Finding the Perfect Book for Gifts This Spring for Ages 5 to 105

Looking to give the perfect book for gifts to those you love this spring? Let this be your one-stop-shop for titles of varying genres appropriate for all ages. Whether you are looking for the perfect mystery to curl up and read in the sun or a cute title for your kiddo to read out loud, keep scrolling for our list of the perfect book for gifts of all ages.

City Spies: Forbidden City

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Whether or not your 8 to 12-year old reader has gotten into the City Spies novels, the third installment, Forbidden City is a perfect book for gifts that he or she will love. Set after exposing a mole within the City Spies, the kids are ready for their next mission. What is so special about these City Spies? These agents carry unique skills allowing them to get into places that adults just can’t.

In Forbidden City, the teen spies travel around the world to break into a home in London and participate in a search and rescue mission in Beijing. While it may be their most dangerous mission to date, danger doesn’t deter these brave undercover agents. Purchase this title or any of the previous for some suspenseful espionage fun.

Angelina at the Palace

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Since 1983, young audiences have smiled in delight with the stories of Angelina Ballerina. In her latest adventure, Angelina at the Palace, Angelina uses her knowledge of dancing to teach the three princesses of Mouseland at the Royal Palace. After Angelina’s teacher, Miss Lilly, becomes ill, Angelina is left to teach the young princesses on her own. What could go wrong? Buy this book for gifts for the young imaginations in your life.


Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

From the best-selling author of Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card, comes his newest trilogy, Wakers. Set in a futuristic society, this YA thriller introduces the reader to Laz, a teen who can jump into the consciousness of himself in parallel worlds, a “side-stepper”. All is great until Laz side-steps into a cloning facility on an abandoned Earth.

Trapped with hundreds of other clones, all dead, Laz realizes he must be a clone himself. After discovering only one of the clones is also alive, but asleep, Laz assumes that she has to be the answer to the mystery of how Laz ended up in a clone’s consciousness and is unable to side-step his way out. Will he wake her to his living Hell? Or can Laz figure out how and why he ended up in this predicament? This is a perfect book for gifts that teens and up will enjoy.

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Sprinkles and Swirls: A Fun Day at the Park

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Seeking out some Level 1 Ready-to-Read book for gifts this spring? In their first book, A Fun Day at the Park, Sprinkles and Swirls are two cupcakes who have an eventful day at the park. With easy-to-read entry-level words and easy-to-follow panels, your new reader will love the graphic novel format fit for kids as young as four. Have some sweet fun with your kiddo reading about the adventures of Sprinkles and Swirls.

Captain Cake

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Teaching your little ones about the world around them can feel daunting, but not this spring season! The 5-book Captain Cake Set teaches young kids, ages 3-7, about the world and life lessons while going on fun adventures with Captain Cake and his friends. Travel in a spaceship, meet new people, and go on fun, lesson-learning adventures within these colorful pages. With a set of five books, there is more than one book for gifts to give in this series!

The Travel Photography Book

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

The Travel Photography Book will help take your photography hobby to the next level. Award-winning travel photographer and author, Scott Kelby, shares his secrets and time-tested techniques. Kelby discusses everything from his camera settings and photography techniques to essential travel gear and how to research before your trip.

An ideal book for gifts for the traveler or the photographer, you can read the Travel Photography Book cover to cover or skip to the chapter that you want to learn more about. Each of the 13 chapters is written in one-page posts with a title, a photo (or two or three), and easy-to-read friendly how-to tips. Learn what to shoot and what to skip when traveling and take notes tips for capturing terrific portraits of locals, how to process your images in Lightroom/Photoshop, and so much more.

Like a House on Fire

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Like a House on Fire is a book for gifts to others (or yourself!) that dives deep into the part of motherhood that quickly turns into a routine. Merit is all too familiar with feeling like a pod person in her twelve-year marriage that has resulted in two kids and scheduled sex. To break out of the humdrum, Merit returns to her career as an architect.

Enter Jane, a witty, glamourous, and charming woman who takes Merit under her wing at work. In Jane, Merit views the person she aspires to be. Or is she the person Merit wants to be WITH? Their relationship begins to overshadow all others in Merit’s life which begs the question: What if her husband isn’t actually the love of her life? And what if another woman is?

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The House Across the Lake

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

What better place for Casey Fletcher, a recently widowed actress, to retreat than a quiet family lake house in Vermont? As its story unfolds, The House Across the Lake makes it very apparent that Casey is in for a rude and unpeaceful awakening when her new neighbor, Katherine, suddenly disappears.

Katherine and her husband Tom live across the lake and after watching Katherine through a trusty pair of binoculars, Casey saves Katherine from drowning. This bonds the two ladies who start a quick friendship. When Katherine suddenly vanishes, Casey quickly turns the blame on Tom. But as with any psychological thriller, things aren’t always as they seem. A perfect book for gifts for your book club or friends, you won’t want to stop reading this suspenseful story until the nail-biting end.

