26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

The stress of the holidays with family visiting and shopping for everyone on your list can leave you tired with your skin looking and feeling dull. But this is the time of year when you want to stand out from the crowd! Why not try these cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage your skin? These items have a small environmental footprint as well. So try out the clean beauty products in this guide; they will be good for you and the environment!  

The Best Clean Beauty Products To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Natura Bisse

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

What better way to revamp your holidays and the New Year with skin that speaks for itself? Natura Bisse has stepped up the anti-aging and skin health game by giving your skin a voice. A voice that says no to dryness. A voice that demands supple-smooth, and silky cheeks that are plump with moisture and hydration. Skin that says…take my picture, I’m ready! So whether you decide to indulge for yourself or endow a loved one with a new skincare regimen, Natura Bisse has exactly what you’re looking for in clean beauty products this winter.

First things first… get rid of the dead and caky outer layer of yuck by exfoliation. Exfoliation makes all the difference in your skin and the Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel not only dissolves dead skin cells on contact, but it also rejuvenates and renews at the same time. The symphony of the triple enzymatic exfoliation system creates a beautiful harmony of 5 AHAs to renew the skin’s texture.

If a spa treatment in your own home is what you desire, then the beautifying complexion, once you are done, is what you’ll get once the impurities and dead skin cells are sloughed off and down the drain! Once the exfoliation is complete, it’s time to lift what gravity desires to pull down.

Just because sagginess is bound to happen as you age, this does not mean you cannot fight against it…and prevail. The Essential Shock Intense Complex withstands sagginess and redefines facial contours. This magical elixir is here to lift, firm, tighten, and magnify collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid levels with an innovative fusion of vitamin C. Get ready to lessen any wrinkle depths and enjoy a dose of hydration infused into your skin with these clean beauty products.

Do you ever feel like you need a bit more “life” implanted into your skin? The Diamond Life Infusion does just that by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, reconstructing your skin’s infrastructure by increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid. It’s like it turns on the inner glow that radiates beautiful skin that looks flawless! By addressing your biological age, the infusion helps preserve the length of (excuse our mini bio-class) telomeres – the portion of the chromosomes that stops skin cells from growing older.

This is why your skin will look radiant! Is it a magic spell or potion? Maybe, would that be a horrible gift to give to someone? We think absolutely not, because it’s an investment for your skin; all you have to do is start the process. Now, once the infusion is set… how are you planning to keep all the nasties in the environment from ruining a perfectly great skin day? Simple, The Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream SPF 30 PA++ can help prevent and counter the negative effects of pollution.

This golden elixir is insanely hydrating, especially during these winter months. As it repairs and protects, this silky cream blends flawlessly into your skin to help even out your skin tone, reduction any visible imperfections, and provide a natural glow. The added compound, Detox complex, gets to work by detoxifying and adding in its superpower to resist any stress on the skin that may lead to premature aging. If Natura Bisse isn’t on your Christmas list… we bet it is now! These clean beauty products make great gifts as well for the holiday season.

Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel | Essential Shock Intense Complex | Diamond Life Infusion | Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream SPF 30 PA++
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This season, give the gift of a luxurious set of soap with Caswell-Massey. This collection features 12 bars of their long-lasting, plant-based, triple-milled soaps. Use one each month! This soap cleanses while moisturizing and the fragrances are the perfect way to wake up the senses and start each day fresh and ready to meet any challenges that you may encounter. Find your favorite scent, whether it is the sweetness of the Almond, the aromatic lavender, the arousing Verbena, or the warmth of the Sandalwood, there is something for everyone in the Master Collection Year of Soap.

Master Collection Year of Soap
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Winter winds have nothing on the hydration your skin will experience with Ambari and their Complex 4 Hydration Cream. Filled with peptides and ceramides, this cream intensely hydrates your skin to replenish and restore dry, tired skin. Used as directed, this cream initiates such visible changes to the texture and feel of your skin, you’ll think it was brought about by Father Christmas himself.

