take 1-2 cans of organic garbanzo beans and rinse and drain in the sink
  • Place beans in a bowl, and drizzle olive oil on top. Toss to coat.
  • Get creative with spices. Rosemary, cajun seasoning, curry powder, cinnamon, garlic…the sky is the limit!
  • Spray baking pan with cooking spray, and spread chickpeas out.
  • Bake at 375 degrees until golden brown. (Appx. 20 minutes)

Daily Mom Tips:

If you’re interested in meal planning but simply don’t have the time to devote to it weekly, consider checking out No More To Go. They will generate a healthy and simple dinner plan customizable by your family’s specific dietary needs, and as well as make a shopping list that is printable, or smart phone accessible!

What are your favorite go-to after school snacks? Leave us the recipe in the comment section!

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