BrainTap Headset: Bio-hacking Your Brain for Optimal Health and Function

Each year people spend thousands of hours preparing healthy meals and working out in an effort to take care of and improve their bodies. Yet, most of these people spend little time on exercises to improve their brain function and mental health. The innovative BrainTap Headset allows you to work your brain out and improve brain function and performance from the comfort of your own home.

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What is the BrainTap Headset?

The BrainTap Headset is an innovative device that uses a unique combination of light and sound for brainwave therapy. This combination is proven to improve memory and brainpower, build a resilient mind, and help the brain rest and deeply relax, use subconsciou programming technique to change habits and become an upgraded version of you. This is biohacking of the next level. The BrainTap Headset helps you to meet deeper levels of meditation which can lead to better mental clarity.

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The BrainTap Headset consists of headphones with a visor that covers the eye. The headphones have built-in LED lights so that the headphones can deliver both sound and light pulses to the brain. The visor covers the eyes during BrainTap sessions and delivers pulses of light to the brain through the retinas. Each BrainTap session lasts about twenty-two minutes and is designed to guide the user to calm and deep states of relaxation and to help the user participate in specific visualization exercises.

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What is Brainwave Entrainment?

The term entrainment refers to the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. With BrainTap, your brain waves are synchronized to a specialized sound. As brainwave entrainment occurs it improves the neuroactivity in the brain and helps the brain to reach full-spectrum brainwave activity. This also increases neuroplasticity in the brain which allows the brain to create optimal learning paths and neural connections in the brain. Training daily with the BrainTap Headset will help you to develop a flexible and resilient brain.

The Four Scientific Elements Behind BrainTap

There are four distinct scientific elements behind the way BrainTap works.

Binaural Beats

The first scientific element is binaural beats. The BrainTap Headset introduces two different sounds with frequencies that vary by only a few Hertz, one sound in each ear. When the brain interprets these two sounds, it creates and mimics a third sound. The brain will then naturally follow the perceived frequency and enter a deep meditative state. The BrainTap Headset utilizes proprietary binaural beats to produce a  state of calmness and relaxation within the brain.

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Guided Visualization

The second scientific element is guided visualization. Visualization is a powerful technique that has been used for thousands of years to improve mental state, academic performance, athletic performance, and heal the body. The BrainTap Headset incorporates spoken word sessions to help the users envision a specific image consistently to help the listener reach specific goals and results.

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10-cycle Holographic Music

The third scientific element is 10-cycle holographic music. 10-cycle holographic music is a sonic technology that creates a 360-degree sound environment. In this powerful sonic sound environment, the brain can more clearly produce visualizations which can help the BrainTap user enter a more receptive mental learning state.

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Isochronic Tones

The fourth and final scientific element behind the BrainTap Headset is isochronic tones. Isochronic tones are created when equal intensity pulses of sound are played separated by an interval of silence. Isochronic tones are easy for the brain to follow. Once the brain begins to follow the pulses and patterns by isochronic tones it can achieve the desired level of relaxation and meditation.

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Light pulses

In addition to these scientific elements, the BrainTap Headset also delivers gentle light pulses through the retina and ear meridians. These light pulses travel to the brain and help to guide the BrainTap user into unparalleled brain states such as deep meditation. Pulsing light, when used in the correct frequencies and patterns, can affect the production and levels of serotonin in the brain as well as endorphin levels in the body. This can help users to develop a more optimistic state of being and improve their outlook on life in a positive way.

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What are the Benefits of the BrainTap Headset?

The BrainTap Headset is completely safe to use and provides a plethora of benefits to BrainTap users. People who consistently use the BrainTap Headset experience deeper relaxation and meditative states which helps them to release stress and live a more stress-free and worry-free life. BrainTap can also balance the brain’s left and right hemispheres to promote clearer thinking and more creativity. Blood flow to the brain also improves with consistent BrainTap Headset use.

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BrainTap can also be used to retrain the brain to change unwanted habits and behaviors. This can lead to healthier practices and healthier lifestyles. BrainTap can be used to improve athletic performance and decrease jet lag when traveling. The benefits of using the BrainTap Headset are truly limitless.

BrainTap App Bundles Provide Specific Goals

The BrainTap Headset connects to a series of apps to help the user meet specific goals. Each app is designed to improve specific brain functions or help the user achieve specific goals.

There are six available apps which include:

  • Sleep RX
  • Weight Wellness
  • Optimal Health
  • Stress-Free Me
  • Worry Free Me
  • Children and Learning.

Each app bundle contains twenty to thirty BrainTap sessions.

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The Sleep RX bundle will provide BrainTap sessions to retrain your brain and restore natural sleep patterns. This helps the BrainTap user to sleep better and have more restful sleep. The Weight Wellness bundle will train the brain to break bad habits and restore the body’s natural ability to maintain a healthy weight. This app has helped people lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Build better health practice in your life with the Optimal Health app. The Stress-Free Me and Worry-Free Me apps will help you to let go of your stress and learn to live in the present moment without worry. Use the Children and Learning app to help your children build healthy habits and relax.

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BrainTap Just Makes Sense for Optimal Health

We spend thousands of dollars and hours working to improve our physical bodies. It doesn’t make sense to neglect our mental health. The Headset is the perfect solution to improve mental health, sleep, and relaxation so that our brains match the rest of our body. Use BrainTap to remove bad habits and behaviors, improve your outlook and mood, and enhance your motivation and performance in so many areas of your life. Keeping your brain healthy is just as important as keeping your body healthy in order to live a long and full life and the BrainTap Headset is the perfect product to help you achieve optimal health.

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