This holiday season, take extra care of the “bodies” in your life. Smooth on some luxurious lotions and creams to soothe, moisturize and provide some serious skincare loving. Our holiday gift guide of bath and body gifts will give you some ideas for those serious skincare enthusiasts who love to indulge in pampering themselves regularly, or even just occasionally. From moisturizing oils and intoxicating scents to bubbles baths and the healing properties of CBD, we have the best ideas for those spa lovers in your life.

15 Serious Skincare Products for Everyone on Your List

Sometimes deciding on the perfect gift for a newborn or a new mama is difficult. BEB Organics is a one-stop-shop for both. BEB Organics was originally designed for hospitals and birthing centers to promote healthy skin development for babies. This all-natural baby skincare collection inspired by the power of touch is formulated for sensitive baby skin. Their skincare products utilize the healing power of PHTOCURA complex a probiotic serum that is for both day and night use.

What makes this an even better holiday gift? The BEB Organic’s Charity Set is donating 50% of each purchase to The Blue Dot Project. This project raises awareness of maternal mental health disorders. Postpartum depression is the #1 complication after birth. This holiday season support both healthy skin and minds with BEB Organics

Charity Set
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If you or someone you know is one of the millions of people who struggle with skin conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis, you may be interested in the gift of clinically proven, dermatologist-endorsed botanical skincare from Kamedis.

Their Acne Kit is the perfect combination of the Kamedis Acne Face Cleanser, Acne Face Moisturizer and Acne Spot Treatment all in one convenient package. Whether you have oily-prone skin, pimples, acne, or redness due to inflammation, these products work miracles.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from eczema or psoriasis, we feel your pain. Skin that is spontaneously or constantly dry, irritated, itchy and red is not how anyone wants to spend the holidays or any day for that matter. Kamedis’ eczema line combats eczema and leaves behind skin that is nourished and protected for long term relief. Their products are safe for you and your young ones so that no one is obligated to suffer. We specifically love the calming lotion used as “spot treatment” to target itchy skin and can be used on any skin type. It instantly takes the red out!

Acne Kit | Eczema Therapy Wash | Eczema Therapy Cream | Intense Hydrating Foot Gel-Cream | Calming Lotion
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If you are looking for skincare products to help you reach the relaxation you deserve, look no further! Kush Queen has you covered with CBD bubble bath, body lotion, and bath bombs. The calming scents combined with the power of CBD allow you to reach immediate relaxation. The non-greasy lotion absorbs right into your skin so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD while the luscious and calming lavender scent sticks with you.

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Kush Queen Alice & Olivia
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Perfect for gifting the lady in your life who loves pretty things, or simply enjoy the scents of the holiday season, the handcrafted, beautifully blended soaps, bath salts, and lotions from Finchberry are a great gift this holiday season.

Whether you were looking for a gift for your child’s teacher, your best friend, or even sprucing up your own home for all of those holiday visitors, Finchberry soaps will be loved by all. These all-natural, vegan, gluten-free soaps are non-toxic, containing food-grade ingredients, a unique, lush appearance, and foam to a gentle lather. Free of all harsh chemicals or preservatives, the soaps, bath soaks, and lotions from Finchberry are gentle on sensitive skin and create an entire aesthetic experience for the user. Available in a wide variety of scents, all with a unique and beautifully crafted appeal, there is sure to be a gift from Finchberry every lady will love.

2-Bar Holiday Giftbox – Wonderland and Merry Finchberry | Merry Finchberry Fizzy Salt Soap | Finchberry Sampler Tin | Sweet Dreams Hand Cream
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The moment someone opens a gift box full of CLN&DRTY products, they know they are in for some luxurious self-pampering. Not only is everything packed in a visually appealing and eco-friendly way, but all the products smell so fresh and clean. Some brands say they are all-natural, but if you look at the ingredients, there is nothing natural about words you can not pronounce. CLN&DRTY products are not only made of ingredients you actually recognize, but they are at a moderate price point that allows them to be given easily to anyone who craves quality products for their skin.

One of our favorite CLN&DRTY Products is CLN & DRTY The Glow Mask which pulls impurities, reduces inflammation and gives you a beautiful, natural glow. The Luxury Anti-Aging Cream for Combination skin is the perfect preventative solution for those worried about how age will affect your skin. So many people worry about the effects of chemicals in deodorant, but that is no longer an issue if you use CLN&DRTY Lavender & Vanilla Natural Deodorant. Unlike many natural deodorants, it actually works! And at the end of the day when it’s time to remove makeup and impurities from your face, there is no better choice than CLN&DRTY CLN Wash For Dry Skin. It’s formulated with sweet almond oil, patchouli, ylang-ylang and lemongrass extracts for a cleaner, smoother, softer skin for the serious skincare fanatic.

CLN & DRTY The Glow Mask | CLN&DRTY Luxury Anti-Aging Cream for Combination Skin | CLN&DRTY Lavender & Vanilla Natural Deodorant | CLN&DRTY CLN Wash For Dry Skin
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During the holidays, the chill in the air may cause the skin to over-dry and feel itchy and uncomfortable (not to mention, show more cracks and fine lines). This holiday season, give the gift of a Pre-Bath Oil to the serious skincare enthusiast to lock in the skin’s natural moisture and protect from over stripping its natural hydration cycle. Use it anywhere on the body for a body-soaking-loving experience to soothe and adequately moisturize winter or even eczema-prone skin.

For the sophisticated woman in your life, surprise her with a day and night cream that will make her look deceptively ageless. The Ultra Anti-Aging Cream can be used on the face, neck, and eye area to reverse and assist in preventing the appearance of fine lines, skin discoloration, and uneven texture. If gifting someone the chance to have glowing, youthful skin is all it took to make someone look just like they feel, then this gift is ageless.

