Babywearing and Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month with Baby K’tan

Baby Safety Month is celebrated every September to help parents around the world recognize important products and practices that help keep babies and children safe. Baby K’tan is one of the leading brands that promotes baby safety through their baby carriers and swaddles. They promote simple, safe, and timeless products that not only help parents and their babies bond but also promote healthy and safe practices within one’s home and throughout their lives.

Keeping Babies Safe with Babywearing

Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan

Babywearing has been found to have several different benefits for both caregivers and the baby. A study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics states that carrying a baby for up to three hours per day can reduce crying by 41% to 53%. There is also evidence that baby wearing can help alleviate postpartum depression, support breastfeeding, and more. Here are some additional benefits that baby wearing can provide to both caregivers and babies:

  • Babywearing helps you through your breastfeeding journey- When you are holding a baby close to you, like in baby wearing, you can more easily recognize the signs of hunger or needed comfort than if your baby is in a swing or baby seat. The stress of trying to get a screaming baby to latch is difficult for moms and for babies, so if you are able to see those cues faster, you will be able to more confidently nurse.
  • Helps alleviate postpartum depression- A study conducted by researchers at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada found that mothers who have regular skin-to-skin contact with their babies had lower symptoms of postpartum depression than their counterparts.
  • Can help with spinal and cranial deformities– Babies who spend much of their time on their backs (in a crib, in a car seat, or in a swing) are at risk of having cranial deformities or spinal issues. Babywearing helps to reduce the amount of time a baby is on their back.
  • Babies who are held more often are able to regulate their bodies– A baby who is held close to their caregiver is able to regulate their physiological functions, such as their breathing and heart rate, more easily.
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Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Features

Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier makes babywearing simple, easy, and comfortable. The innovative double-loop sling design slips on easily, just like your favorite t-shirt, without any wrapping or buckling. It allows a caregiver to hold children from newborn up to toddlerhood in a variety of positions. Each Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is made with soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric that not only holds your baby close but also is comfortable enough to wear all day long. The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is also recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being hip-healthy as newborns are worn in the natural seated position of knees bent and hips spread.

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is designed to fit the adult who is wearing the baby, but it can easily be adjusted with the patented loop on the back of the carrier to move the child up or down on your chest and distribute weight evenly. All Baby K’tan Baby Carriers can be worn from birth up to 35 pounds in 5 different positions.

Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan

There are four different Baby K’tan Baby Carriers to chose from to fit your lifestyle and your baby:

  1. The Baby K’tan Original/Print– The original Baby K’tan is made with 100% jersey-knit cotton. It is soft and stretchy and can be worn right at birth.
  2. The Baby K’tan Breeze– This baby carrier is made with half jersey knit and half mesh knit to create a breathable fabric which is perfect for those that live in warmer climates.
  3. The Baby K’tan Active– The Baby K’tan active is made with 100% polyester performance sport mesh. It has over 90% UVA protection and is moisture-wicking.
  4. The Baby K’tan Organic– Made with 100% GOT organic cotton, this baby carrier is extra soft and eco-consciously made.
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Keeping Babies Safe with Swaddling

Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan

Swaddling is a common practice among parents and caregivers of newborns and infants. Swaddling helps to mimic the cozy feel of a mother’s womb, helping baby to relax and feel comforted. It also helps with a child’s natural Morro Reflex, or the reflex of their limbs to jump suddenly, which can often startle a sleeping baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies are swaddled as long as they cannot roll over and they are not wrapped too tightly. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute also recommends that a baby’s legs are not wrapped tightly in a swaddle but rather left loose so that their legs can naturally bend.

Baby K’tan Baby Swaddle Features

Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan

The Baby K’tan Baby Swaddle is a great option for baby’s who are experiencing the “fourth trimester” and need to be swaddled for additional comfort. The Baby K’tan Swaddle is a large swaddle blanket that is made with breathable and stretchy fabric. The 100% natural cotton and innovative mesh weave make it comfortable for your little one and easy to use. The natural stretch of the fabric gives you the ability to form the swaddle to your baby and their comfort level while also leaving their legs loose and comfortable. With the Baby K’tan Swaddle blanket your baby won’t overheat, and as baby transitions out of a swaddle it can later be used as a toddler blanket.

Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan

The Baby K’tan Swaddle blanket comes in a pack of two 42” x 42” blankets. It can also be used as a nursing cover or blanket as your baby grows.

Keeping your little one safe is a parent’s top priority right from birth. With Baby K’tan you can keep your baby safe, happy, and healthy as you wear them throughout the day and lay them down to sleep at night.

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Babywearing And Swaddling: Celebrating Baby Safety Month With Baby K’Tan



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