Complex 4 Hydration Cream
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One Ocean Beauty

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This holiday, give your special woman a mini-spa-like experience like none other. It’s true, not most women who are moms get some alone time to themselves, but a gift like the Body Wellness Kit begs to differ. These three essential “give me some alone-time” spa gifts exfoliate, stimulate microcirculation, and tighten skin for a flawless appearance.

Now, these clean beauty products make stocking stuffers a woman can definitely make time for – because once she starts with the wooden body brush to prep her skin… she can’t stop but to indulge nearly every week!

Using the dry brush on a regular basis will encourage the lymphatic system to start to detoxify the body naturally, getting your skin and body systems ready for the bioactive body sculpting cream and the ultramarine cellulite night cream.

The combination of the three items in the Body Wellness Kit can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone the skin and help your body naturally detox from harmful toxins. When used twice a day, this kit can help sculpt, smooth, and tone targeted areas as well as improve skin firmness for the feminine body contouring that women desire.

Each product in the Body Wellness Kit is naturally made with marine active ingredients and is cruelty-free. Thanks to Blue Technology, the Body Wellness Kit is clinically proven to help smooth skin and reduce skin unevenness after just 30 days. These clean beauty products make great gifts under the tree!

For those who you know love to take time with their skincare routine, let them know that exfoliating and detoxing can be important for their skin while being super gentle. This beautifying gift is harsh on dirt and dead skin yet, gentle as a butterfly’s wings. The Blue Algae Exfoliating + Detox Mask gift is all you need to get a smile on Christmas morning for anyone who desires a mask that gently removes dead and lifeless surface skin cells. Remove the impurities and retain all the essential moisture for a revitalized complexion.

This formulation is designed to purify and naturally exfoliate the skin while drawing out and removing dead skin cells. This age-defying mask provides a deep detox while locking in moisture and exfoliating ever so gently.

Now that you have the perfect body regimen and exfoliating essentials, it’s time to address skin hydration during these winter months. A lightweight, nourishing oil like the Ultra Hydrating Algae Oil, won’t clog pores but will create a natural barrier to mimic the skin and scalp biome.

It’s a lovely oil to hydrate skin (and hair) while providing protection from environmental pollutants. All this holiday hydration stems from the Sea Lettuce from New Zealand – which naturally reduces inflammation while boosting collagen production. This is one of the best clean beauty products available!

If you are going to be using all of these wonderful One Ocean Beauty products, make sure those tresses of yours don’t get in the way. While reusing and recycling plastics keeps our oceans cleaner, One Ocean Beauty has designed a stylish head wrap made from sustainable lycra, derived from ocean plastics, the Factor Bermuda Head Wrap.

This elegant head wrap can easily hold your hair back so you can go about your skincare routine effortlessly or slick it back for a speedy and polished style. This zero-waste, ethical headwrap is soft, multi-functional, and sustainable.

Body Wellness Kit | Blue Algae Exfoliating + Detox | Ultra Hydrating Algae Oil | Factor Bermuda Head Wrap
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Dr. Nigma

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

When it comes to nurturing your skin during winter, having the right combination of products can do wonders to keep everything unclogged, unblemished, and absolutely radiant! As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nigma saw a need for natural, radiant skin without the need to compromise with chemicals and the “nasties” in order to get the silky smooth skin results you desire.

As always, start with a triple action acid cleaner, Cleanser No. 1, to get the exfoliation you need, without stripping the skin – which you don’t want! Since this unique combination cleanser is teeming with ingredients that brighten, refine, and reduce pore size, you’ll clean and hydrate your skin, one foamy pump at a time.

Once your skin is refreshingly clean, apply Serum No. 1 to penetrate and hydrate within the deeper levels of the skin that the blistering ice-cold winds cannot touch. Get ready to enjoy a plumper complexion with the age-reversing plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and marine snail peptides soaking into your skin. You need your skincare to work as hard as you do, this is the elixir that will outperform and exceed your expectations by the time spring rolls around. These clean beauty products make great gifts for the holidays.

