DIY No-Sew Valentine Chair Envelope


Surprise your little one this Valentine’s Day with an adorable felt envelope pouch stuffed with sweet surprises. You can make this envelope to hang on the back of a dining room or desk chair or even on a door knob.The best part is that this quick and easy project requires no sewing!

Inspiration for our No-Sew Valentine Chair Envelope came from this darling Envelope Chair Backer from Pottery Barn. If you love it as much as we do, but don’t want to pay the price plus shipping, give this easy DIY a try!

Supplies Needed:

Putting It Together:

1.  Cut the front piece of your envelope.

  • Take one piece of your felt and cut it in half to create a 9×12 piece of felt. This will be the front of your envelope. (You can save the extra 9×12 piece for another project, or skip this step by just buying one sheet of 9×12 felt and one sheet of 12×18.)
  • Next, take a large kitchen plate and draw a curved dip along one of the long edges of your 9×12 piece of felt and cut it out. This will make it easier for little hands to reach into the envelope.

2. Cut the back/front flap of your envelope.

  • Take your other 12×18 piece of felt and cut off 3 inches from the long edge to create a piece of felt that is 12×15 inches in size. Next, measure 9.5 inches up the long edge and make a mark with your pencil. Do the same on the other side. On the short top edge draw a mark exactly half way across. Use a ruler and your pencil to connect the side edge marks to the top mark to create your pointed envelope flap. Cut it out. If you are confused, see the photo above for the exact dimensions of the two pieces you will end up with to create your envelope.

3. Glue your front piece to your back piece.

  • Apply hot glue to the left, right, and bottom edge of your front envelope piece and adhere it to the left, right, and bottom edge of your back envelope piece.
  • Note: If you want to create the lace edge effect that we did, glue your lace between the two felt pieces.

4. Adhere the velcro to close your envelope.

  • Take a small square of velcro (or the adhesive tab kind) and glue one side to the point of your envelope. Fold the flap over and adhere the other piece to the front of the envelope. You now have an envelope that opens and closes!

5. Make it pretty.

  • Your options for decorating your envelope are endless. Line the edges with ric-rac or lace. Add felt sticky letters or hearts. We actually just used regular scrapbook stickers that we had on hand, although felt stickers or cutouts would probably last longer. If you want to create a faux stitched look, take a permanent marker and draw dashed lines around the edges.

 6. Add ribbon to hang your envelope.

  • If you plan on hanging it from your dining room chairs, you will want two pieces of ribbon, one on each side of your envelope.
  • Using a craft knife or scissors very carefully, create two horizontal slits on either side of the back piece of your envelope. No need to measure or make them perfect, just make sure they are wide enough for your ribbon.
  • Lace two pieces of ribbon through the slits as seen in the photos above.
  • You may tie your ribbons together to hang from a door knob, or tie them individually to the back of a chair.

On Valentine’s Day, fill your child’s envelope with a love letter or special card and a treat! Start a tradition by bringing it out every year and surprising them with special things that show how much you care.

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Photo Credit: Dreams To Do



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