22 Fabulous Fun Drinks for Your Drinking Pleasure

For some of you, it’s either been a long day or a tiresome, fitful night that has put you in some kind of mood that has you thirsting for more in life (figuratively and/or physically). Whatever the circumstance may be, there’s something about a crisp, invigorating beverage or a piping hot coffee that makes your soul forget about all your troubles and look forward to the future…or just the next sip. It’s the fun drinks in life that take you to the next level of palatable pleasure, relaxation, or comfort and familiarity – whichever the case, we have all the drinks that satisfy while fulfilling the needs of your soul’s (and tastebuds) desires.

Is it a pick-me-up, a calming tonic, or a pairing wine that you need at the moment? We have the options, you choose the fun drinks and stock up to drink up, one sip at a time!

Wake Up! Start Your Day off Right With These Warm & Nourishing Fun Drinks


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Okay, we’ll admit, we are addicts. A coffee addict that is and we approve if you are too! If you’re going to indulge, make yourself Bulletproof with the perfect coffee kit for a hardy, healthy, and scrumptious morning (or evening) cup of joe. For the simple coffee lover looking to up their coffee game, the Bulletproof Starter Kit is your one-stop-shop for the taste you crave, the pick-me-up that’s essential, and the added nutrients your body will appreciate.

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Packed in this kit are 12oz of clean ground coffee, a keto-friendly creamer, and a frother to bring it all gloriously together for a buttery, savory taste. The creamer adds in your essential fats to satisfy hunger, kick-start fat-burning, and support cognitive function throughout the day. You don’t even need to be fully conscious to blend it all together with your frother and enjoy multiple fun drinks as you wake up to another fabulous day!

Another option to kickstart your morning is the Bulletproof Starter Kit with the morning essentials of ground coffee, Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, and unflavored collagen protein. For those days you know you need a little more “oomph”, this three-piece kit will keep you energized, focused, and satisfied (staving off hunger pains) longer than a regular cup of coffee. The collagen supports healthy skin, bones, and joints while the MCT Oil gives your brain the extra boost it needs to stay laser-focused. The coffee is, of course, that wonderful warm beverage and shot of caffeine you crave. 

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

You have heard it often enough, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D, or A, or K – especially during this pandemic. So how exactly do you choose which supplement to go with, and how much do you take to put yourself at optimal levels? And…let’s face it, more pills? Thankfully, Bulletproof has crafted a yummy gummy packed with vitamins A, D, and K without any hidden sugars or additives your body doesn’t need. Rest assured that Vitamins A+D+K Gummies give you the essentials you need throughout the day without having to take multiple pills – especially if swallowing doesn’t come easy for you.

These vital vitamins help improve and maintain a healthy heart, immune system, and bones. Simple, quick, and tasty, taking your vitamins is easier and tastier thanks to Vitamins A+D+K Gummies. Bulletproof not only provides the fun drinks and supplements you need, they ensure that you are getting the right nutrients to release your daily potential with every sip and chew!

Hope & Sesame

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Did you know that most nut milks hardly have any more nutrients than water? Your favorite, go-to non-dairy drinks have far more sugars than you may expect and far less protein – and that’s certainly not good for you in the long run. Hope & Sesame have found a better sustainable, protein-packed seed with similar nut proteins – sesame. These different flavored sesame milks have nine amino acids, 8 grams of plant-based protein, and twice the amount of vitamin D than conventional dairy milk. 

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Hope & Sesame have crafted five different fun drinks of flavors of sesame milk for a protein-packed drink as is or mixed with your favorite vegan ingredients for a mouth-watering smoothing. When you have a variety of flavors to choose from without sacrificing your gut, these fun drinks can be used for your cereal, coffee, vegan blends, and so much more! The Variety of flavors from Hope & Sesame provides more fun drinks for those who are looking for non-dairy alternatives but don’t want the added sugars and artificial ingredients to make it palatable.