Find Your Unicorn Space

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

After finding success with her New York Times bestseller (and Reese’s Book Club pick) Fair Play, Eve Rodsky released another hit: Find Your Unicorn Space. An ideal book for gifts if searching to help endow someone the tools necessary for fulfillment, this book ultimately reveals that creativity is essential for optimum happiness.

Rodsky coins the term “unicorn space” to define the time each person needs for creative expression that is uniquely you. Let the author guide you down your distinct path to help unearth your special gifts. You may even find that there is a talent yet unexplored! Carve out some YOU time today to discover your most satisfied self.

The Savory Baker: 150 Creative Recipes, from Classic to Modern

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

When you’ve had your fill of sugary sweet treats this spring, why not balance it out with something on the more savory side? Grab a copy of The Savory Baker: 150 Creative Recipes, from Classic to Modern as a book for gifts for your family or the baker in your life.

With so many creative recipes to choose from, ranging from delicious to divine and everything in between, America’s Test Kitchen delivers something for everyone in this unique cookbook. We can’t wait to try out the Spinach Pot Pie for a Crowd and Socca with Caramelized Onions and Rosemary. With America’s Test Kitchen, there will be no shortage of fragrant herbs and spices, fresh ingredients, rich flavors, and inspired dishes being whipped up in your kitchen this season!

Wilderlore: The Weeping Tide

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

The second Wilderlore book, The Weeping Tide is a book for gifts to your kids who enjoy reading about fantasy and adventure. Barclay, the main character, is an apprentice to the famous Guardian Keeper Runa Rasgar. Barkley is invited to join Runa to investigate a beast that is rising from the Sea and swallowing ships whole. Forced to work with their rivals, Barclay and crew need to push aside all hard feelings to save the Sea from complete extinction. A fun read for children 8-12 years old.

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The Book of Labyrinths and Mazes

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Have you ever wondered why mazes and labyrinths are so appealing even though being lost in one can be scary? Or more rudimentary: is there even a difference between a maze and a labyrinth? The Book of Labyrinths and Mazes is filled with historical facts, drawings, illustrations, and tips for solving the world’s most difficult puzzles.

This is a great book for gifts if you have someone you know who could benefit from creating his or her own mazes and labyrinths. When something has been in existence since the times of the ancient city of Crete, it must be worthy. Pick up this title to learn everything there is to know about these age-old puzzles.

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Are you a sucker for self-help books? Or do you know someone who would treasure a book for gifts that treat the mind and the soul? Then check out the newest book by Kimberly Meredith called Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing. Currently a best seller on Amazon, this book is all about healing mentally, physically, and spiritually with a big dose of LOVE.

Filled with instruction, case studies, testimonials, nutritional advice, and practical methods to raise your consciousness, this book empowers readers to confront their own health struggles and find true, lasting healing. This book is perfect for those who are seeking a higher purpose and want more happiness and love in their lives.

One Step Too Far (A Frankie Elkin Novel)

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

When Timothy O’Day set out with his closest friends on an outdoorsy bachelor party, no one would have guessed that the night would end in his disappearance. With a handful of clues and weeks without locating Timothy, Frankie Elkin steps in to help as told in her second novel, One Step Too Far, by Lisa Gardner.

Frankie can’t do much – but she can find people. She travels to Wyoming to join the search-and-rescue team. The search party begins to fear they are dealing with someone dangerous in the woods willing to do just about anything to prevent anyone searching from getting too close. Purchase this book for gifts for the suspense lover in your life!

The Wolf Den

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

Once treasured and beloved, Amara is sadly sold into slavery by her mother upon her father’s death. While serving as a slave in one of Pompeii’s infamous brothels (and title of this book), The Wolf Den, she is compelled to hide her resourcefulness and focus on creating a desirable experience for others.

A book for gifts for those who enjoy reading about strong historical females, Amara uses her circumstances to birth new opportunities. The Wolf Den is the first in a trilogy reflecting on women in history and how their lives have been overshadowed. Those at the bottom only have one way to go, and Amara’s story is both empowering and intriguing.

Star Wars: Yoda One for Me

Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105

This adorable story is the perfect book for gifts that Star Wars fans will love. It is like a hug in book form. The collection of sweet and funny Star Wars caricatures lets you tell the person you love that Star Wars: Yoda One for Me.

The sweet artwork combined with notes of love and friendship will say all you have on your heart from Luke carrying Yoda (I’ve got your back) and an Obi-Wan For Me box of chocolates to Boba Fett as Cupid and Chewbacca holding the “Woo Key to your Heart.” The book is created by Lucasfilm staff and fan-favorite artists Jeffrey Brown and Katie Cook.

Finding books for gifts for others or for yourself can sometimes be tricky. Reading through countless reviews can be an incredible time suck and take the joy out of finding the perfect title that best fits your mood. Next time you struggle to purchase a book for gifts, make sure to reference this list of new releases.

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Finding The Perfect Book For Gifts This Spring For Ages 5 To 105



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