21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials for 2021

Luxury skincare isn’t reserved for just the celebrities, lovely people. Whether you love to shop at the Dollar store for kids’ trinkets and finding deals on clothing, loving the high-quality skin-loving products, is totally allowed. Luxury skincare is easier to get than you realize and it truly does have an edge over your everyday drugstore counterpart. So, take some notes and clear some space on your vanity, because all of these lovelies for your skin and hair are for the ladies who don’t mind the high-life (and looking like it) one bit.

Luxury Skincare & Beauty Tools at Your Fingertips

Sola Wave

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Take a magic wand, wave it around and wish for a luxury skincare duo that will provide red-light therapy, a facial massage, and therapeutic warming that makes any stressful day melt away. Wish granted! Your luxury skincare lineup just got an upgrade with the SolaWave Wand & Pure Hydration Kit. This magnificent duo offers state-of-the-art dermatologic technology in the comfort of your own home.

The hyaluronic acid and all-natural aloe vera in the Pure Hydration serum is the amplification you want to enhance the effectiveness of the wand while hydrating your skin. Everyone has just 5 minutes a day to turn a ho-hum luxury routine into daaayyymmmmnn, that really works!


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Discover a luxury skincare line that is dermatologist recommended, especially for skincare newbies. The Clinical Power Trio has been proven (the double-blind, placebo-controlled kind of proven) to improve the appearance of fine lines, those unattractive coarse wrinkles, melanin (hyperpigmentation), and pore size. What makes this luxury skincare line even more attractive is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin; there’s no evidence of irritation and has outstanding safety markers. So, even though it will reduce the oiliness on your face after a long day, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you won’t have to deal with skin dryness.

Defenage ensures that you’ll see results fast! Because when you want a luxury skincare system to diminish your wisdom years while sporting smoother, younger-looking skin, the Clinical Power Trio consisting of the 8-in-1 BioSerum, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, and 2-Minute Reveal Masque is your go-to line of aging defense for lasting results. Get ready to see a new and refined face starting in just 1 week; after 6 weeks, you’ll be wowing everyone you meet as it heals the visible signs of skin exhaustion and damage.

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For those summer weeks you’re traveling, take the 8-in-1 Bioserum wherever your heart takes you. It’s the perfect retinol serum alternative, 8 separate serums to be exact. This advanced targeted cosmetic treatment has a distinctive action on the skin. With 5 times the defensin-molecules, this lightweight formula can be used on your entire face, including the delicate eye and lips area. You’ll definitely want to use this “I can’t feel it” luxury cream on your neck and décolleté areas.

The luxury skincare line by Defenage surely will not disappoint you or your skin. Its fast-acting formula is one that you don’t have to wait for to get the skin that matches your inner youthfulness. Use as part of your daily routine for you and your man – you both might as well grow younger together!


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

If you’re looking for a non-stop, power serum to halt environmental stressors that lead to dull, wrinkled skin, DONGINBI is your go-to brand. It’s like having a recharge serum to kickstart the rebalancing properties in your skin. The DONGINBI Power Repair Face Serum Ampoule is a Korean formulated serum of skin-healing red ginseng and pure gold. It contains 500% red ginseng collagen and energizing 24K gold that infuses your skin with strength and antioxidants.

A luxury skincare line that includes red ginseng promotes skin cell turnover as it slows down the signs of premature aging. Those who plan on spending a lot of time out in the sun or in heavily-populated cities will benefit greatly from the DONGINBI Power Repair Face Serum Ampoule.

Get ready for a spa morning and night with this golden elixir. You’ll love the smoothing effects that offer your skin a softer feel while firming up any ‘droopy’ areas. Over time, notice how the fine lines and wrinkles become erased like magic! As the leading Korean Red Ginseng brand, DONGINBI has been committed to the standard of authentic luxury skincare products. It takes six years of waiting to grow a red ginseng root to maturity; so you know you are getting the maximum potency in this anti-aging skincare dream serum!


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Anove is dedicated to helping you achieve great skin naturally and believes that Mother Nature can provide everything your skin needs to stay firm, even-toned, and youthful. The Complete Product Line hits all the checkmarks for creating clear and hydrated skin.