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

If you can appreciate trying out new coffees and fun drinks from around the world, you need Mistobox in your life as much as you need that first cup of joe each day! It is a personalized coffee subscription, delivered to your door, weekly, monthly, or anything in between. For each subscription, you can select which coffees you want to try-espresso, ground or beans, organic and cold brew options as well. Whether you like it ground or whole beans, the richest coffee possible, or if you prefer your coffee on the lighter side- MistoBox subscription has plenty of options to choose from each time to enjoy at home.

Nguyen Coffee Supply

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Love a cup a joe from the exotic places around the world with sustainable practices? Then we got you! The Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee Lover’s Bundle is a sustainable, paperless way to make a delicious cup of coffee. Great ready to lean back a little further, relaxing your shoulders even more as you sip on one of the 3 signature arabica and robust coffees. These fun drinks to start your day includes three different-sized phin filters for your drinking pleasure.

For whatever the occasion, whether you need a small 4oz batch of coffee or a large 24oz batch, this bundle comes in three different sizes to meet your needs. Easy to clean and easy to use, these delicious fun drinks are just a brew away – making the  Vietnamese Coffee Lover’s Bundle perfect for every exotic coffee lover.   

Twrl Milk Tea

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

If you are looking for something other than cold brew or a PSL this season try Twrl Milk Tea. This premium, plant-based milk tea is made from the finest ingredients including organic, fair-trade tea, plant-based milk with less sugar, and no artificial flavorings. Grab a can as you head out the door this fall for a boost without the bad stuff thanks to Twrl Nitro-Infused Milk Teas.

Fun Drinks For Brunch & Dinner


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

2018 de Coelo Quintus Pinot Noir is the perfect integration of silky tannins and refreshing acid that you want in a solid Pinot Noir for an afternoon get-together with friends. Full of concentrated black cherry, raspberry, and a bit of sea air mixed together with a perfect amount of barrel spice, this wine is a definite win when it comes to enjoying some fun drinks on an autumn afternoon. You will love the layers of complexity with a hint of minerality that makes this wine perfect for a girl’s gathering that you want to enjoy with good company.

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

A good wine blend not only has balance and complexity it is also well rounded and will leave you wanting to open another bottle. Benzinger’s 2017 Oonapais is a biodynamically farmed wine blend of 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 17% Malbec, and 14% Cabernet Franc. With structured tannins that give way to rich flavors of dark fruits, spice, and mocha with a proper smooth finish. You will want to grab more than one of these award-winning bottles for your afternoon enjoyment!


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Sometimes, not all fun drinks have to have alcohol. What if you want sparkling water that stimulates and propagates your health and well-being? Get ready to refresh, not only your thirst but your mood as well. This innovative sampler has, as you’ll soon find out, reinvented the way sparkling water ought to be. The Recess Sampler is available in a six or twelve-pack, which contains a variety of fun drinks and flavors with powerful compounds that lend a helping hand to your body and mind as you tackle every diaper change, board meeting, commute, and cranky kid!

Within these delicious drinks are broad-spectrum hemp to calm the mind, American ginseng for vitality, L-theanine to ease tension, and lemon balm to help you unwind and decompress. The Recess Sampler has six fun drinks’ flavors so the difficulty of choosing only one amazing flavor is no longer an issue. So, hear that crackle-pop as you press down on the metal, releasing the pressurized hold, sit back, take a long deep, satisfying swig and simply enjoy. Ahhh, now doesn’t that literally…feel better?  

For those whose moods can sometimes feel awry and wild, the Mood Sampler is the perfect combination of flavor and ingredients that make a difference. The powerful combination of magnesium L-threonate, L-theanine, American ginseng, and lemon balm provide the calm, focus and mental unwind we all could use. You can choose the eight-pack or twelve-pack of fun drinks to enhance your mood with four delicious flavors. The Mood Sampler is a delightful combination of flavor, fun fizz, and mood-enhancing natural ingredients.

For an on-the-go mood enhancer, to stir up your own fun drinks, the Stick Pack Sampler is a powdered combination of powerful natural ingredients to naturally improve your mental mood. With passionflower to balance your ever inconsistent ups and downs, electrolytes to help your brain, L-theanine to ease tension, and magnesium L-threonate to lift your mood, these powerhouse packs are ready to tackle anything life throws at you!  


