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DAILY MOM SPOTLIGHT ON THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY TIME AND BONDING: Trust us, we know the struggle all too well. Between school schedules, extracurricular activities, homework… sometimes spending time together as a family may slip off the radar. In fact, did you know that the average family in the United States spends approximately 36 minutes together as a family, every day? Now pick up your jaw off the floor, and read on about a fun new product that is a must-have for any modern day family.

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About the Project

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Scott and his family on vacation in Scotland

Founder, Scott Bowen, is a dad himself, and when his kids got in the older stage of life, he had trouble connecting with them and started wondering, “what’s going on in that mind of yours?” He came up with a plan to create a book that would get everyone talking and learning more about each other in the family. Here’s a Question started by Scott writing questions down on note cards before dinner – and that’s how the book was born. The book truly aims to reveal what’s in the hearts and minds of your children with questions such as:

What puts you in a good mood?
What is one thing you wish you could un-see?
What would life be like if people didn’t have consequences to their actions?

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The purpose of the project was to unlock family dialog. In today’s culture of iPads, text messaging, and isolation, getting the family together for purposeful family time full of conversation and fun is extremely important, whether it’s in the car on the way to soccer practice, or around the dinner table. The team of writers put together Here’s a Question as an engaging book to bring your family together, and jumpstart open conversation. You can take the book along with you for a long road trip, keep it prominently displayed on the kitchen dinner table, or even have a fun family game night, where each person takes turns randomly flipping to a question.

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About the Book

  • 357 questions designed to encourage great family conversations
  • Each question is accompanied by a fun and creative illustration – bringing the question to life!
  • Great for dinnertime, road trips, bedtime or anytime you want to start great conversations
  • Engage your children with a combination of fun, silly questions as well as thought provoking topics
  • Watch your children get comfortable with daily conversations!
  • Appropriate for ages 5+

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