In conjunction with the serum, finalize your daily routine with the Crème No. 1 which has a patented Light Water Technology. Basically, the plant and marine extracts contain a potent and super-power to make anti-wrinkles creams look ineffective! This newly innovative cream was once reserved for only the elite. Well, now Dr. Nigma considers all women who desire an easy yet effective winter skincare routine – elite!

By the end of the day… it may not be easy, dinner may be calling your name, chores are beckoning you from every recessed corner of the house, but you choose to say no to it all, and yes to yourself. Well, good on you, because Treatment Mask No. 1 Brightening wants to pamper you with an infused and dynamic combination of prebiotics, marine collagen, edelweiss extract, seaweed extract, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

These clean beauty products are a kick-ass way to pamper yourself for 20-30 minutes while your skin tightens, brightens, and plumps itself back up as if you never had a day longer than 4 hours in your life!

Serum No. 1 | Cleanser No. 1 | Treatment Mask No. 1 Brightening | Crème No. 1
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Prato Botanico

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

A luxury experience in the facecare department is always welcoming. Before the bitter cold hits your region, consider a few of Prato Botanico’s beloved skincare elixirs, face masks, creams, and lip balms to get you through with beautiful, glowing skin! Start with the Intensive Elixer on a clean, but not stripped face.

This intensive repair, magic-in-a-bottle demolishes free radicals for an ageless appearance. By hydrating and nourishing the skin, you’ll see an instant, noticeable difference in your skin’s radiance and texture.

When the time calls for some action, the kind of action that detoxifies rejuvenates, and exfoliates, the Purifying Face Mask will do the trick. Just like life can stuff you full of toxins (from people and food) and added stress, well, your skin absorbs all that junk too.

With the healing power of botanical ingredients in these clean beauty products, your skin can be purified and cleared out so it can breathe and shed all that excess weight of those microscopic nasties. Then, simply pair your masking nights with meditation audio and your body and mind will get rid of some of those nasties as well!

Enriching Night Cream can be used on the nights you want to wake up to a natural, restored glow, with an extra punch of youthful plumpness! Watch as this night cream boosts your collagen overnight -rejuvenating your skin’s elasticity while combating any environmental damage that your skin was exposed to during the day.

Ready to revamp and reduce the “you look tired” comments? If you’re a parent, you need this. If you’re human, you need the Renewing Eye Serum to combat life’s stresses and the noticeable signs of fatigue. Curtail the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and pesky fine lines while you sleep. With a unique concoction of organic plant botanicals and hyaluronic acid – you’re all set with these clean beauty products!

There’s no way you deal with the harsh winds of winter by only protecting your lips with a scarf. It just won’t cut it, and it may make it worse with the constant rubbing on fabrics, causing dry lips. Instead, with the Moisture Boosting Lip Balm just a few fingertips away in your purse, your lips will instantly drink up the hydration for the ultimate moisturized, supple lips that beg for more kissing, every single winter day.

As a free gift or to add to your routine, the Bamboo Cleansing Glove compliments your home spa event. It’s a great way to softly cleanse your face that’s economical as it’s already antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic. Perfect for all those winter skin types out there who need to wash their face.

Intensive Elixer | Renewing Eye Serum | Enriching Night Cream | Purifying Face Mask | Moisture Boosting Lip Balm | Bamboo Cleansing Glove
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Do you have a tween or even an adult friend who typically uses just soap and water to care for their skin? Not only is that bad (so bad), it’s really bad. It’s going to be incredibly easy to drop a hint by dropping the Clean Beauty Starter Kit under the Christmas tree!

The gift of good skin never grows old (no pun intended), so this comprehensive starter kit, it’s the perfect gift as it is advantageous to a wide range of skin types. They’ll start a new and improved skincare routine with plant-based hyaluronic acid, a vegan retinol, botanical collagen, azelaic acid, and ceramides. You’re pretty much gifting them silky-smooth, hydrated skin in a box with these clean beauty products!

Superfood Serum is a great stocking suffer when your bestie wants only superfoods to literally… nourish her skin from the outside in. The fast-absorbing oils penetrate the skin to protect from drying out during the winter months while blasting the skin with nutrient-dense superfoods. Oh, and it’s a bonus brow serum too!