This amazing set includes the AHA + Aloe Cleansing Gel, the Firming Eye Serum, the Immortale Rose Hydrating Toner, a Cooling Mist, the Perfecting Oil, and a face roller. Each of these products is made from 100% natural and sustainably sourced ingredients and will have your skin looking good and feeling good for the upcoming summer months.

Native Atlas

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Let’s make your facial care a regular routine that you can certainly stick to…even on your busiest days. It’s time to have a wonderful experience with Native Atlas’ luxury skincare line, starting with Maisha Living Beauty Oil. This unique blend of African Mongongo and Marula Oil is rich in active botanicals that absorb quickly into your skin. This oil blend is a non-greasy yet hard-working blend to make your skin feel amazing! This powerful blend of oils will purify and beautify lackluster skin while gently removing any stress and anxiety that has built up over time. Start and end your day refreshed with a natural blend of oils that will treat your skin with the respect it desires.  

We all want luxurious, glowing skin without spending hours a day in the bathroom. Use the Zahara Enzyme Mask, it is an intensely hydrating and exfoliating mask formulated with organic fruit. With the botanical hyaluronic acid and AHA blend, your skin will be restored to a healthy, hydrated level that not only impacts the surface layer of skin, but the layers underneath. Native Atlas designed a powerful enzyme-rich mask that will work for all skin types. Zahara means bright in Hebrew, and this mask will brighten your skin in just a few minutes. Simply apply after washing your face, allow it to work for 3-5 minutes, wash off and you are good to go!

If only there was a toning mist that refreshes and awakens your mind and spirit…Oh wait, there is! Native Atlas’ Virdis Antioxidant Toning Mist is an intoxicating blend of botanical floral waters. This toner not only strengthens your natural skin barrier but also increases nutrient absorption. The sweet scents of the floral waters decrease stress while increasing skin hydration. Awaken your skin and start the day stress-free and refreshed. 

If you are looking for an oil for both your skin and hair to add to your luxury skincare routine, then the Nairobi Universal Oil is a lovely addition. A wonderful blend of refreshing oils crafted to brighten and hydrate your skin while transporting you to a place of golden sunsets and endless beauty. Allow the sweet aroma of citrus and rosemary to calm and prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the day. 

Ultimate Oasis

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Meet your supercharged luxury skincare lineup for the summer. The Ultimate Oasis by Glow Oasis will take care of all of your skin’s needs with clean and effective ingredients like Glow Oasis’ signature vegan probiotics, sourced from the highest mountains in Korea, and vitamin-rich prickly pear extract. Make your complexion glow on a whole new level! It includes:

  • Makeupmelt – a gentle cleansing balm, infused with moringa seed oil to protect and boost skin’s immunity, designed to melt away makeup, impurities, and surface oils for hydrated, fresh skin.
  • Cloudcleanse – a gentle, yet effective cloud-whipped foam cleanser that uses vegan probiotics and rich vitamins from nature’s finest source to deeply cleanse and remove impurities without stripping skin’s moisture.
  • Powderporefect – powder-to-foam enzyme cleanser packed with papaya enzymes to decrease inflammation and help gently exfoliate and remove impurities for a bright & smooth complexion.
  • Milkdew – lightweight pH balancing moisture milk toner that balances and nourishes skin with their unique vegan probiotics, derived from Korean napa cabbage.
  • Glowshot – a lightweight, supercharged hydrating serum that uses rich vitamins and minerals to deliver a shot of moisture to energize and revive dull and dry skin for your ultimate glow.
  • Glowburst – intense hydration boosting cream, enhanced with prickly pear extract and vegan probiotics, that bursts into tiny droplets when applied for hydrated and glowing skin from dusk to dawn.

Lavender Life

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Nothing says summertime than the beautiful, rich scent of lavender. And when it is the cleanest and purest grown lavender, crafted by an awesome company into luxury skincare products, it’s summertime skincare perfection. Lavender Life produces USDA-certified organic lavender for their entire line of fabulous products – from culinary goodies to textiles and stuffed bunnies. But it’s their line Lavender Gifts sets filled with delicate bath and spa products that show off this amazing botanical.

