Holidays 2017: Top Gifts for a Professional Photographer


With the rise of digital photography, knowing and loving a professional photographer isn’t a far stretch these days. Whether your significant other just took the jump from hobby photographer to professional, or you know a seasoned wedding professional, this holiday gift guide has something for everyone in it, regardless of age, gender, or budget. Read on to learn our favorite items, and how we’ve incorporated them into our own photography businesses, as well as lives, as busy moms and entrepreneurs.

Making the Session Easier:

There are many tips, tricks, and tools, that a photographer can learn, or purchase, that will make their photo session run smoothly. Whether their session is actually an out of state wedding, or a local family session at the park down the road, below are our tried-and-true-products that have saved the day during real photography sessions.

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Money Maker by HoldFast

Perfect for the photographer who needs all hands on deck.

If your loved one is a seasoned wedding photographer, they know that having two cameras readily accessible while they are photographing a wedding is pretty essential. Having two cameras with two different lenses allows them to be ready at a moment’s notice for any situation that is thrown at them- and, in weddings, that happens more often than you’d think! If you are looking for a gift for them that will not only make an impact but also stand the test of time, look no further. The Money Maker by HoldFast is the ultimate multi-camera strap allowing you to secure your cameras and important gear and focusing on capturing those perfect moments.

  • Handcrafted of American Bison Leather right in Oklahoma
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Crafted using an ancient technique known as “brain tanning” used by Native Americans
  • This is a green process using organic materials, natural oils and wood smoke
  • Bold, strong, and durable, but soft and breathable leather is the result

HoldFast was created by a photographer, and dad of three named Matthew. It was built on three principles: it must look right, make sense, and be a leap of faith. Matthew believes that every image helps tell a story, and wants his fellow industry professionals to better tell such stories. HoldFast is 100% created and made in the United States. They pridefully boast that HoldFast has helped create many sustainable jobs in the Oklahoma community.



Money Maker


Hold Fast | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

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Roadie Roller 21 by Tenba

Perfect for the gear-obsessed photographer with a case of wunderlust.

The Roadie Roller 21 from Tenba is the ideal roller bag for your photographer who has lots of gear, and needs to take it all with them on a moment’s notice. If they travel at all for their business, the Roadie Roller is perfect to tote everything they could possibly need to take with them- all in a convenient, TSA-approved, carry-on sized roller bag. For a smaller roller bag, it really utilizes the space and has the ability to carry everything securely, and conveniently.

The Roadie Roller 21:

  • fits 2 DSLRs (up to Pro size with battery grip), 8-10 lenses (up to 400mm 2.8), plus a laptop up to 17 inches.
  • complies with most international and U.S. domestic carry-on regulations
  • includes exclusive removable camera/lens module
  • features a rear pocket for a portable battery
  • quickest and most secure removable tripod carrier
  • weighs less than 10 pounds when empty
  • Fits a laptop up to 17 inches, plus any size tablet.
  • Exterior dimensions: 14W X 21H X 9.25D in
  • Interior dimensions: 12W X 17H X 6.25-7.75
  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 12W X 18.5H X 0.75D in.



Roadie Roller 21


Tenba | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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2 Sues Camera Bag by Kelly Moore

Perfect for the person who carries her camera with her everywhere.

If you know someone who likes to have their camera on hand at all times, Kelly Moore bags will not disappoint. Called “the photographers favorite” the 2 Sues bag is an everyday bag with plenty of padding to keep gear protected without looking like a bulky camera bag. With removable shoulder/crossbody straps and adjustable padded dividers, this bag can be customized to meet anyone’s needs. It will hold a small laptop, tablet, camera, lenses, diapers, water bottles . . . and anything else she might need to tote along in her everyday life. The built-in wallet compartment on the back will keep her organized and make this her go-to bag even when she doesn’t need to bring her camera.

  • Camera basket includes 2 Padded & adjustable dividers (with velcro) with 3 slots, and is completely removable
  • 6 outside pockets
  • Space to hold 3 lenses
  • 1 interior zip pocket
  • Available in 4 colors (shown in camel)
  • Crafted with their exclusive, leather-like Cambrio Material, which is water + abrasion resistant and vegan friendly



Kelly Moore 2 Sues Shoulder Bag 2.0


Kelly Moore | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

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Lomo’Instant Camera

A Great Gift for a Photographer Who Wants to Have Fun

Long gone are the days of instant pictures- or so you thought. The Lomo’Instant Automat camera is instant photography amplified. This automatic camera provides the simplicity of a point and shoot camera with the artistic abilities to make your images artistic, lovely, and amazing. No one will believe that your images were created in the old-school way of automatic cameras because the Lomo’Instant is more than just a camera. It’s an artist’s wheelhouse. Some of the features of the Lomo’Instant are:

  • Two shooting modes- Auto and Bulb- give you wiggle room for your exposures
  • Automatic shutter speed and zone-focusing for perfect, in-focus photos
  • Multiple exposures to layer your images
  • Color gels give you a pop of color when you want it
  • Exposure control of -1/+1 for lighter or darker images
  • Automatic flash that can be turned on or off

In addition to all these features, the Lomo’Instant also has several lenses for you to use to get the most creative shot possible:

  • Close-up Lens for sharp and detailed shots from as close as 10cm.
  • Wide-angle Lens Compatible for views up to 90°
  • Fisheye Lens for views up to 170°
  • Splitter Lens to create split images for truly artistic looks

To see exactly what kind of shots you can take with the Lomo’Instant, check out the pictures below:

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Roadtrip Air by MeFoto

The perfect tripod for the photographer on-the-go.