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Who would enjoy a cocktail in a can at any given moment? Exactly! For a quick afternoon refreshment with friends, ClubTails has a wide range of cocktail-inspired flavors for your pleasure and enjoyment. All you need to do is chill, choose a flavor, and sit back and enjoy the company around you. From Mango Margaritas to Bahama Mama, to Sex On The Beach, ClubTails, has exactly what you want when it comes to fun drinks without the hassle (and expenses) of stocking a full bar to entertain.

Choose from a variety of the Original ClubTails or cheer your bestie with the ClubTails HardSeltzer, they’re both available at stores near you. These ready-to-drink cocktails in a can (with 10% ABV) are portable, recyclable, and extremely delicious! Ready at a moment’s notice, thoroughly enjoy responsibly.

Tilia Wines

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

There is an all-new look for Tilia Wine that embodies this winery’s commitment to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Showcasing their eco-friendly mission right on the label, this range of Argentine wine creates delicious blends of your favorite wines to add to your list of fun drinks. Listed at a very reasonable price, you will not only enjoy tasting the selection of different wines but it is sure to become a regular in your wine drinking nights. This collection features seven different wines including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Melot, Torrontes, Bonarda, and a Malbec-Syrah blend.


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure
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You can impress your friends as you serve as the mixologist when you blend WithCo’s Bouquet with gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and/or soda water. Fun drinks’ recipes can be found on the WithCo website to ensure a perfect balance of the mixer with your favorite gin or vodka. Bouquet is a crisp, herbaceous cocktail filled with lavender, rosewater, and lemon. Elevate Sunday brunch with your signature Bouquet cocktail.

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

WithCo Agave Margarita cocktail mixer gives Taco Tuesday new life. Agave Margarita made with agave nectar, lime juice and orange oil taste smooth and fresh when mixed with either tequila or soda water. Agave Margaritas are full-flavored not laden with sugar. The 16-ounce bottle makes 10 cocktails of fun drinks. WithCo cocktail mixers are made with pure, delicious ingredients.

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

For many, the Bloody Mary is their drink of choice. WithCo’s Bloody Mary mixer offers a subtle kick. It boasts ripe tomatoes, spicy horseradish, and ginger root, expertly blended with 100 percent natural ingredients. WithCo’s Bloody Mary is excellent with vodka, tequila, or mezcal. Be sure to add your favorite garnish – fresh olives, celery, peppers, or even a strip of bacon to spice up your fun drinks to a whole new level of awesome.

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

The 16-ounce bottle of Ellis Old Fashioned will make 32 smooth fun drinks and cocktails bursting with aromatic bitters and Madagascar vanilla. Whiskey lovers enjoy the perfectly balanced WithCo Ellis Old Fashioned. It can be made with bourbon, whiskey, or even tequila. WithCo’s philosophy is that all of its cocktail mixers are meant to be shared “with company.” Is there any better way? Bottoms up.


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Meiomi wines are flavor-forward, a California wine that produces an unforgettable balance, complexity, and richness of flavor. Known for their Pinot Noir which has bright strawberry and jammy notes with flavors of berries and mocha. This is a rich, yet smooth wine that pairs nicely with fresh fish, turkey, roasted vegetables or is deliciously enjoyed alone. Perfect hostess gift or to always have on hand for a wine that can go with almost anything and is always a crowd-pleaser.

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

If you are looking for a full-bodied, yet mellow cabernet, this Meomi Cabernet Sauvignon is what you need in your wine fridge. With a deep ruby color, notes of juicy black and boysenberry give way to notes of toasted vanilla and graham cracker. This is sure to be one of those fun drinks that is a crowd-pleaser as the full flavors give way to a velvety mouthfeel and long finish. Enjoy with a marbled steak, rich Charcuterie plate, or decadent chocolate flourless cake.

Imagery Estate Winery

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Cabernet Franc has become a popular varietal on its own, with a unique blend the creates a wine high in tennis, yet smooth and ages well. This award-wining 2018 Cabernet Franc has a generous mouthfeel that is richly textured and is a smooth wine. Notes of spice, dark chocolate, and signature cassis round out this wine to be paired with rich meals or even enjoyed alone as one of your favorite fun drinks to have any time of day. Plus at a price point that will surprise you, you may opt for two!