Completely unwind and wash stress and anxiety away with the Bath and Relax set. Wrapped beautifully in its own gift box, and all made locally on the farm, it’s the perfect lavish gift for a friend or indulgent gift for one’s self. Draw a hot, steamy bath and soak in the organic Lavender Dead Sea Salts. Light the soy Lavender Glow candle. Wash off the day’s worries and work with the Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap bar and bonus exfoliating hemp soak sack while enjoying a Chamomile Lavender Facial Mask. It’s like having a spa in a box…and Lavender Life should know. They’ve spent 34 years in the spa industry!

When it comes to taking care of your mind and soul with lavender, along with aches and anxiety, Lavender Life has crafted comfort products in the form of neck and eye pillows. The Lavender Comfort Therapy Duo comes beautifully paired with one of each, and as a bonus, 1 oz. of their Lavender Fog to refresh. Filled with non-GMO rice and organic lavender buds, these 100% cotton bags, at 32″ long and 10″ long respectively, are great to use for everyday relaxation.

Use warmed from the microwave or chilled from the freezer, the Comforting Eye Pillow aids in eye pain or sinus pressure relief, TMJ pain, is a natural sleep aid, and of course, helps relieve stress. Made with 100% organic cotton, it’s not only relieving, but it’s safe on your skin.

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The Comfort Neck Wrap relaxes that never-ending upper back tension and is a great way to add a little extra TLC to watching TV, reading a book, or just taking a rest. While the heat and/or chill is great for the body, the beautiful scent of lavender that wafts through the air while using one of the comfort pillows eases the senses. Luxury skincare with Lavender Life is like a high-end homemade-spa in the comfort and safety of your home!

BL+ Skincare

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Looking to give your skincare regimen a summer reset? Harness the healing power of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, with science-driven, nutrient-rich BL+ Skincare products.

Known for its blue-green microalgae and silica, the Blue Lagoon is filled with naturally occurring healing elements. These are extracted and infused into BL+ Skincare’s restorative and anti-aging complex, The Serum. Protect against UV damage, promote collagen synthesis and strengthen the skin’s crucial protective barrier with this rich and luxurious formula. Just a few drops a day is all you need for noticeably brighter and smoother skin.

Thanks to proprietary ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin C, plus a trio of hyaluronic acids, The Serum works to increase the skin’s firmness, strength, moisture, and radiance. For younger, healthier skin, turn to the power of nature and biotechnology with luxury skincare products from BL+ Skincare.

Perricone MD

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

The summer sun finds its way into our skin much more easily than the sun from the other seasons. Between water activities, picnics, concerts, and other outdoor fun, our skin can feel dry and create more fine lines by the end of the day. If you are seeking a luxury skincare moisturizer that can help reverse these signs of aging, even out skin tone, and smooth fine lines, then Perricone MD needs a spot in your medicine cabinet with their Cold Plasma Plus+ The Intensive Hydrating Complex.

This smooth balm-like moisturizer works wonders as it improves signs of aging such as:

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dryness
  • Dullness
  • Uneven texture
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Loss of firmness

Packed with nutrients and lipids that our skin craves, such as peptides, Vitamin C Ester, and Vegetable Triglyceride Complex, this moisturizer stands up to visible signs of aging where other products tend to fall short. This summer, look and feel your best with Perricone MD.


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Jurlique is an ultra sustainable Australian luxury skincare brand that harnesses the positive, living energies from nature and utilizes certified organic farming methods to create a sustainable portfolio of skin products that perform and protect in any climate. Considering how much more hydration our bodies and skin require during the summer months, Jurlique is exactly what your skin needs this summer to stay healthy.

We particularly love Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream, Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum, and Rosewater Balancing Mist for the summer months. Each of these products offers intense hydration when you need it most.

The Signature Eye Cream is specifically designed to visibly improve the delicate area around the eye. It minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, firms the skin, and the addition of Silk Tree extract addresses common signs of fatigue, including puffiness and dark circles. The eye area feels hydrated and looks smoother and brighter with every use.