Let’s face it, the photographer is usually the one behind the camera, so a tripod makes their own family portrait complete by getting them in the picture. The Roadtrip Air is an ultra-lightweight and compact tripod that fits in its own lightweight carrying case, so it’s easy to take with you. The setup is simple and straight-forward as the tripod legs adjust to the desired length with a twisting mechanism.

The Roadtrip Air comes in several fun metallic colors including blue, green, orange, purple, red, titanium or black. MeFoto also offers a smart phone tripod adapter. The SideKick 360 Plus is perfect for capturing videos with your smart phone or video chatting. This is the photography tool no photographer can be without.

Other features we love include:

  • Converts to a Selfie Stick and includes a Bluetooth remote to capture the perfect family selfie.
  • The HyperLock leg lock and strong material makes the tripod rigid to provide maximum stability.
  • Arca-Swiss compatible.
  • 5-Year Warranty.


Roadtrip Air | SideKick360 Plus


MeFoto |Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Making Post-Processing Easier and/or More Fun:

Once the actual session or wedding is done and the photographer is back home, only part of their job is complete. They then will sit down at their computer, and start the task of sorting through photos and editing them. For many, that’s the part that takes the longest, and is the most tedious. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items, from software that can help speed up their workflow, to a comfy and stylish photography-inspired t-shirt. There’s something for everyone’s love, and budget (!), in this section.

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Photo Mechanic Software from Camera Bits

Ideal for the busy photographer who wants to save time in editing.

Any photographer can tell you that sorting through and organizing photos after a wedding or a photography session is a chore. If you’re sick and tired of spending your life waiting on slow Adobe programs to sort (or “cull”) your images, Photo Mechanic swoops in and saves the day, bringing you a lightening fast program meant to speed up your culling workflow. They can literally start editing immediately, without waiting around for thumbnails or previews to load. Then, they can quickly open up the full sized preview, zoom in, rate, tag, or cull each image. Then, they can quickly take only the images they want, and import them into another editing program, such as Lightroom or Photoshop.

Photo Mechanic can quickly and easily:

  • Rename files and folders dynamically,
  • add IPTC credit and keyword information,
  • make a mirrored backup folder,
  • add capture time to filenames,
  • create dated folders,
  • copy files to multiple destinations,
  • zoom up to 800% to check for critical sharpness
  • add EXIF camera data to your images like focal length, serial number, or ISO to metadata fields like captions or keywords
  • batch edit by being able to copy, delete, tag, watermark, rename, resize, and add IPTC metadata to lots of photos
  • organize photos from multiple cameras and get them synchronized to the correct date and time

Before using Photo Mechanic, organizing a wedding of 2,000 images used to take us over 6 hours using Lightroom CC. Our first time using Photo Mechanic, a wedding of the same size took just 1 hour to organize and cull, and saved time editing because we were only importing the “keeper” images intended to deliver the client into Adobe to fully edit.

See it in action:

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Ideal for the fashion-minded female who loves their photography passion.

Photography is a niche job so having clothing that is applicable and also humorous to those in the profession is clutch. We love all of the photographer-applicable clothing options from Strawberry Revolution, such as this I can’t. I have a wedding. #WeddingPhotographer Slouch Tee. If your special person is a wedding photographer, chances are this is a typical phrase that comes out of their mouth tons of weekends throughout the year. In some cases, it’s funny because it’s completely true. If she “can’t” because her weekend is spent documenting other’s weddings, this t-shirt is the perfect addition to her wardrobe. The slouch tees from Strawberry Revolution are super soft and comfortable, perfect for a day spent inside editing wedding photos, or a brunch out with girlfriends on a Sunday morning.

If she is not a wedding photographer, and instead documents other life events such as family portraits, births, events, this Storyteller Slouch Tee is perfect for her. Every photo stops time. It tells a beautiful story, through a priceless image. She’ll love the sentiment behind this fun shirt. We also love that a portion of the profit of every single sale with is donated to fight bullying in today’s youth.

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Perfect for the photographer who loves their business & morning coffee.

Once your photo session is complete, chances are your photographer loved one will retreat to their office (or local coffee shop) to bury themselves in editing for the unforeseeable future. If they are anything like us, editing and coffee (or tea, or anything caffeinated really) tend to go hand-in-hand. We seriously love these Photography Mugs from Mugsby.

If she loves a good, punny joke, she’ll die laughing over this I Like To Flash People Mug. The delicate flowers are gorgeous, the scripted font is perfect, and the photography-related slash borderline inappropriate joke is seriously top notch. If she’s more traditional, she’ll love either the Light Chaser Mug or Story Teller Mug, as well. We also love the fact that all Mugsby mugs can be completely personalized or customized to your liking. We love the idea of adding their photography brand/logo to the backside of the mugs, to add in a unique and personalized look, perfect for gifting. If she isn’t big into her morning Joe, the same designs can also be done on a Cosmetic Bag, as well.

A wide variety of mugs can be ordered:

  • 11oz white ceramic mug
  • 15oz white ceramic mug
  • 11oz black rim/handle ceramic mug
  • 15oz black rim/handle ceramic mug (pictured)
  • 10oz white camping-style mug

All Mugsby mugs are made by a totally amazing and creative entrepreneur (and mom of two,) who lives in Texas, who recently donated over $3,000 to Feeding Texas from the profits of her specially designed Hurricane Harvey Pray for Texas mug.


We hope that this comprehensive list can help you find something unique, beautiful, and practical, to gift your photography-loving special person this year. From expensive and niche products, to affordable and cute, we have it covered and left no stone un-turned to round up our favorite photography related items for 2017. We invite you to pin this helpful collage on Pinterest, to serve as a reminder or place-mark, or maybe even a strong hint hint, nudge nudge for someone close to you.

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