Vanderpump Wines

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

If you’re a fan of the iconic Vanderpump Rules you will love their amazing Vanderpump Wines. With decades in the hospitality industry, the Vanderpump family decided to expand their passions to include a delicious line of wines. This signature collection includes a Rosé, a Chardonnay, a Red Sangria, and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Made in their lush Sonoma, California vineyard, each wine features delicious hints of various fruits and floral notes for their own unique taste.


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Healthy and yet it’s one of those fun drinks? Let’s face it, “healthy drinks” tend to have a bad rap of not tasting the best. However, there’s a new player in town, Shrubbly. Grab the Mixed Pack which takes the “fun” in fun drinks to a whole new dimension of guilt-free drinking in the most bubbly way possible. Each can of Shrubbly contains a mix of Shrub, which is a clever way of taking real squeezed fruit and honey, and sparkling water and making magic!

Within this savvy Mixed Pack are six cans of Aronia Berry and Pomegranate and six cans of Lemon Ginger and Aronia Berry flavors to indulge your senses. These fun drinks are simply delicious, low calorie, and low sugar – drinks that are crafted with your daily wellness in mind.   

United Sodas

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Okay, soda-lovers, let’s take your love of this delicious American staple and expand your supply of fun drinks in a variety of flavors that will surely satisfy you! United Sodas understands your love of these fizzy liquids and has made it easier for you to have all the flavors you desire by giving you every flavor you desire in one convenient box! The Variety Pack has 12 amazing, organically flavored sodas ready to be shared or hidden away. These organically flavored and caffeine-free colorful packs of sodas are beyond tasty and so very refreshing. Relish every flavor with this super colorful Variety Pack of fun drinks!


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure
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You can get 100 percent of your daily Vitamin D in the refreshing sugar-free ShineWater®, along with antioxidants and electrolytes. The delicious flavored water comes in Coconut Lime, Kiwi Cucumber, Peach Mango, Strawberry Lemon, Pomegranate Grape, and Mixed-Berry Acai. The full-bodied water is sweetened with stevia, making your water one of those new kinds of fun drinks that makes drinking water…fun! And, for each bottle of ShineWater® sold, the company donates a portion of sales to OneWorld Health, a company that works with communities in developing countries to bring sustainable healthcare.


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Oteas offers a wide selection of delicious loose leaf tea blends, which let you control the flavor by the strength of the brew. Of course, it’s fun to pack cute tea infusers with your favorite loose leaf tea. Oteas Raspberry & Cream Tea combines raspberries with hibiscus, rosehip peels, apple, orange, and black currant leaves to create a vibrant, yet creamy tea. Other loose leaf tea blends by Oteas include Strawberry & Cream; Lemongrass, Apple & Hibiscus; Organic Hemp Blend; and Organic Digestive Liquorice & Mint. Oteas offers a huge variety of tea blends.

Oteas many delicious flavors like Moroccan Mint, Oolong Tea & Ginger, and English Breakfast Tea come in traditional tea bags, too. However, Oteas is all about the environment. The company sells its quality teas in 100 percent plastic-free, biodegradable packaging. Even the actual tea bag is made from cornstarch. The loose leaf tea comes in “compostable biofilm,” which decomposes completely. The Stainless Steel Tea Infuser by Oteas closes securely with a simple clasp. It is the perfect way to steep a wonderful cup of loose leaf tea.

Jones Soda Co.

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and homemade gravy let alone the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie? Now you can celebrate in liquid form (yes, we said liquid form) long before the third Thursday in November with Jones Soda’s Turkey & Gravy Soda. That’s right read that again, slowlyTurkey & Gravy Soda. This is one of those fun drinks of 2021, a limited-edition run, of 35,000 bottles that will be individually numbered for collectibility.

Let’s be honest, the Turkey & Gravy Soda is more for a gag than drinkability. However, it makes a unique hostess gift when you arrive at your in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner. Let the children splurge on soda that day and see how much they can actually chug!

