Grab One (or 10!) of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Whether sitting by a pool, in a hammock, or at the beach, knowing the best books to read right now is crucial for lounging outdoors now that the weather is warming. One of your best books to read right now might be a mystery, a romance, self-help, non-fiction, or just thumbing through a book of great recipes. Whatever your reading needs, you’re covered in this inclusive list of books that run the genre gambit.

Hunt, Gather, Parent

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Ever wonder how parenting works outside of the Western world? And if there is a better or different way to raise our children from kids into caring and contributing adults? These are the exact questions that plagued Dr. Michaeleen Doucleff and shaped one of the best books to read right now about parenting strategies from communities around the world.

Dr. Doucleff immersed herself and her young daughter in the parental practices that shape children in three diverse communities: Mayan families in Mexico, Inuit families in the Arctic Circle, and Hadzabe families in Tanzania. Differing from Western parents, these civilizations rely on cooperation and trust instead of control and fear. Hunt, Gather, Parent not only details Dr. Doucleff’s journey but utilizes her learnings to give the reader tips to use immediately within a Western household.


Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

From the New York Times bestselling author of Three Women comes her second novel and one of the best books to read right now: Animal. In this captivating novel, the main character, Joan, sets out to find the only person alive who can help her make sense of her past. In the current day, Joan has endured pain and violence at the hands of the men who surround her. As the story unfolds, Joan discovers her female empowerment and what an incredible tool female rage is against a male-dominated society. Avid Reader Press is releasing this stunning novel on June 8, 2021.

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Hot Seat: What I Learned Leading A Great American Company

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Being in a leadership role often comes with difficult situations and the pressure to lead with the greater good at the forefront of all decisions. Not many people are more qualified to speak of such experience as Jeff Immelt, the former CEO of General Electric, who accepted the position less than a week prior to 9/11. One of the best books to read if business is your passion, learn how Immelt lead during sixteen of the most difficult years at one of American’s largest corporations.

Hot Seat dives into the thoughts behind the decisions that lead to Immelt’s most proud moments and what he sees as his greatest mistakes. He offers advice born from his experiences that will help guide diverse leaders placed in any role or position. This book is especially important during the current economic uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.

The Prized Girl

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Looking for a good suspense novel? The Prized Girl is full of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing and is one of the best books to read right now. A young pageant queen named Jenny is found murdered in the woods of a New England small town and her half-sister, Virginia, becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of not only who killed Jenny but who Jenny was when she died.

An alcoholic job hopper who has never relied on anything or anyone, Virginia surprises even herself with her sleuthing skills and her ability to peel back the layers of who her sister was, and how Jenny’s young lift came to an abrupt halt. Published by Penguin Random House, Amy K. Green’s debut novel is a psychological thriller that will keep you reading from start to finish.

Before She Disappeared

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Fueled by a need to solve the unsolved, Frankie Elkin is introduced to the reader in the novel Before She Disappeared as a loner whose hobby is searching for missing people. Set in the rough Boston neighborhood of Mattapan, a Haitian teenager, Angelique Badeau, has been missing for nearly a year with no leads. The Boston PD is more of a hindrance than help causing the victim’s family to push back when Frankie shows up asking questions. Frankie’s resolve to remain in Mattapan until Angelique is found makes this path of discovery a life-threatening one…for more than one person. If you are looking for a quick-paced thriller, this is one of the best books to read right now.

The Familiar Dark

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

There is no one more determined than a mother suddenly without a child. The Familiar Dark begins with Eve Taggert grieving her murdered daughter. Poor but resourceful, Eve sets out to solve the mystery that surrounds her child’s death. Set in a small town in Missouri, Eve searches through the town, the woods that surround it, and to more familiar surroundings that include Eve’s mother’s trailer home. In the list of best books to read right now for its haunting quest, The Familiar Dark will keep you in suspense up until the end.

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The Love Proof

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

A love story spanning decades, Simon and Schuster Publishing has released one of its newest novels, The Love Proof. The reader is introduced to the protagonists right off the bat: Sophie Jones, a physics prodigy, and Jake Kristopher, a determined, hard-working student, both in their early years at Yale.

Sophie is nationally known for her accomplishments pre-college and is the only child of loving parents who just want Sophie to be happy and form relationships with people – not just science. Jake is the only child of a single mom and junkie father who left the picture years before. His mother pushes him to achieve academically and professionally beyond anything she could have done for herself. This is one of the best books to read right now for its honest look at love and how true love belongs together in all realities.

The Princess Spy

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Based upon real characters during WWII, The Princess Spy explores the world of espionage and how one woman so successfully mastered it for her country. Aline Griffith was born in New York and desperately dreamed of helping the war effort during WWII. One evening, when voicing these dreams to a man named Frank Ryan, Aline finds herself an ally in joining the Office of Strategic Services.

Aline is quickly sent to Spain where she engrains herself into Spanish society and trains to become a coder. She successfully recruits sub-agents and exposes Nazi tactics in Madrid. Always a patriot, Aline continues to serve her country after marrying the Count of Romanones, a wealthy Spaniard. Promising the intrigue of a Bond movie, The Princess Spy will leave you anxious to research the people featured in this amazing true story.

