Meowant: The Amazing Self-Cleaning Litterbox Most Cat Owners Die For

Nothing says true love like the sweet purring of your kitty in the morning, or their gentle pawing while you are curled up on the couch. The one downside of having the perfect kitty companion is the dreaded daily chore of cleaning the litterbox. It is an inevitable aspect of life that all feline owners must confront, yet it need not be an unpleasant ordeal. With a few simple decisions, you can make cleaning the litterbox easier and less odorous. But now, it’s a matter of which one?! And why consider MeoWant?

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Choosing the Ideal Litterbox

Discovering the ideal litter box for your feline companion, one that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle, can seem like a formidable task. Managing the litterbox used to seem effortless until you welcomed your furry companion into your life. Now, the constant odor and scooping have become overwhelming, gradually taking a toll on you (and your nose). It is time for an upgrade and an automatic one at that! But what company should you trust with your cat’s comfort? Selecting the ideal automatic litterbox, one that aligns with both your needs and your cat’s, can present a challenge given the multitude of options available in the market.

Luckily, with MeoWant’s groundbreaking invention to meet cat owners where they are, the Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes all your cat-related potty woes vanish – no more hassle or mess! Experience a hassle-free solution that takes care of the dirty work, leaving you with peace of mind day in and day out since your daily scooping chore is now extinguished.

MeoWant: Exactly How It Makes Your Life Easier with Zero Manual Poop-Scooping

This innovative litterbox provides the utmost comfort and convenience for your feline companions as it is crucial to ensure that their facilities are not only user-friendly but also comfortable, private, and clean. MeoWant welcomes you to live in a world where you don’t have to scoop poop! Equipped with a sleek modern design with innovative features such as self-cleaning, easy-to-replace trash liner, and motion sensors that detect when cats are nearby, this revolutionary product seeks to redefine what high-quality care for cats looks like. Keeping the litterbox clean should be simple. Litterbox management, while still providing maximum comfort and safety for our beloved pets, should no longer be a dreaded chore. 

Self-Cleaning Litterbox by MeoWant: Features Worth Sitting Down For

The MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box opening is wider and lower than most litterboxes, making it easier for cats of all ages and abilities to enter to do their business. The spacious interior allows for larger cats to go potty comfortably without feeling confined or cramped and the opening is low enough for kittens to enter with ease. It is also perfect for older cats who are not as active and agile as they once were. And yes, the MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box is perfect for single or multi-cat households. 

Say goodbye to your daily chore! Just imagine how seamless the transition from a basic litterbox to one that will completely transform your day-to-day routine will be. Once you get the MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box, it is easy to assemble and set up, as well as easy to disassemble and clean. The litterbox may be large enough to suit your cats, but it is light and easy to move when needed.

Aside from the base, you can effortlessly clean each component of your new litterbox whenever required. Use as much soap and water as you please, as it is crafted with robust plastic. The litter bin can be removed for a thorough clean and the pocket it sits in is either vacuumed out or washed right alongside it. 

Safe and Quiet Automatic Cleaning Cycles

One neat feature is that the Self-Cleaning Litter Box has 360-degree all-round motion sensors to track your cat. You never have to worry about your beloved pet being too close to the machine while it rotates and cleans. It is also equipped with four weight sensors to track your cat’s bathroom breaks and adds another layer of security to ensure the litterbox never moves with your cat inside.

Before the MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box starts, it auto-checks all 10 sensors to ensure everything will run smoothly and safely. This litterbox also runs less than 40dB so you will barely hear your new robotic best friend working hard to make your life easier. Nor will it startle your cats while they are resting and napping in the afternoon sun.

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The MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box has an easy-to-use control panel so you can choose to start a clean cycle, flatten out the litter, or stall to replace the litter – all in the palm of your hand while you are in another room. Through the free app, you are able to set up to five different scheduled cleaning times, clean the box if desired, and track your cat’s bathroom visits.

The app also allows you to track your cat’s weight and assign a name to each individual cat so you have a comprehensive view of your feline’s health. Even when you are not home, you can manage and monitor your cats to ensure they are living the best life. Suddenly, vet visits mean you have more answers and less worry.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Odors

MeoWant’s Self-Cleaning Litter Box is equipped with a specially designed deodorization lid that stops odors in their tracks, trapping them in the specialized waste bin. Simply open the small compartment, remove the bag, replace it, and then you are good to go! Cleaning up after your cat is quick and easy and only needs to be done once a week with one cat, and twice a week with multiple cats. The smell of waste is locked away, out of your nose and out of your mind. You can now use all of those scent packets for the simple enjoyment of it rather than to mask the unavoidable smell of having cats. 

A clean litterbox is essential to the health and overall well-being of your cats, so why would you not maximize your lifestyle by effectively keeping your cat’s bathroom area clean and odor-free?

MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box also takes away the struggle and cost of purchasing particular litter, as some automatic litterboxes require, and can use any brand of clumping litter you desire. Now, transitioning to an automatic litterbox will be easy for you and your cats as they will not have to get used to a new litter. Cats may not like change all that much and rebellion is possible, so MeoWant keeps things simple and smooth while taking away a monotonous daily task.

As an added bonus, the Self-Cleaning Litter Box also comes with a litter-catching mat. Now you can spend less time scooping poop and sweeping up stray litter your cats may track and spend more time curling up with your kitties and reading a book.

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MeoWant has made a litterbox that is effortless to maintain, effective for every cat of every size, easy to clean, easy to set up, and always within your control from anywhere, at any time. The Self-Cleaning Litter Box was made for the everyday family to take care of your pet’s hygienic needs while you take on the day. It’s time you started enjoying those cuddle sessions and not have to worry about when you need to scoop the poop.

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MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litterbox
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Let’s get real… almost every cat owner hates scooping cat poop and the Meowant Self-Cleaning Litter Box eliminates the need to manually scoop poop and it even makes changing the waste bag beyond easy. Hassle-free, quick, and much easier than replacing a trashcan bag. Not only is it easy to dump the waste in one swift motion but you can also remove the bin and wash it for an extra level of clean!

For you cat lovers out there, your feline housemates are great, but they do poop. So, we understand! We despise scooping, so we say goodbye to scooping and hello to the simple functionality of effective cleaning with a MeoWant Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Use code: dailymom1 for $70 off your own unit. It’s just too purrfect! 

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