Finally, for your bestie who isn’t a makeup-crazed fantastic, the Face Glow will suit her nicely. It’s lightweight enough to feel naked on her skin while adding a tint of color as it moisturizes throughout the day. The brightening and highlighting effects will only bring out the best features for a radiant holiday glow! Graydon is certainly your one-stop shop for under-the-tree gifting and stocking stuffing clean beauty products!

Superfood Serum| Clean Beauty Starter Kit | Face Glow
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Hello Skincare

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This holiday season, say “hello” to glowing skin and fuller, lusher lashes all year long. Hello Skincare creates products that harness the regenerative and therapeutic properties of powerful, high-quality, natural ingredients and combine them with the best available ingredients from modern science. The result: highly effective, affordable, and easy-to-use at-home beauty routine solutions. So, go ahead, buy something for you AND her!

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

For anyone who loves a little Vitamin C, check out C-Juvenate Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Radiance Super Serum. The ultra-hydrating antioxidant formula illuminates complexions with a radiant glow and eliminates early signs of aging like dullness, micro-lines, and dark spots; all while shielding skin from environmental stressors. Best for dullness, dark spots, or uneven skin tone.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Or, turn back the hands of time with Time Machine Bakuchiol & Stem Cell Anti-Aging Super Serum. This age-defying retinol alternative super serum is packed with strong actives to visibly reduce signs of aging, even skin tone, and leave skin plump, firm, and hydrated. Best for fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness/elasticity, and dryness. This can be combined with C-Juvenate or used alone.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Finally, give the gift of Lash Therapy. This deep-conditioning lash serum uses a unique blend of peptides, vegan stem cells, vitamins, and amino acids to fortify and amplify the appearance of lash length and fullness. When applied nightly, this proprietary formula moisturizes dry, damaged lash hairs while maximizing the appearance of lash volume with each growth cycle. These clean beauty products make for a stunning appearance during the holidays!

C-Juvenate Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Radiance Super Serum | Time Machine Bakuchiol & Stem Cell Anti-Aging Super Serum | Lash Therapy

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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

The temperatures may fall and the bitter winds may nip at your cheeks, but once you have Mother Nature on your side, you’ll naturally get the skin you desire in five simple steps. If you are looking for a miracle in a bottle or a magical moment that reveals clean, clear skin, ANOVÉ® has the Complete Product Line to grant your holiday wishes. All you need to do is maintain harmony with consciously curated ingredients to reveal your true winter glow.

With oil that moisturizes as it quickly quenches your skin’s thirst, this luxury set is for those who want clean skin that radiates! As you get older, you begin to notice the unfading wrinkles and raccoon-like dark circles, but using this product will help you reverse the clock by moisturizing with a mist of refreshment.

The complete line, without the phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, silicones, or synthetics includes:

Every holiday is a chance for a new beginning and a rejuvenated soul inside and out. So why not start things off right with clean beauty products from ANOVÉ®; the radiance is waiting to shine through your skin!

Complete Product Line
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Intoxicated Cosmetics

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Have you ever considered using snail venom as part of your morning skincare routine? What about giving someone else a toxic cocktail for their beauty regimen? Well, this holiday season, you can with Intoxicated Cosmetics. Now before you freak out thinking this is definitely the best gift ever – it’s also completely safe! Snail Venom Serum is made with a biomimetic variation of the marine cone snail’s venom and is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, and even skin tone.

The biomimetic peptide acts as a modulator of neuromuscular transmissions, similar to botox. It reduces movement in the skin and acts as a line relaxer giving you (or the recipient) a smoother, glass-like appearance. Within 2 hours of application, you can visibly see a reduction in wrinkle depth!

The Snail Venom Serum also contains Hyadisine, which has been shown to increase skin moisture by 20%, on average, 24-hours after application. Hydration and reducing fine lines within one toxic-like serum is definitely possible with snail venom and should be added to your bestie’s morning routine.