Next, meet Moisture Plus Rare Rose’s little secret: a silky, superpowered serum to refresh and rehydrate. Jurlique’s Rose and Dwarf Lilyturf Root extracts protect against moisture loss while helping you to really get your glow on. For the ultimate power duo, follow with Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion for clinically proven, powerful hydration and radiance benefits. Brighter, better, blessed.

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Finally, with a reformulation using the new, specially-grown Jurlique Rose extract that’s proven to improve skin barrier function hydration, this much-loved Rosewater Balancing mist is a luxury skincare must-have for the summer. Skin is left feeling instantly hydrated, soothed, and well-balanced, with essences from the Jurlique Rose protecting the skin and restoring its natural glow – not to mention a beautiful scent you won’t find anywhere else.

Luxury Tresses Start with Lovely Haircare Tools

There’s no way you can ignore your hair after taking so much care for your skin. These amazing tools complement your luxury skincare with luxury haircare tools and products so you can complete your summertime personal-care routine. So whether you need a hair straightener that keeps your hair’s integrity intact, or some nourishment to tame those frizzies, we’ve got what you are looking for.


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

We all love safe and easy to use hair appliances, especially when anticipating the summer heat to potentially spoil our best hairdos. Our hair is strong, beautiful, and deserves the best of the best. RevAir not only replaces your blow dryer but in many cases, your flat iron too! An all-in-one, it’s a safe way of drying and straightening your hair. The unique design of the RevAir dries the hair in the natural direction of your cuticles to promote a healthy shine and resist frizzing.

Your new RevAir can dry, straighten, stretch and smooth out your hair in half the time of your old hairdryer and flat iron. This amazing hair appliance uses less heat than other blow dryers and flat irons, thus eliminating potential heat damage. This makes the RevAir healthier for your hair as it doesn’t change the natural curl pattern of your hair, which some high-heat blowdryers can do (and you don’t want that).

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

The RevAir works on all hair types – clean hair, hair extensions, locs, and braids, while still being extremely gentle to more tender scalps. No matter what your hair type is, the RevAir can straighten your hair for a smooth, sleek, or polished style. This summer, don’t let your hair suffer from the chlorinated pools or naturally salted oceans, because no matter the length or porosity of your hair, (even curly, coily, frizzy, textured, and coarse) it’s a healthy alternative for a polished straightened hair style!

Bombay Hair

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Beach sexy waves are all the rage and this summer and you deserve the gift of great hair from Bombay Hair. Forget a trip to the salon, if you are always perfecting your style, no matter where your day takes you, the all-new Hair Waver from Bombay Hair is a must-have you will love! The perfect addition to your hair styling arsenal, the Bombay Hair Waver is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to get the perfect mermaid waves just in time for summer. Easy to use by simply clamping and releasing, think the crimpers of old ladies, it is that easy, and you will have waves that will last for days.

Additionally, Bombay Hair creates hair styling tools that are interchangeable in the same base for ease of use and less clutter. Choose from 2 different size hair waver heads, or even add curling iron or curling wand options to create an ideal all-in-one hair styling device. Fast heating and easy to use, the all-new hair waver will give you a summer style you will love that will last day after day between washes.

Voloom Glam Out Kit

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Blow Outs are so last year! However, glamorous, voluminous styles that last for days without much effort are IN! If that sounds appealing to you, having those curls or sleek styles drape around your face after your luxury skincare regimen, then you want Voloom’s Glam Out Kit that includes the VOLOOM Petite, VOLOOM Endless Waver, and Perfectly Pink Detangling Vent Brush.

First, prepare to up your hair game with the Perfectly Pink Detangling Vent Brush. The flexible bristles glide through wet or dry hair, without tugging or pulling; and the open vented design channels airflow to the hair to help speed up drying time. Then, add medium volume (for medium-long or medium-fine hair) with the VOLOOM Petite. The Petite is 1 inch wide, with mid-size volumizing platforms designed to give you just the right amount of everyday glamour and lift.

Finally, if you want the fastest, easiest, most foolproof, and healthiest way to get those luscious beach waves you love, then curl away with the VOLOOM Endless Waver. Whether you want loose or beachy waves, the endless waver makes achieving that look easy. Who said luxury skincare couldn’t involve luxury haircare either? Oh wait, no one did!

