The Power of Prenatal Vitamins

You get a lot of information thrown at you when you start thinking about having a baby. Does every little decision really carry as much weight as the world would lead you to believe? Just spend an hour online and the mommy forums will have you all worked up! Here’s a little secret from one mom to another: not everything is super important. Not every choice you make carries a lot of weight or power. Some decisions do though, and choosing to take a prenatal vitamin is one such decision. When trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding, prenatal vitamins are a must because they are actually powerful and can make a difference in the life of your future child. The Power Of Prenatal Vitamins 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Why are Prenatal Vitamins Powerful?

The Power Of Prenatal Vitamins 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Prenatal vitamins are powerful because if you pick a good one, it really can impact your child’s development and your maternal health. This isn’t fake science. This is the real deal, mama! What makes prenatal vitamins so powerful is their ability to fill nutritional gaps in a mother’s diet and for their role in preventing neural tube defects like spina bifida.

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We try our best, but the perfect diet when pregnant is not always attainable. There are gaps in our diets whether we want to admit it or not. New life needs a lot to blossom and pregnancy takes a toll on a mother’s body. A high quality prenatal vitamin can fill in the gaps and ensure that you take in all the nutrients and vitamins necessary, no matter what life throws at you. Some of the things contained in prenatal vitamins are a challenge to get through diet alone, like folic acid and DHA. Talk to your doctor and choose a prenatal vitamin that contains everything you need to supplement your healthy diet while trying to conceive, while pregnant, and while nursing.

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Neural Tube Defects

Neural Tube Defects occur in approximately 3,000 pregnancies in the United States every year. The neural tube develops around day 28 in pregnancy and is eventually what develops into a baby’s spine and brain. In those pregnancies that result in a defect, the neural tube does not close and this causes serious problems like spina bifida and sadly, some babies die. Anencephaly and encephalocele are also caused by problems with the neural tube. What does this have to do with prenatal vitamins? Well, it turns out prenatal vitamins contain a lot of folic acid and folic acid plays a huge role in preventing neural tube defects! That’s powerful! Genetics and some environmental factors come in to play but studies show that at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day before pregnancy and during early pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects.

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Powerful Ingredients

Prenatal vitamins are different and more powerful than regular multivitamins because they contain ingredients targeted for fetal development and maternal health. Prenatal vitamins utilize a higher concentration of ingredients that are particularly powerful when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and when nursing. Here are two of those powerful ingredients:

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  • Folic Acid – Prenatal vitamins contain higher doses of folic acid because it has be shown to help prevent neural tube defects. It truly is amazing that something so small like folic acid can be so vital for the development of a new life. The neural tube develops around day 28 so you need this powerful ingredient before you even conceive to ensure that enough is in your system to be effective.
  • DHA – DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid. Everyone can benefit from DHA in their diet whether from food or supplement. It is helpful for our brains and immune system. This essential fatty acid should be in your prenatal vitamin for the same reason adults benefit from DHA. DHA is critical for healthy brain and eye development and is important for the mother’s mood after delivery. The best place to find DHA through diet is in fish. However, during pregnancy you have to be mindful of mercury intake. Receiving DHA from a prenatal is much safer than increasing your seafood intake to up your DHA intake.

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A Powerful Prenatal Vitamin

Because your prenatal vitamin will be so powerful throughout your pregnancy and child’s development, moms need to make the best possible decision when picking which prenatal vitamin to trust. Zahler’s Prenatal Plus DHA is all about delivering the power of the prenatal to you and your baby in the best way possible. It is an an exclusive, complete prenatal that includes DHA.

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  • Zahler’s Prenatal Plus DHA is easy to swallow and has no yucky smell or aftertaste. That’s key especially for moms suffering from nausea. The advanced softgel delivery system makes it possible.
  • Advanced Prenatal uses Folate versus inexpensive and synthetic Folic Acid. Our QuatroFolate is body ready requiring no complex conversion (that many people cannot perform for genetic reasons) and eliminates the risk of un-metabolized folic acid. We include 1000mcg of Folate (from Quatrofolate), the most stable and bioactive form on the market to assure a healthy mom and baby.
  • The formula for Zahler’s Prenatal Plus DHA is balanced to ensure optimal ratios for absorption, metabolism, and safety.
  • You can trust the safety of Zahler’s Prenatal Plus DHA. They have third parties test to ensure it is purified for mercury and other toxins.

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Whether you are trying to conceive and need to start taking a prenatal vitamin or you are already pregnant and have realized you need to switch to a more effective formulation that includes all the right ingredients, now is the perfect time to order Zahler’s Prenatal Plus DHA.

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You can order Zahler’s Prenatal Plus DHA and receive 25% off with the coupon code – DMPREDHA.

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