To remain in the realm of venom that can be good for your skin, Intoxicated Cosmetics has designed a Snake Venom Serum for your skin’s pleasure. This strange, yet fascinating serum is made of a biomimetic variation of the Temple Viper Snake’s venom. This ingredient helps enhance the elasticity of the skin which reduces wrinkles and fine lines in all the right places.

Along with the biomimetic snake venom, this serum contains Niacinamide, which is proven to reduce pore size and fade out uneven skin tones and fine lines. The Snake Venom Serum is a powerful and uniquely gratifying way to give your skin an ageless and youthful look all through the winter months. These clean beauty products are certainly a unique addition to anyone’s routine.

Another stinging venom to place under the tree would be the Bee Venom Serum. it contains purified bee venom that is known to increase blood flow, plump and firm the skin, and smooth out fine lines and those dry, cracked wrinkles. The bee venom enhances the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin while also containing antimicrobial properties. These intoxicating ingredients help fight bacteria and acne with each application.

This potent combination of peptides, enzymes, and amino acids within the Bee Venom Serum works on all levels of the skin to boost collagen production, encourage cell production, and accelerate the recovery of dead skin cells.

After you have picked your poisonous serum of choice, the Antidote Moisturizer provides hydration and nutrition to your skin for the final kill to your skincare regimen. While the moisturizer does not contain any venoms, the active ingredients within it enhance the effects of the serums.

Along with deep hydration, the Antidote Moisturizer also plays a role in reducing surface wrinkles, fine lines. If you enjoy having that firm, plump skin, this moisturizer will do the trick. Combine the venomous fun of natural ingredients with the healing effects of this moisturizer with clean beauty products from Intoxicated Cosmetics.

Snail Venom Serum| Snake Venom Serum | Bee Venom Serum | Antidote Moisturizer
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Aseir Custom

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

The healing power of peptides has been bottled and made for anyone who desires long, sexy eyelashes going into the New Year. If you or a loved one wants to not only heal and grow over-plucked or over-mascaraed brows and lashes but rejuvenate and nourish the hair, Aseir Custom’s Auxano Brow & Lash is your go-to gift.

Did you know that your eyebrows and eyelashes are 10% water and 90% keratinized proteins? This is why the peptide-powered ingredients within this serum nourish 100% of your lashes. The Auxano Brow & Lash serum reverses years of damage to show the world your true beauty, one wink at a time with these clean beauty products!

When it comes to curating the best anti-aging cream for your love, the GHK-Cu Blue Cream & Royal Blue Serum Bundle is the ultimate gift. The Blue Cream moisturizes the skin to heal damaged and aged skin with noticeably fast results. The Copper Peptide has been shown to enhance collagen through revitalizing hyper-pigmented and sagging skin.

The Royal Blue Serum has been proven to keep your pores clear and your skin glowing all through the winter months. The powerful combination of GHK-Cu Blue Cream & Royal Blue Serum Bundle will increase stem cell production, improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and even deep wrinkles. With the Copper Peptide GHK-Cu, your skin can return to the natural, youthful glow your skin is meant to have – now that’s a gift we all want!

Auxano Brow & Lash | GHK-Cu Blue Cream & Royal Blue Serum Bundle
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

For the minimalist beauty in your life, this trio by Orpheus, containing a toner, beauty essence, and serum, will liven up any tired-looking skin in no time. It’s true, most women (and men) don’t want to be told they look tired all the time. So when you slide this gift-wrapped Resurrection Blooming Beauty Stem Cell Trio under the tree, you’ll be in the clear, and their skin will enjoy the transformation to an even-toned, calm, and vibrant complexion.

How exactly does this work? Well, take two ancient botanicals, the Ultimate Muse, the Orpheus Flower, and the lovely Damask Rose (an oil-bearing rose), along with the revitalizing powers combined with flower stem sell bioactive. What you get to gift is a 3-step sacred ritual for skin that will protect, strengthen, and regenerate…just like a newly bloomed flower. See why the Resurrection Blooming Beauty Stem Cell Trio is a beautiful gift for the unsaid tired-looking skin and someone who loves clean beauty products?

