RV Living With Toddlers: Where To Escape And How To Prep Like A Pro in 2021

Quarantine left many of us trapped at home and canceling plans and much-needed vacations. However, we are only human and human beings need nature. So some families with that travel itch whose booked resorts and cruises got canceled till further notice, didn’t take no for an answer and hopped into their vehicles and left! Quarantine-style vacationing and RV living is the way to go in 2021! No, camping or RV’ing is not for everyone that’s for sure, but here is how you can make it a bit feasible for everyone involved.

Rv Living With Toddlers: Where To Escape And How To Prep Like A Pro In 2021

When you hear the word ‘camping’ you either get those totally in and excited vibes or the outdoor/camping haters! If you’re familiar, too familiar with camping growing up, RV living might be a thing you know all too well but just might be a little intimidated by when you are a parent in your 30’s.

If you never did the RV living thing, then you might catch yourself contemplating adding more stress to your vacation. However, it’s not as daunting as you may think. RV living for a few days can be the most memorable, most exciting thing you get to experience in this whirlwind of a year. It’s a great experience for kids at whatever age and a routine breather from claustrophobic mundane quarantine. 

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Traveling in an RV or any similar vehicle can give you and your family the experience and freedom you’ve longed for. So for starters, research your vehicle/ RV with respect to the campsite. Most families rent/own a tent trailer or a Class C RV that isn’t much bigger than 25-28 ft max since most campgrounds have their size limitations at 30ft. So, Rv Living might not have been your ideal vacation but it gives you the opportunity to GET OUT of quarantine mode and to be in nature to revive and refresh; because, well, COVID! It’s doable, it just takes an organized, patient mindset. 

Here is a List RV Living Places Most Favorited by Families in 2019/2020

Plan in advance and have a family meeting about where you want to go. The RV living lifestyle isn’t just one campsite and a one-week vacation. Prepare your family to really embody the experience of RV living for a month, two months, or perhaps for the whole summer or fall season. There’s no need to rush if you can take the time away from work or better yet, you’re able to telework from anywhere. All you need is a handy internet/cellular signal and you’re good to go wherever your RV can take you!

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A Few Random Tips to Remember:

1. Have the mental attitude that this will be TOUGH but FUN! RV living alone as a cute couple with wanderlust in California is one thing, but having toddlers to feed, comfort, and basically, slave away to in every sense and manner is another thing! So yes it will be hard work and sometimes physically draining, but it’s also a “fleeting moments” type of trip. Enjoy it, but realize that it does take mental practice and preparation to avoid and catch yourself before the grumpy gremlin shows up under your mommy skin. 

2. Separate bathroom toiletries and the kids’ stuff from adults. Don’t try to save space and add everyone’s stuff together because that will get confusing and create a total mess in a small space. Again, think minimal camping and RV living! 

3. Bring kid’s toys and activities from the dollar store. You shouldn’t ever run out of bubbles, colors, paint, books, and plain paper! Also, dress the kids in fluorescent colors, and buy dollar store glow-in-dark necklaces, bracelets, and balloons to make the trip both fun and safe.

Rv Living With Toddlers: Where To Escape And How To Prep Like A Pro In 2021

4. Fruits like apples, watermelon, and bananas are always a good idea for kids and adults alike, plus, they are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and celery with peanut butter are of course great quick snacks and don’t go bad fast, think RV living! You don’t want to overwhelm your little fridge or your cooler.

5. Download and save all your videos for the time when electronics become a necessity. Let’s face it, sometimes, the digital devices need to come out so you have a bit of peace and quiet while the kids are occupied.

As parents, it’s easy to do a quick mental check for your essentials before leaving the house: keys, phone, wallet, kids, all that fun; but when it comes to traveling, that list is going to be your best friend; your salvation; you can always keep that travel list handy on your phone so you don’t have to recreate it every time. 

Handy Items to Consider Bringing Along on Your Trip

  • Portable Potty: the OXO seems to have the size convenience and ease of disposing
  • Flashlights in various sizes and shapes
  • Music /speakers
  • Phone, camera, and iPad chargers
  • Batteries, rechargeable ones from amazon would be a good idea for the trip and generally with kids and their endless battery-operated toys
  • Kids books, favorite toys & pillows

While RV living might not have been your ideal vacation, it gives you the opportunity to GET OUT of quarantine mode and back into normalcy. Being in nature and taking the opportunity to revive and refresh is definitely welcomed because COVID certainly puts a damper on things! It’s doable, the RV living thing, it just takes an organized, patient mindset and the organization and planning to make it both work and worth it. Happy Camping!


If you’re going to be out in the wilderness, you might as well be Looking Good While Roughing It.

Rv Living With Toddlers: Where To Escape And How To Prep Like A Pro In 2021
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