8 Things You Need to Host the Best Military Spouse Coffee Date

Although social media has forever changed the way military spouses interact, there is still something to be said for those now elusive military spouse coffee dates that used to be standard for many units, battalions, and squadrons around the world. Military spouse coffee dates allow spouses of all ages, ranks, and lifestyles to come together as a cohesive unit, get to know one another, make friends, and offer support during these crazy days as a military spouse. If you are planning a military spouse coffee date, these 8 items will help you create the perfect atmosphere for the day.

8 Things to Make Hosting a Military Spouse Coffee Date Easy and Fun

Get Decocrated

Past Boxes Summer

If you’re looking to spruce up your house a little bit but you just aren’t sure exactly how to do it, a box from Decocrated will give you the little boosts of color and trendy decor to make your house look a little more put together. As military spouses, we are constantly trying to reinvent our home with every PCS and a box full of cute pieces from a Decocrated subscription box can help you find just the right thing to put in that one place. You can sign up with Decocrated for a quarterly box to be delivered right to you home which is perfect for all of us military spouses who have no idea how to decorate our new spaces or for those of us who are just trying to replace everything the movers broke during our last PCS.

Love Deco Summer 433X450

A Digital Photo Frame to Show Unit, Battalion, or Squadron Photos

Wifi Digital Photo Frame Eight Main 4

When you’re hosting a unit coffee date, it is always fun to see pictures from the unit or unit functions to share with the group. And with a digital picture frame like the Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame it is easy to do- just send them to the account connected to your frame and they will automatically appear.

The 8 inch touch screen on Aluratek’s WiFi Digital Photo Frame is perfect for the mantle, kitchen, or office desk. Plus, with at least 8GB of built in memory and an SD card slot, you can store an incredible amount of images! To get your pictures to the frame you can email them, save them to your Aluratek app on your phone, or even link to Facebook or Twitter. Once you realize how easy it is to use and how much you love it, you may just need to get one for your spouse at work and all the grandparents!

Classic Serving Ware with Bomshbee

Tinge Clay Bowl White 600X600

Dishware is important for your military spouse coffee date, and so is making sure the house doesn’t smell like dirty boots and old camo paint. Bomshbee has thoughtfully designed dishware, pitchers, and infusers that are classic, simple, and trendy. If you are looking for new dishes to serve up those perfectly baked (or bought, we don’t judge) scones then the Tinge Clay line offers a neutral and casual look that will help your guests feel comfortable.

Bomshebee Mix Cone Fragrance Diffuser 600X600

You can help get rid of those musty smells that inevitably come home with your service member by grabbing one of their Sage & Salt Mix Fragrance diffusers. It is perfect for the bathroom or your entry way.

Travel Baby Gear to Help Moms Feel Comfortable with BBLuv

X Things You Need To Host The Best Military Spouse Coffee Date

Even if you don’t have little kids anymore, your guests might. It is always nice to go to a coffee date or other spouse get-together and have a spot for your children to play, sit, and be comfortable. These compact travel items from BBLuv are easy to store and easy to put away any time you have guests.

X Things You Need To Host The Best Military Spouse Coffee Date

NIDO 2 in 1 Travel & Play Tent is compact, light and ideal for traveling. The tent is perfect for a spot for the little ones during your spouse coffee date to play or rest. The “pop-up” system makes it ideal for packing away in the closet when not in use.

The NIDO also helps protect the little ones from UVA, UVB, and sand. The mosquitos in the summer can be rough, especially when you have an infant, but the NIDO Mini Tent has a built in retractable netting and canopy giving their baby that extra protection needed while hanging for your coffee date or during a beach bash.

Sometimes the littlest guests can be uncomfortable in your home, but a soft, quiet, and sweet light can help calm them. The Hibu silicone night light is the perfect companion for your child with its soft silicone structure, and easy-to-use touch control. The Hibu has nine LED light colors making getting ready for bed a little bit more fun, and the extra light at night gives your child the added comfort they need to feel safe.

Its soft silicone structure makes it easy to fold and place in a bag or a closet, and it’s re chargeable batteries make it portable and easy to bring out when you have guests. The Hibu is the perfect addition a military spouse coffee date.

Class Up Your Table with an Ardea Home Tablecloth

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If you’re anything like every other military spouse, your kitchen or dining table probably has some scratches and scraps from all those moves. A beautiful, neutral table cloth like the one from Ardea Home can cover up all those messes, and prevent any new ones from happening, during your next military spouse coffee date. With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, these simple yet elegant tablecloths are easy to clean and prevent any spills from ruining your dining room table any further.

Add Sweetness with Inspirational Gifts

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You don’t want to serve up your tasty treats and snacks for your next military spouse coffee date on any old serving dishes. These “Blessed Beyond Measure” cutting board, serving spoon, and spoon holder from Inspirational Gifts are a great way to serve the characteruie board and other snacks in a gorgeous way. It is a great reminder for all your military spouse guests that even though this life is crazy, hectic, and sometimes infuriating that we are all definitely blessed to live together in this lifestyle.

Keep it Chill with a Reduce Everyday Wine Cooler

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If you are hosting a late afternoon or early evening get together, a wine cooler is a must. This two-tone wine cooler from Reduce Everyday is the perfect addition to your military spouse coffee date. It will keep your wine bottles cold and chilly without the condensation. It can even be brought outside on warm evenings without the worry that the hot sun will warm it up too fast.

Clean Everything Up with EcoEgg

Eco Egg 12

Laundry just got a whole lot simpler! With this laundry egg from Ecoegg, you can wash up to 210 loads with one item. Simply add the natural cleaning pellets and toss the egg in with each load. You can refresh the egg every 70 loads or so and then replace the contents of the egg completely after about a year. That’s it! Pair these up with the dryer egg and can reduce your drying time by up to 28% and leave your clothes smelling fresh. It’s so easy your child could do the laundry. We’ll wait as you let that thought sink in.

Hosting a military spouse coffee date might be a lost art for some, but for those of us who still love those face-to-face meetings, these X items are a great way to get us started on hosting the perfect coffee get together for our fellow military spouses.

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8 Things You Need To Host The Best Military Spouse Coffee Date



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