Resurrection Blooming Beauty Stem Cell Trio
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Spa Technologies

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Give the gift of “ahh” this season with Spa Technologies. Their new Detox Bath Kit has introduced a new way to enjoy a soothing bath with their line of products that inspire total hydration. Enjoy the Lami Salts and their revitalizing powers as the eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils provide a refreshing detox finished with a naturally enticing scent.

Follow this with the Seaweed Body Wash and experience fine pumice exfoliation with a light, uplifting scent of lime, lemongrass, and spearmint. Restore moisture with the Hydrating Laminaria Oil and soothe sore muscles with the Arnica Sports Gel for a soothing bath experience you’ll never forget. These clean beauty products will have you relaxed in no time!

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Walking around a winter wonderland can leave our skin feeling dry and sensitive. Give the gift of “glow” with the Home Spa Facial Kit. Designed as a complete routine for all skin types, this custom blend of botanical essences, seaweed extracts, green clay, and omega fatty acids, is the all-in-one spa experience you never knew you needed.

This kit gives you a dewy fresh glow from the comfort of home. Protecting the skin with antioxidants and moisturizing with shea and coconut butters, the skin will feel soft, supple, and oh-so-yummy with these clean beauty products.

Detox Bath Kit | Home Spa Facial Kit
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Klei Beauty

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This holiday season give the gift of self-care with Klei Beauty. Perfect for gifting the lady, teacher, or friend in your life, a self-care set from Klei Beauty lets her know that taking time for herself is not only acceptable but necessary and encouraged! Klei’s self-care gift sets come with a combination of a relaxing bath soak and body scrub. Choose from either the Relax Self Care Set or the Soothe Self Care Set and let her kick back and relax in a warming bath, providing all the essentials she needs for a glorious soak and scrub to come out feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated this holiday season!

Relax Self Care Set | Soothe Self Care Set
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Love Indus

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

For your Instagram super-star friends, when they (or you) need a natural blurring effect, drop this gem, the Freedom of Expression Dual-Purpose Line Limiter, into their stocking. Designed to target and smooth out expression lines and those unflattering creases, they’ll be profusely thanking you! The mega-dose of pampering botanical extracts, Hibiscus and Kokum, combined with specially crafted synthetic ingredients (like vegan collagen), permeate the skin for the youthful glow and porcelain skin we all desire!

For a daily use gift, be sure to drop off the Amrutini® Precious Potion in an adorable gift box so your bestie can indulge in rare, regional ingredients from the Indian sub-continent. Think golden Muga silk and Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea kind of rare and exquisite ingredients. Since they only deserve the best, the Amrutini® Precious Potion is sure to deliver nourishment and rejuvenation to tired, stressed-out skin. Now that’s a gift worth taking a selfie for!

Freedom of Expression Dual-Purpose Line Limiter | Amrutini® Precious Potion
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Are you ready for winter? Is your skin? Give that complexion a radiant holiday glow this season with FACTORFIVE. The Biotech Beauty Trio Minis contain all you need to be ready for everything from glamourous gatherings to an everyday winter vacay. When these clean beauty products are used together, the regenerative serum, anti-aging cream, and eye/lash cream will give you your best skin yet.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

For a more intensive treatment for dry or damaged winter skin, try the Growth Factor Post Treatment Facial Mask. Cool and calm inflamed skin with this unique blend of ethically derived stem cell factors and nourishing ingredients. And bonus – you’ll enjoy a cool peppermint blast that’s perfectly appropriate for the season with FACTORFIVE!

Biotech Beauty Trio Minis | Growth Factor Post Treatment
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

If your loved one has skin – guess what? It needs hydrating…and probably to the extreme. Even oily skin needs hydration because it’s over-compensating for being dry. This holiday season, Consonant has the hydrating solution for your loved ones who happen to have…yes, you guessed it…skin! The HYDREXTREME just so happens to fit perfectly into their stocking if you aren’t a savvy gift-wrapper.

Forget needing the hyaluronic acid, because the HYDREXTREME is clinically proven to do so much more. While allowing the skin to breathe, no matter what season it is, the recipient of this hydrating gem will get the hydration they need on their face, neck, and decolletage areas.