House of Dear

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Refresh your hair this summer with House of Dear’s Complete Care Kit after every dip in the pool or ocean. This innovative kit boasts four products that will surely help bring your hair back to life, thanks to scalp-loving formulations with Rose of Jericho, aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, witch hazel, and more revitalizing ingredients.

Start with the color-safe Resurrecting Wash to gently cleanse away debris while infusing hair with rejuvenating Rose of Jericho for hydration. Follow-up with Resurrecting Rinse, a hydrating conditioner that rebalances hair’s moisture content. After one rinse, this innovative conditioner helps lead the way to improved suppleness, condition, and overall hair health.

You can then use the Resurrecting Balm for hair (suitable for all hair types) and body to soften skin, cuticles, and tame flyaways. Finally, use the Volumizing Tonic to give a refreshing boost of volume right at the roots to give hair lift leading to thicker, fuller-looking locks. Definitely add this to your luxury skincare lineup of everyday essentials for your skin and hair.

Bella Skin

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

If luxury skincare was transformed into a Hair Oil Mask, this would be it. It’s a nourishing, conditioning treatment that will wholly revitalize your hair. Get ready to flaunt some soft and restored hair with some natural shine. The oil will naturally stimulate hair growth, prevent the “oiliness” buildup and help protect against heat and styling damage.

As a luxury skincare sister to your Hair Oil Mask, pass that silky goodness on over to your body. A luxury skincare addition should also include the Bella Body Oil, a high-end body moisturizer for all skin types. it absorbs quickly, so you don’t have to bother with an oily residue, just a silky smooth finish on your skin. With 30 intriguing combinations of oils, get ready to experience rejuvenated, replenished, and repaired skin with a lovely scent that promotes peace and relaxation. Your new luxury skincare body oil is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and made in the USA. 


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Raise your hand if you want to learn how to get shiny hair. Everyone? Yeah, us too. Unfortunately, everyday exposure to pollution, hair styling products, and heat tools can decrease your hair’s health and shine. Our natural texture and color can also have an effect on how shiny our hair looks, and thankfully, for each hair type, there are hair care and hair styling products that can get every hair type super-shine status. Aveda designs a variety of hair, makeup, and luxury skincare products for the eco-conscious beauty lover in your life (oh, hi, it’s you!).

The botanical repair™ light strengthening set has everything you need to luxuriously cleanse, condition, and repair hair for visibly healthier, shinier tresses. The vegan three-piece set includes a full-sized botanical repair™ shampoo, conditioner, and light hair masque.

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021
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Each product is designed to repair and strengthen your hair:

Botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo 6.7 fl oz/200 ml: Luxuriously cleanses and helps strengthen and repair damaged hair with the power of plants.

Botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner 6.7 fl oz/200 ml: Conditions and instantly detangles to help prevent breakage. 

Botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque: light five fl oz/150 ml: Intensive treatment instantly strengthens and builds bonds for deep repair. 

We all want to wake up with gorgeous hair that feels and looks like you just came from the salon. To reach this goal, you have to treat your hair with only the best hair care and luxury skincare products from Aveda.

La Gotta

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

La Gotta is your ultimate sun protective destination where you can get all of the products that you need whether you’re going to the beach or any adventure where you’ll be exposed to the sun. Their luxury skincare and haircare products are formulated to keep you nourished and protected before, during, and after sun exposure. This summer, we particularly love the Antioxidant Facial Sunscreen and Nourishing Hair Oil.

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

The CBD Antioxidant Sunscreen is totally invisible, weightless, and scentless. We love it so much that we’re convinced you can replace your multi-step luxury skincare routine with just this product. Get antioxidants, hydration, and SPF all at once. Meanwhile, the CBD Hair Nourishing Hair Oil is formulated to help strengthen and soften your gorgeous hair. The light and refreshing formula will make hair shinier and healthier all summer long.

Evan Alexander Fine Grooming

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Hair loss for men can range from mild hair thinning to total baldness. Hair can fall out for many different reasons: diet, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution, and genetics. Evan Alexander Fine Grooming is a company that is going to change the world with its revolutionary and luxury skincare products, hair growth systems, supplements, CBD, and grooming tools. They feature luxurious all-natural hair care, specialty beard balms, and oils. These products help black men and other men of color look and feel their best. 