Bored Games

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

After months of Zoom game nights, it’s time to start planning an in-person gathering packed with a list of games that will spice up the evening. Bored Games is a party planner’s best friend with 100 classic games that run the gambit of a minute to win it challenges to trivia to races to truth or dare, and so much more. Adams Media Books released Bored Games as a way to combine the desire to mingle with the best books to read right now.

The “I Love My Instant Pot®” 5-Ingredient Recipe Book

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

If you haven’t yet bought one, you have had at least one friend try to convince you that an Instant Pot is a parent’s best friend when it comes to meal planning. The only thing easier would be 175 recipes with five ingredients or less! Whether you are a veteran or newbie Instant Pot owner, everyone can benefit from owning The “I Love My Instant Pot®” 5-Ingredient Recipe Book. One of the best books to read right now for its quick and easy recipes, this book will save you both headache and time for all meals and snacks throughout the day.

Gardening Hacks

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

You may be a master gardener. Or maybe you didn’t know you could keep something alive until you had a kid. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of gardening, the book Gardening Hacks is for you. Whether you only have a small herb garden or you are looking to grow your own crops, make sure to thumb through (green thumb, that is) this list of handy dandy ideas like using newspaper to ward off weeds or saving eggshells to repel slugs. Packed full of tips, after reading these 300 hacks, you will assign this book a prominent spot on your best books to read right now list today!

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The Chicken Bible

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Pssst… looking for the secret to cooking up mouthwatering, creative, restaurant-quality poultry dishes? Look no further than America’s Test Kitchen. With The Chicken Bible, you’ll say goodbye to boring chicken forever!

Learn kitchen skills and cooking techniques for preparing poultry like a pro in one of the best books to read right now for chicken recipes. Travel the world in this colorful cookbook’s pages, and try chicken recipes from Japan, the Philippines, France, and more. With The Chicken Bible, you don’t always have to go fancy, either. When time is short, choose from nearly 200 recipes that can be prepared in under 45 minutes, start-to-finish. Whether you’re looking for fried chicken or wings, chicken noodle soup, or a perfect roast turkey, America’s Test Kitchen is where to turn!

Natural Remedies for Your Home & Health

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

If you’re looking to kick off a new cleaning routine this spring in a natural, homemade way, turn to the power of essential oils. Mango Publishing has the perfect helpful resource you need to get started. The Natural Remedies for Your Home & Health: DIY Essential Oils Recipes for Cleaning, Beauty, and Wellness guidebook will help you make your home a cleaner and safer place for your family. Effortlessly whip up one of a hundred effective recipe blends that not only work but smell amazing! Consider making the switch to essential oils for everyday cleaning, laundry care, and overall natural living. With this jam-packed guide that is one of the best books to read right now, you’ll be set for success! 

The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

If you are a fan of the ALDI grocery store line but sometimes become overwhelmed when shopping there, this cookbook is exactly what you need. The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook, by Jeanette Hurt, is dedicated entirely to taking products from your local ALDI and turning them into restaurant-worthy meals. ALDI is known for having unique, budget-friendly products. After browsing through one of the best books to read right now, The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook will inspire you to make creative and mouth-watering ideas from the simple ingredients you just picked up.

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Book and Baby, The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos and Becoming A Wildly Successful Writer-Parent

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

Dreaming of writing a book while knee-deep in the demands of parenthood?  Book & Baby author Milda M. DeVoe brings her ten years of experience to the table of writing while parenting. In addition to her own tidbits of wisdom, DeVoe inserts other successful authors’ insight to help the reader accomplish what seems impossible: writing a book while being a parent.

This book will help you learn to write in small time increments while carving out minutes you didn’t realize were available. This book is on the list of the best books to read right now because finding a creative outlet while parenting is so incredibly important.  A fun, relatable, inspiring book, this is one that will help to guide you while you pen the book of your dreams.

Little Pieces of Me

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

DNA testing from home has opened the floodgates of helping people locate long-lost relatives and has even aided in solving crimes. But what if you weren’t aware you didn’t know one of your birth parents until you took a test? Little Pieces of Me explores this question when Paige Meyer gets an email from a DNA testing website alerting her that she has matched with her birth father.

The man who raised Paige passed away a few years before leaving Paige at a loss after her mother denies her the answer to the simple question: Who is my birth father? Told from the vantage point of the current day Paige and past tense as Betsy Kaplan, Paige’s mom, the reader is taken on a complicated journey of love and loss in one of the best books to read right now.

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Beyond Grapes: How to Make Wine Out of Anything but Grapes

Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now

No list of the best books to read right now is complete without a book about wine. Better yet, a book about wine you can make at home! Beyond Grapes: How to Make Wine Out of Anything but Grapes walks the reader though simple, easy-to-learn wines and liqueurs made from everything BUT grapes right in your own home. Yacov Morad is a chief winemaker who puts into practice his over 70 years of winemaking experience and shows the reader a simple formula and blueprint to design your own wine and liqueur.

This list of the best books to read right now has something for every like and passion. While finding a great book to read might be easy, discovering the time to sit down and read gets difficult. Make reading a priority by selecting a novel too good NOT to read.


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Grab One (Or 10!) Of These Best Books To Read Right Now


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