Go ahead and rock this serum on no-makeup days for a natural glow and dewy appearance. By the way, that’s really sexy! So go ahead, give a gift or treat yourself (we don’t blame you), because Consonant makes your skin comfortably hydrated and eye-cathing beautiful!

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Hereward Farms

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Bring the spa home this holiday season with luxury bath & body products from Hereward Farms. The family-owned business has lavender-infused oil bath products, including massage oils, lavender soap, and body scrubs. Essentially they have everything you will need to indulge in a full spa day at home with friends & family!

The eco-friendly In the Dog House Bundle is great for all skin types as it’s crafted from infused oils that are unrefined, cold-processed, and full of herbal properties that improve your skin and skin texture without using an overpowering scent. Everyone will enjoy these clean beauty products under the tree!

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This cruelty-free bundle contain no parabens and includes:

  • Balanced Facial Toner
  • Freshen Up Room Spray
  • Lavender Soap Bar
  • Lavish Face Oil
  • Pucker Up Lip Balm
  • Ravish Face & Body Oil
  • Scrubbed Body Scrub
  • Soaked Bath Soak
  • Hereward Farms Candle
  • Wicked Candle

Wash away all the holiday stress with the soothing In the Dog House Bundle from Hereward Farms. These luxurious, clean beauty products make great holiday gifts if you want to earn extra brownie points and treat someone special to the best in spa products.

In the Dog House Bundle
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AYR Skin Care

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This holiday season, we’re all about beauty, skin health, and a skincare set that delivers what it says it will – balance. When you have a healthy balance of natural skin oils, moisture, hydration, and suppleness, admiring your skin in the mirror is just the beginning! Grab yourself a Healthy Skin Combo and gift one too if you’re feeling generous! The specific role of this trifecta of clean beauty products is to nourish and breathe life back into your natural, youthful complexion.

What’s Included  – 4 of the skin-healthy inducing full-sized products:

Reveal Gentle Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum

Calm Facial Bar

Serenity Balancing Blue Tansy Facial Oil

No compromises are needed with AYR Skin Care either. This vegan skincare line is all about innovative skincare with clean beauty products that are safe, effective, and downright beauty-enhancing! The perfect gift for the mature, dry skin that hasn’t found a solution…until now. Get yourself glowing into the New Year with AYR Skin Care!

Healthy Skin Combo
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Nani Pua

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Every queen wants to glow. Glow in her beauty, poise, and spirit. This holiday, nourish your skin with a vintage botanical oil that doesn’t clog your pores or cause a heavy layer of film on your skin. With a luxury blend of 15 essential and rare ingredients, your holistic skin regimen just received a platinum upgrade with the 1960 Ethnobotanical Face Serum. This silky oil addresses a wide range of skin ailments so that you can reach the desired holiday glow your skin naturally contains. Nani Pua curates this authentic oil in a 30ml frosted glass bottle that is recyclable.

1960 Ethnobotanical Face Serum
Nani Pua | Facebook | Instagram

Walton Wood Farm

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special (or yourself) this holiday season? Then Walton Wood Farm has you covered! Let’s start with the Best Gift Ever (the name says it all); this refreshing bundle has everything your special man would need to get his morning started. It includes Gentleman Creamy Shave Soap for sensitive skin, the Gentleman Power Shower 2 in 1 shampoo/ body wash made with essential oils, and the Gentleman Hand Rescue cream made with shea butter and Japanese green tea.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Add the Men Don’t Stink Soap Bar, and you have the perfect gift to stick under the tree that will have your man smelling incredible. The vegan-friendly XXL bar is made with shea butter & oatmeal and is free from SLS, Paraben, Phthalate, and dyes. The gluten-free bar will not only cleanse his skin but exfoliate it as well.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

Now that you have amazing products for the man in your life, it’s time to cover the ladies with the fantastic Week From Hell sugar body scrub. This vegetarian-friendly scrub is formulated with real cane sugar & shea butter that will leave your skin feeling smooth and incredibly soft. The body scrub makes a great stocking stuffer.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

All the fabulous vegan bath products from Walton Wood Farm are designed to relax and rejuvenate your skin. From body scrubs to bar soaps, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list.