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

The MY Hair Repair System includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair repair serum. The hair care system contains no harsh chemicals. Instead, it uses ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that free your scalp from impurities, giving you a more youthful, confident look. Its formula is naturally derived from a proprietary blend of Ayurvedic herbs and peppermint oil to support blood flow to the scalp and activate new growth. The hair repair system promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, eliminates dandruff, itchy scalp, dryness, and flaking.

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Look sharp and feel unstoppable by elevating your at-home grooming game. Evan Alexander Fine Grooming believes men deserve grooming solutions that enhance their look, improve their health, and help them operate at the highest version of themselves.

Moroccan Gold Series

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every day could be a good hair day? Not even a good hair day, but a great hair day? Having beautiful and healthy hair is a lot easier than you would think. All it takes to sport nourished flowing locks are simple maintenance care combined with hair products tailored to your hair type. The Florida-based Moroccan Gold Series is a six-year-old global professional salon brand offering the finest innovative luxury hair treatment and styling products. Driven by a mission to create the highest product performance levels, they reflect the formula’s meticulous detail and perfection. All lines are created with lightweight spa-quality ingredients to work faster and penetrate deeper for healthier, more luxurious-looking hair.

My NuDo Rejuvenating Shampoo strengthens hair and reduces breakage, adds body, helps increase volume while nourishing the scalp to encourage healthier, stronger, longer hair. It leaves strands smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. Formulated for all hair textures, it uses natural, invigorating hair-and-scalp healthy ingredients such as Arginine, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Cypress Leaf Extract, and Ginseng Extract. It features first-of-its-kind proprietary technology from Israel that amplifies the potency of natural ingredients.

The daily-use shampoo leaves strands smooth, shiny, and frizz-free while it helps get to the root of hair issues to help build body, strengthen strands and prevent breakage. This breakthrough unisex product provides a more natural way to keep hair looking its best while supporting scalp and hair follicle health. For many, results can be seen as soon as 2-3 weeks after initial use. 

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The Argan Curl Cream is a revitalizing formula that creates silky, soft, and flexible hair with a healthy, beautiful shine. The ultra-luxurious cream rebuilds curls from the roots to the ends, replenishes moisture, and repels frizz. It keeps curls intact and defined without sticky or stiff residue. The curl cream creates beautifully defined curls that are soft to the touch.

We all want to wake up with gorgeous hair that feels and looks like you just came from the salon. To reach this goal, you have to treat your hair with only the best hair care products from Moroccan Gold Series. Another golden ticket to add to your luxury skincare and haircare summer routine!


21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

If you live in an area with some humidity to it, summertime may not be your friend. Tame those frizzies away instantly with InStyler. Their Straight Up Max ceramic straightening brush will have your hair looking beautiful and smooth, no matter the weather. The last thing you want is your hair cramping your style after committing to your new luxury skincare routine.

Forget the flat iron and straighten four to five times as much hair in a single pass. We’ve totally traded our cumbersome styling tools for the Straight Up Max, and there’s been no looking back. With InStyler, a gorgeous summer ‘do really is as simple as brushing your hair!

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Bloom Essentials

21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021

Say goodbye to skin irritations this summer with Blossom Essentials. Specifically, let’s talk about eliminating a red, itchy, flaking, and dry scalp. Don’t forget, luxury skincare from head to toe literally starts on your head. Get control of your scalp’s flare-ups and protect against future irritations through continuous hydration and skin cleansing with the Lotus Hydrating Scalp Oil. Packed with 13 intensely hydrating and soothing all-natural ingredients that promote healthier, stronger, and softer hair, we find that you’ll notice the difference within a few weeks of use.

Whether you love indulging in luxury skincare and haircare products or you just really want good quality ingredients for your skin, these amazing products are sure to please, beautify, and satisfy your skincare needs. Take the summer to not only get out and about but to nourish your skin and hair in a healthy and luxurious way. Luxury skincare isn’t reserved for only the rich, it’s for everyone who is ready to upgrade their current skincare routine!


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21 Luxury Skincare & Healthy Hair Essentials For 2021



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