Ultra Amti-Aging Cream | Pre-Bath Oil
Dermatologist’s Choice | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

S.O.L. stands for Strains of Life which is your first hint that this product is organic and GMO-free. CBD is now being used in skincare products to treat inflammation and skin ailments. The remaining ingredients such as Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, and Vitamin E help to create a rich and creamy butter that easily absorbs into your skin. S•O•L CBD Moisturizing Body Butter creates a protective barrier around your skin to hold in moisture, making it a perfect gift for the colder weather of the holiday season.

S•O•L CBD Moisturizing Body Butter
SOL Strains of Life | Instagram

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What’s better than giving someone the gift of a new fragrance? But how does anyone choose a fragrance for another person? The smell is so personal that unless you’ve been given exact instructions, it’s best to give someone three—or even six—stunning scents. The Sixer is PHLUR’s limited-edition set of their six best-selling fragrances. Not only does it include the following scents: Hanami, Améline, Sandara, Añoranza, S.C. 59 and Moab, but it also includes two $18 credits toward a full-sized bottle of their choice. How can you go wrong?

The Sixer
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A gift from Soothe is a gift that shows you really care. Nothing is more important than taking care of your mind and body. Just in time for the holidays, Soothe has a Holiday Gift Set with healing bath salts and a Soothe Gift Card for an at-home massage. The bath salts use coconut oil and Moloka’i sea salt to help detoxify and hydrate at the same time. The gift set also comes with a gift card to use Soothe’s on-demand massage service. Soothe massage therapists are located in almost every major city. Anyone using the gift card can schedule a massage in-home, office, or hotel room. A Soothe Holiday Gift Set is a gift that continues to give, even after it has been unwrapped.

Holiday Gift Set: Calm. Cleanse. Cure
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Give someone a reason to slow down and relax into a sea of bubbles while soaking in a luxuriously skin-softening tub full of bonblissity. With the bonblissity bath bombs, the explosion of relaxing essential oils will melt away any tension left in your body. Create a much-needed spa retreat in the comfort of one’s home with this thoughtful gift. This is some serious skincare that every woman should indulge in.

Bath Bombs
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Transform bath time beyond bubbles and candles for someone special in your life with Canna Bath Co.’s all-natural CBD infused bath bombs. Their five different handmade CBD-infused bath bombs help elevate every bath experience to the ultimate level of relaxation. Made with therapeutic grade essential oils and CBD, these bath bombs not only alleviate body aches and pains but soothe sensitive and dry skin as well.

The Sleep Bomb is one of the perfect serious skincare products as a gift because it’s infused with lavender and 60mg of CBD oil. Not only does the combination of lavender and CBD help alleviate anxiety and promote better sleep, but this bath bomb is specially formulated for sensitive skin and helps reduce pain and inflammation. Every Canna Bath Co. bath bomb is all-natural, handmade, free of artificial fragrances and sulfates, and safe for sensitive skin.

Sleep Bomb
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Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or even a gift set for him, AXE men’s grooming products are perfect for the tweens, teens, and even adults in your life. From body washes to shampoo and body spray and even on the go products such as deodorant wipes, the men in your life will love the all-new Ice Chill scent, designed to keep him cool this holiday season. Personal grooming products are not just for her, make sure to get the guys in on the action this season with a selection of bath and body products from AXE, available in a wide variety of masculine scents. Guaranteed to last all day, keep him looking, feeling, and smelling his best to inspire confidence and success this season with a holiday gift set from AXE.

Ice Chill Body Spray | Ice Chillin’ Body Wash | Ice Chill Anti-Perspirant Deodarant Stick | Ice Chill 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner | Pocket Spray Frangrance | Phoenix Grooming Regimen Giftset | Apollo Grooming Regimen Giftset
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Give your hair a treat with these unique CBD-infused hair care products. The shampoo and conditioner provide a calming scent as they go right to work. Your hair will strengthen and shine as it fights frizz naturally. Even your scalp will benefit from washing your hair with these products.

Cloud 10 CDB-Infused Hair Care
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Everybody ought to be kissably clean and attractive this holiday season and with the addition of CBD oral care, it’s never been easier for the serious skincare enthusiast to take care of their teeth too. As a combo, CBD Mouthwash and Toothpaste eliminates bad-breath causing bacteria by penetrating deeper into the gumline for a more thorough cleaning. Not only will your mouth feel refreshed enough to be close to anyone, but the recipient will also be strengthening and restoring their tooth enamel. Without any harsh chemicals and the perfect pH balance formulation, your kissable mouth will be welcome under the mistletoe this holiday season.

CBD Mouthwash and Toothpaste
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If you are searching for all-natural skin cleaning products that are safe and enjoyable for your family, the search ends here! Clean Well offers consumers paraben-free products that are kid-friendly, biodegradable, and infused with antioxidants. Their soaps actually moisturize your skin with aloe and the luscious fragrances are made with plants. Clean Well creates products that are safe and effective for the entire family! Your skin will thrive with the natural ingredients all-around your home.

Clean Well
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Essential products for your skin truly do, do the body some good. For those serious skincare fanatics in your life, these gifts are exceptionally thoughtful and will be loved. In case you are wondering whether you should try out these products first, to make sure the serious skincare enthusiast will completely love them, yes, go for it! After all, your personal experience, especially with fun, new serious skincare products, will ensure you are giving them the absolute best tried and true products available this holiday season.


It may be time to think about when your kids need to start using deordorant and other teenage hygiene products.

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