5 Painless Steps to Getting Your Kids Unplugged

5 Painless Steps To Getting Your Kids Unplugged 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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“Mom, I want to watch a movie!” “I want to play a video game!” “I want to play with your iPad!” “Mom! Mom!” Are you tired of hearing that all the time? Daily Mom has some great tips for getting your kids Unplugged.

1. Organize the toy room

Keep your kids toys organized and minimal. We all struggle with mountains of toys in our home. But if we can keep toys organized then children are less likely to become overwhelmed by the amount of choices. This can help them find their toys more engaging and may help keep them from begging for TV time. Organizing toys into bins and keeping out only one or two bins at a time can also help keep toys feeling new. Swap toys every few weeks, or as you notice your kids getting tired of them.

If you plan on storing toys in your kids bedroom we highly recommend using a large storage system like Kid Kraft’s Wall Storage Unit. However, if you plan on storing toys in your main living area you could use a stylish storage system like this Winsome Milan Low Storage Shelf with Baskets.


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2. Play alongside your kids

It can be hard to step away from the mountains of laundry and stacks of dishes when your children are playing quietly, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit and play with them. Let your children see you use your imagination. Kids want to be like their parents and that’s wonderful, but kids also need to have the opportunity to just be kids. Let them know that it’s ok to play and imagine and pretend. At the end of the day, sure your floors might not be mopped, but I guarantee you will be happy you took time out for this special activity. Additionally, having Mom to play alongside them will surely keep their attention for longer, so you’re less likely to hear them begging for TV time.

3. Send them outside

We all know, as parents, nothing is better for getting the energy out than some time spent outside. So find the play clothes and kick them out of the house. Encourage your kids to run races, jump rope, ride bikes and be active. Think about investing in some cool new outside toys like a PlasmaCar, or some open ended toys like the Bilibo by Kid O. Does your child enjoy nature? Maybe they would enjoy a cute gardening set like the House of Marbles Children’s Garden Tool Set.

5 Painless Steps To Getting Your Kids Unplugged 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

4. Make a Daily Schedule

Write out a daily schedule and try to stick to it. If you already have your day planned out full of fun activities, time for reading, board games, art time, and quiet time, you’ll be less likely to even have time to turn the TV on. Use a wall schedule to make it more fun for kids.We like how the Deluxe Scheduling Pocket Chart (from Carson-Dellosa Publishing) ties in the clock graphics to help teach time telling. Don’t be afraid to get kids involved in the schedule making process. When given the opportunity, kids like to be able to make decisions and this is a great chance to teach them how to make good choices when it comes to how they are spending their time.

5. Take a “Tech Vacation”

Literally unplug the TV and computers. Hide the tablet. Take a full week off from all technology as a family. Depending on the needs of your family, it might be best to make a plan for what will happen during your time unplugged. Letting kids know there is a plan can ease the anxieties that may arise when you’re talking about taking screen time away. While you’re on “vacation” try to start some new family traditions. Maybe you’ll find that you all enjoy a certain board game you never opened or that you love to polka dance in the kitchen together. Your tech vacation doesn’t have to be permanent, but once you find some other family activities to enjoy together you might have a hard time turning the TV back on!

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