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Boy’s clothing shouldn’t be hard to shop for, but how often have you stood in the store staring at racks of clothes, trying to find respectable t-shirts that your elementary aged guys will actually wear? If you’re anything like us, you know that it can be challenging. While we love dressing our kids up in fancy clothes, we all know that a boy’s wardrobe will mostly consist of staples that they can mix and match. This is why we’ve fallen in love with the clothing from Primary.


Comfy and practical is the name of the game when it comes to building a wardrobe for boys, and it’s harder than it sounds. Primary is our go-to brand when it comes to stocking up on everyday clothes for our boys this summer. Here are a few of the reasons we adore Primary.


Primary focuses on being “the one” that every kid wears: the shorts, the t-shirt, the hoodie. This simplifies the shopping process and makes selections easy. The shorts, t-shirts, baseball tees, and zip-up hoodies are classics that every boy needs. We decided to throw in polos for the days when we wanted our boys to look less “playground” and more “dinner at Grandma’s house.” By mixing and matching these pieces, we can create countless outfits, all of which are both kid and mom approved.


You don’t need to wait for July sales to get summer clothes at a reasonable price. Everything at Primary is less than $25. Instead of offering limitless options and trying to keep up with everchanging trends, they focus on simple, timeless, high quality pieces that will never go out of style. This allows them to keep prices low all year long.


Words and logos on clothes can be cute, but quite often they’re downright obnoxious. How often do you pull a t-shirt off the shelf, then put it right back once you see that it has a sarcastic quote or less than tasteful image splattered across the front? One of our favorite things on Primary’s website is “No logos, no slogans, no sequins, just awesome colors in the softest fabrics we could find, all under $25.”

Worried that the clothes will be boring? You shouldn’t be. The fun, vibrant colors more than make up for embellishments. The solid colors make it easy to coordinate with anything else in your closet and ensures that they never go out of style.


Clothing from Primary is made to survive the playground. These pieces are well constructed and ready to withstand the wear and tear that is inevitable with little boys. At the end of the day, no matter how dirty these clothes get, they wash nicely without shrinking up!

If you’re looking to create a timeless, durable, and comfortable wardrobe for your boys this summer, Primary is the place to start!


Primary was brought to life by two moms (Galyn and Christina) who had been shopping for kid’s clothes for over 12 years and still didn’t have a go-to for basics at a reasonable price. Using their experience from working at and their passion for simplicity, they created the brand they’d been looking for. Their goal was a shopping experience that was as uncomplicated as it should be. They say, “Our goal isn’t to get kids ready for the runway, it’s to get them out the door.”

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