The Turkey & Gravy Soda is a challenge even to the most adventurous foodies. But take note, Turkey & Gravy Soda put the craft soda maker Jones Soda on the map when it debuted in 2003. The company says, it has been among its most requested flavors of their fun drinks since its grand appearance. Jones Soda, which makes craft sodas ranging in flavors from Grape and Cream Soda to Green Apple and Watermelon, brought back the Turkey & Gravy Soda for 2021 to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Fun Drinks for After Hours


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Bellion Vodka has come to be known as the world’s first “functional spirit” by addressing the common concerns of alcohol consumption without sacrificing the desired effects. Made with NXT technology, this vodka is distilled 6 times and produces a naturally sweet flavor and smooth, crisp finish. The sophisticated bottle and packaging is a great showcase for any upcoming holiday gathering and is also a great fun drink gift to bring your host for all guests to enjoy. This gluten-free, 80 proof vodka is both great on its own or combined with mixers of your choice.

Cutwater Spirits

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Cutwater Spirits have made quite the splash this year with their legendary cocktails in a can, but their spirits also have people talking. When stocking your bar this season, choosing rum can be a challenge depending on tastes and preferences. For a rum that sips like a fine bourbon, try the Barrel Aged Rum. This rum has been aged like bourbon for at least two years in virgin American oak barrels. Featuring whispers of toffee and caramel, vanilla, and tobacco, this rum can be enjoyed or in your fun drinks featuring your favorite cocktail for a smokey flavor.

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22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Temperatures may be cooling down, but your fun drinks can still have you thinking of warm sunsets on sandy shores with the Cutwater Bali Hai Rum. This smooth rum makes its berth from sugar cane and is cool fermented, which means this rum takes its time to develop its flavor so the best results land in your glass. This rum can be enjoyed any way you like it, whether it’s neat, on the rocks, or floating inside your favorite cocktail.


22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Take a moment to sip a pure, smooth, crisp glass of NEFT Vodka. Of course, NEFT can be used as a mixer in your favorite cocktail, but NEFT vodka is so good you will want to sip it neat. This premium vodka, made without added flavors or sugars, is made with ancient non-GMO rye from a farm in Lower Saxony and oxygen-rich spring water from the Austrian Alps. The simple ingredients combine to create the fun drink that is an award-winning NEFT vodka.

Awards include Best Vodka from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a gold medal from The Fifty Best Vodka competition, and more. NEFT comes in a one-of-a-kind unbreakable barrel in black, white, or the seasonal pride barrel. The recyclable barrel is heat resistant so your vodka will stay cold longer. If your newfound fun drink needs to stay cold, keep it that way and enjoy responsibly!

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey

22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey relies on traditional distilling techniques rather than automation. The Blender’s Cut – Sauternes Cask Finish is the wonderful result with its distinguished refined flavor. The limited-edition specially blended Irish whiskey rests in hand-selected casks and then finishes in a French Oak Cask that once held Bourdeaux Sauternes Wine.

You taste honey-suckle and spice as you sip the Blender’s Cut as you sip on these fun drinks with friends. Two Stack’s Blender’s Cut is bottled at 65 percent cask strength. It is a five-part blend from Virgin Oak Grain, Ex-Bourbon Grain, Ex-Oloroso Pot Still, Ex-Bourbon Double Distilled Malt and Ex-Bourbon Peated Malt. If you want a convenient drink, Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Dram in a Can is perfect for on the go. The 86 proof whiskey is tucked in adorable pocket-size cans. Two Stacks Irish Whiskey is perfect for gifting or enjoying together on a cold winter’s night with a loved one.

Whether you fancy a cool refresher, a pick-me-up morning, a must-have elixer, or a nightcap with friends and family, these fun drinks just may become the highlight of any festive occasion. Even if it’s just a pizza night by yourself, binge-watching the latest reality TV show with the best fun drink in your hand, does it really matter? So, crack open the refrigerator, toss out the bland, 6-month old chemical cocktail and load up on the tastiest beverages around to make those fun drinks that are now beautifully displayed in your own home bar!

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22 Fabulous Fun Drinks For Your Drinking Pleasure
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