Legoland Florida for Kindergartners

Kindergarten is such a special time in the life of a child. They are in school everyday but there is still a sweetness to it. The pressure isn’t really on yet. This age is fun because kindergartners have amazing imaginations and endless energy to explore and experience the world. Kindergarten is this magical place between toddlerhood and older childhood and as parents we want to make the most of this unique time. We recently visited LEGOLAND in Florida with two kindergartners and discovered that this theme park is perfect for children this age. A visit to LEGOLAND Florida is all enjoyment and no stress even with a young five year old. Here are all the reasons why LEGOLAND Florida should be on your to do list with your Kindergartner…


Age Appropriate Attractions at LEGOLAND in Florida

Unlike other theme parks that feature too many attractions that Kindergartners are not big enough to enjoy, LEGOLAND in Florida is designed with this age group in mind. Measure your child and check ride height requirements online ahead of time so you know which rides he is tall enough to enjoy. There are a ton of rides that even small preschoolers can ride. Most of the rollercoasters have a minimum height of 40″ but children under 48″ need someone riding with them. You are going to ride the rides with your kindergartner anyway so it works perfectly. None of the rides here are scary or based on adult themes or characters that your kids will not understand. Everything is LEGO so everything is Kindergarten friendly.

Our Kindergarteners loved every single attraction at LEGOLAND. See for yourself!

Their Favorite Characters at LEGOLAND in Florida

Speaking of Kindergarten friendly, LEGOLAND Florida features so many of the LEGO characters that they love. Many of the rides are based on LEGO characters and sets and you can meet LEGO Minifigures throughout LEGOLAND in Florida.

  • Ninjago is super popular right now and our kids loved the LEGO NINJAGO The Ride. This interactive 3D ride lets your kindergartner do “spinjitsu” right alongside his favorite characters. Outside the ride there are hands on Ninjago activities as part of LEGO NINJAGO World.

  • Visit Heartlake City and all the LEGO Friends while you are at LEGOLAND Florida. Our kiddos ran through this adorable area of LEGOLAND and loved riding the LEGO Friends horses on Mia’s Riding Adventure.

  • If your Kindergartner loves Chima, The Quest for CHI is so cool. You ride on big boats and spray water guns at other boats, targets, and even people standing on the side of the water. Watch out though, those bystanders can shoot you too! You will get wet!

  • Undoubtedly one of the most popular LEGO lines is their Star Wars line. There is an entire Star Wars area at LEGOLAND in Florida where planets and scenes from the Star Wars films are painstakingly recreated out of LEGOS.

  • LEGO City is well loved, especially by Kindergartners. The LEGO City area of LEGOLAND Florida is just like walking into a LEGO City set. Drive LEGO Cars, put out a fire just like a LEGO City firefighter, go on a LEGO boatride and more.

LEGOLAND in Florida Can Be Experienced In A Weekend

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. A kindergartner doesn’t need a theme park so expansive that he’s too tired to get around and experience it all. A tired kid is a grumpy kid. LEGOLAND Florida is not too big. It is just the right size for this age child to enjoy from beginning to end. The attractions are all reasonably close to one another. The layout of the park is easy to navigate and the parking lot is very close. No long shuttle, bus, or train rides here! You can easily visit every attraction, some more than once in two days here. If you don’t want to visit the waterpark, LEGOLAND in Florida can be experienced in one full day from open to close if you have to make it a day trip. There are great dining options and fun LEGO stores to shop in while you are there.

A Variety of Experiences at LEGOLAND in Florida

LEGOLAND Florida has something for everyone and the attractions are so varied that there is no way your child will get bored during your visit. This place is designed for kids! There are, of course, amazing rides. What would a theme park be without rides? As we already said, most kindergartners are the correct height to ride almost anything at LEGOLAND in Florida with an adult or older child.

What would LEGOLAND be without LEGOS? Miniland USA is right in the center of LEGOLAND Florida. Here you explore cities from all over the USA in LEGO form. The Space Shuttle in Cape Canaveral really takes off! The kids can race cars in the Daytona 500 section and there is so much more. The level of skill and artistry involved with these detailed LEGO builds will amaze all.

Besides the rides, LEGOLAND Florida features shows that are funny and exciting. The Pirates’ Cove Live Water Ski Show is a high action, hilarious Pirate adventure on the lake at LEGOLAND in Florida. The skiing tricks are amazing and kids love the silly LEGO Pirate antics. When you want to take a break and cool off inside someone, plan to visit the Wells Fargo 4-D theater for one of the shows. Our kindergartners were cracking up during the LEGO Movie 4D Adventure and if you are visiting the park during a hot day, you will love the break in the air conditioner as well.

Lastly, LEGOLAND in Florida has a waterpark! You don’t have to purchase admission to the LEGOLAND Water Park but we highly recommend that you do. While it isn’t particularly large, there are some amazing attractions here. One that stood out to us was the huge lazy river full of floating LEGO bricks! There is a small children’s area and another area full of small to medium slides and things that splash you. If you are traveling with older kids, there are larger slides for the thrill seeker. You can easily visit other parts of LEGOLAND and enjoy the waterpark in the same day.

Kid Friendly Accommodations at LEGOLAND in Florida

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat gives you the feel of a laid back beach vacation right across the street from LEGOLAND Florida! Tucked into a private little cove on a lake, LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is made up of bungalow style accommodations and all 88 of the bungalows look like they are made out of LEGO bricks. These bungalows make up 166 separate rooms. The rooms are divided up so that kids have their own space to sleep tucked behind an adorable LEGO curtain. They will even discover a box of LEGOS to play with in the room. The rooms are beach themed and so comfortable. The thoughtful design of the Beach Retreat rooms make them ideal for families with young children. They kids stay close but you all have your own space.

What makes the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat unique and perfect for young kids is all the outdoor space. The bungalows are grouped together and each grouping has its own playground. Your kids can play on the playground within clear view and ear shot of your room. Sit on the porch, have a glass of wine, and watch the kids play. We turned on some music and the kids danced in the grass and loved just hanging out before dinner.

Speaking of dining, the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat restaurant is a short walk from every bungalow. Just walk towards The Lighthouse and you will find Sandy’s Castle Restaurant. A very generous breakfast buffet is included for every guest. We loved grabbing a big breakfast here before we hit the park for the day. For lunch and dinner, you can also dine here (but it is not included). There is an extensive menu to choose from that includes vegetarian options and a great kids’ menu. As with everything at LEGOLAND Florida, kids will be delighted to be here. The restaurant is decorated with the same whimsical LEGO beach theme and there is a LEGO Sandcastle play area in the corner of the dining room where the kids can build with LEGO bricks while you wait for your food.

Also by The Lighthouse is the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Pool. You kids will find LEGO bricks floating in the pool. The whole area is bright and colorful. Check your LEGOLAND TIMES that arrives at your door in the morning for the schedule of activities happening at the pool every night like poolside dance parties! Mom and Dad can grab a drink at the Bricks Beach Bar and if you need anything during your stay, you can pick up souvenirs, snacks, and sundries in the Shop at Palm Tree Traders.

We have really just scratched the surface of all there is to do at LEGOLAND Florida with your Kindergartener. You really need to book a trip and experience it as family. You will never regret spending more time with your family or having special days together to just focus on the sweetness and the magic that is the heart and mind of a Kindergartner.

Photo Credits: Kristen Lee Creative, Video Footage: Every Avenue Girl, Video Editing: Kristen Love




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