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Like with any other crazy or wild dream, one may dream of being pregnant whether they are or not. When it comes to pregnancy dream meanings, there are two different ways to evaluate the situation depending on whether the person is pregnant or not. Deciphering the meaning behind dreams of being pregnant can be interesting and exciting.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Pregnancy Dream Meaning

Pregnancy Dream Meaning when NOT Pregnant

Dream Analyst and Flower Essence Therapist, Stephanie Gailing says that dreaming of being pregnant oftentimes symbolizes the dreamers own relationship with their creativity. They either may be approaching a ‘due date’ for a project or have an idea in their mind that hasn’t yet been taken on. Their subconsciousness may be pushing them to share these ideas with others. Therefore, they have a dream of being pregnant.

There are two types of pregnancy dreams. One dream is where the pregnancy is beautiful and the other, unplanned and scary. The pregnancy dream meaning for the pregnancy nightmare just means that one has a lack of confidence in their vision while the more pleasant one just shows that one is happy to express themselves.

Oftentimes, when one dreams of pregnancy, it is usually connected to how they feel overall about pregnancy and being pregnant. Since being a parent is a common archetype in today’s day and age, one may feel strongly about parenthood. Because of this, one may have dreams of being pregnant.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Pregnancy Dream Meaning

According to Matt Lundquist, a psychotherapist specializing in couples therapy, other explanations of pregnancy dream meanings include issues with sexuality, relationships, unfulfilled desires, and subconscious fears. So if one doesn’t have babies on the brain, and is not engaging with their creative side, they may want to explore more in depth where in life they may be dealing with uncertainty or uneasiness.

Lundquist emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind when interpreting ones own dreams. All of the above interpretations do have one thing in common: change. Whether one is thinking of having a child, busy with a new project or just concerned about life itself, they may be facing a personal shift and their subconscious is saying it may be time to come to terms with that.

Though one may be happy about dreaming of being pregnant, it means it’s time to welcome changes into life. Others though may feel confused or upset. This may mean they no longer feel in control in an area in their life. Although putting a stop to these changes in life may be important, one can at least learn to cope with them or slow down the transition so that it’s easier.

Pregnancy Dream Meaning when Pregnant

A third of all pregnant women’s dreams are focused on pregnancy, whether about child bearing or birth according to Psychology Today. Sometimes the pregnancy dream may take on a ‘nightmare’ feel such as something going horribly wrong with the pregnancy or birth. This may be because of prior issues conceiving or if it is one’s first pregnancy.

Lauri Lowenberg says “sometimes our dreams can serve as a pressure valve, allowing us to safely release that stress that has been bottled up while awake.” If one dreams something about the pregnancy going wrong, this is not a sign of something being wrong, but rather a normal case of nerves and anxiety. It’s the simple worries of “will I be a good mother?” and “do I have what it takes?” that brings on these dreams.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Pregnancy Dream Meaning

However, this doesn’t mean all pregnancy dream meanings when pregnant point to a case of anxiety. Some may actually hold a symbolic meaning of one’s life and parts of oneself ending due to the dramatic changes entailed with becoming a mother. It’s basically the old dying off so that the new can emerge. This type of dream allows one to let go of what is no longer important in life.

Pregnancy dream meanings are a valve of ones feelings and thoughts whether they are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or are not even considering pregnancy. It’s best to take note of how one feels right after the dream. This way one can interpret its meaning better and work on understanding the changes happening in their life.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Pregnancy Dream Meaning

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