Best Gift Ever | Men Don’t Stink Soap Bar | Week From Hell
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The Skinny Confidential

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

After all the holiday parties and get-togethers, your face will need some recovery time. The Skinny Confidential has the best combination to contour, tighten, and de-puff your skin while also keeping it hydrated and dewy. The Iconic Ice Kit includes the Hot Mess Ice Roller and the Ice Queen Face Oil.

The roller is a preventative beauty tool that uses a medley of cold therapy & facial manipulation to reduce wrinkles and prep your skin while the facial oil is packed with antioxidants and vitamins for a deep penetration that will help firm the skin.

The Iconic Ice Kit
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Julie Lindh

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

With holiday parties in full swing, everyone wants healthy glowing skin to look their best as the year winds down. Julie Lindh’s luxury skincare products will help achieve the celebrity look with innovative clean beauty products like the Pore Cleansing Brush and Spatula. The brush is a gentle silicone pore cleansing brush that gently buffs the oil and dirt buildup on your skin. The brush side helps clean and exfoliate your skin, opens pores, and gently removes impurities from your skin, revealing healthy glowing skin. The uneven side of the brush helps with product absorption and gently massages the skin.

The reusable Infrared Sheet Mask in Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Serum uses organic elements to reduce aging signs and improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. As a result, your skin will look more radiant and renewed after just one use! So get ready to put your best foot forward and make your skin glow this holiday season with premium clean beauty products from Julie Lindh.

Pore Cleansing Brush and Spatula| Infrared Sheet Mask in Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Serum
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Golden Grooming 

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This holiday season, you can give your special man everything he needs to keep his skin healthy and his beard tame. The luxurious Essential Trim Bundle by Golden Grooming is designed to keep his skin clean and super moisturized. 

This brilliant bundle includes:

Golden Professional Trimmer –  This trimmer removes hair anywhere on the body with six custom cutting heads. 

Body Balm – An all-natural moisturizer is designed to keep tough, dry skin hydrated and super moisturized. 

Beard & Hair Shampoo   Gently cleanse away the day’s grime and oils without overly drying, leaving your beard soft and moisturized.

Body Wash   Wash away the excess oil and dirt without over-drying your skin. This Christmas, surprise him with skincare products and grooming tools from Golden Grooming. You’ll both enjoy the clean, professional look achieved with these high-quality clean beauty products.

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

The Essential Trim Bundle
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Morgan Cosmetics

26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

If you are looking for the ultimate skin hydrating gift set to prepare your skin for the winter, Morgan Cosmetics has the products for you and your loved ones that will keep your skin moisturized! The Skin Care Gift Set not only hydrates but also gives you that healthy glow we could all use around the holidays! This 5-piece set nourishes your skin with pure argan oil, argan face serum, vitamin C serum, pure rose water, and prickly pear seed oil. The linoleic acid properties are incredibly beneficial for your skin giving you the radiant glow of healthy, moisturized skin.

Skin Care Gift Set
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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow

This holiday season, trust your hair to clean beauty products from Attitude. Attitude supports using clean and natural ingredients, reducing plastic use, and planting trees for a healthy environment.

Their Super leaves™ Shampoo and Conditioner is enriched with quinoa and jojoba proteins that will help your precious locks look super hydrated! Step out with the salon look that will turn heads at holiday parties. So this holiday season, give yourself or a loved one the gift of healthy, manageable hair using clean beauty products from Attitude.

Super leaves™ Moisture Rich Shampoo | Super leaves™ Moisture Rich Conditioner
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Everyone wants to make a lasting impression during the holidays, whether it’s with family or friends or with office colleagues. These clean beauty products are high-quality items that will give you the perfect holiday glow. They also make the perfect gifts for anyone on your holiday shopping list. So this holiday season, be kind to yourself and Mother Nature with the clean beauty products in this guide.

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26 Clean Beauty Products For That Healthy Holiday Glow



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