Mom Cards: A License to Friend

Have you ever been handed a mommy business card? You probably thought that mom was straight-up crazy. The small, rectangular-shaped card may have served as a poster promotion of “STAY AWAY, I’M CRAZY.”

Only the more you got to know this mom, you realized she wasn’t crazy. And you all of a sudden kind of, sort of, possibly loved the idea of a piece of paper that you could easily slip to a friend to give and get each other’s info. While moms are responsible for the sippy cups, Nuks, stuffies, koosh balls, and random hair barrettes, there simply aren’t enough hands to program someone’s contact info into your phone while your little ones (not-so-patiently) wait next to your waist.

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Using a Mommy Business Card

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If you see a mommy you want to get to know outside of the Wednesday morning music group, the steps are simple: give a card. Extend a shared smile. Be on your way. Then, wait for them to get in touch.

With a quick Google search, you will quickly learn that those who don’t already know about Mommy Business Cards (which will now be referred to as MBC) are behind the curve. The printing industry is fully aware and is taking MBC’s to the next level by having designated sections of their websites reserved for this card.

What is it?

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“They call me mom, you can call me…” Check out Mallory Hope Design Studios for lots of great Mom Business Cards.

What exactly IS a Mommy Business Card, you ask? Simple. It is a card that moms can hand out to another mom that lists their contact information, as well as the name of their kids (which people already know), and MOST IMPORTANTLY the name of the mom (which, let’s be honest – NO ONE knows!). In a day and age where it is all too likely that we will be programmed into people’s contacts as “Gretchen’s Mom” instead of your given birth name, these cards allow all of the details to be given (and remembered) long after that bi-weekly, half-day Zebra Pre-K Class.

Fun Features

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If you want more than just a traditional calling card, check out Tiny Prints for this top of the line option.

MBC’s are so much of a rage, that the fun features you can add make it hard to choose just one design. From cute graphics to a short blurb about what parks you can typically be found at, and from quotes about friendship emerging from unlikely beginnings to personalized photographs, the possibilities are endless, but the friendships and relationships you create from this 3″x 4″ graphic won’t be.

I Want One! I Want One!

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This great card from Zazzle looks adorable and allows you to list more than one child.

If you find yourself in the market to be brave and make a new friend, head on over to one of these sites to check out your options. A few of our favorites include Mallory Hope Design Stationery Boutique on Etsy where you can find highly personalized options and breathtaking designs. Zazzle also offers affordable choices with a variety of selections.

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Are you not quite comfortable starting a friendship with a Mom Business Card? Check out our posts to help boost and create friendships: 10 Tips for Making Friends as an Adult, The Importance of Maintaining Friendships After Motherhood, and Finding Your Mom Tribe.

Photo credits: Mom friends by Ashley Sisk, “They call me mom…” card by Mallorie Hope Design, moms at the playground and “Come play with us” card by Mojitos and Munchkins, folded card by Tiny Prints, polka dot card by Zazzle, Photo by Courtney Prather on Unsplash



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