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With everything rushing through your mind a new parent, keeping your baby safe is going to be the number one priority. Baby safety can quickly become overwhelming and the multitude of information you can find about sleep safety, diet safety, car safety, swing safety and more is hard to sort through.

As the parent of an infant, finding a moment for yourself is hard enough and when you take that moment you want the baby to be safe no matter where they happen to be. After nine months of being carried in the womb it’s natural that some babies may not enjoy remaining still for more than a few moments at a time.

4 Out Of This World Tips For Swing Safety

Baby swings are the perfect solution for a busy mom who needs just a few minutes to herself and we’ve picked the mamaRoo 4 as the safest swing for baby in this solar system! It’s well know that the safest place baby can be is in their parents arms, but when that’s not possible, the mamaRoo 4 is the next best thing.

Designed to mimic the motion provided when carried, the mamaRoo 4 provides 5 motions to help soothe fussy babies safely. The new Little Lunar Newborn Insert ensures that your little astronaut is also perfectly supported while they relax among the stars or drift off into dreamland. Designed in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, this fun intergalactic pattern is gender neutral and will inspire your little one to reach for the stars!

4 Out Of This World Tips For Swing Safety

The Little Lunar insert is only available for a limited time. Make sure you snag one before it’s on a rocket ship out of our atmosphere!

mamaRoo4 | Little Lunar Insert

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4 Out Of This World Tips For Swing Safety

Swing Safety Tips for Infants

The mamaRoo 4 perfectly fits the American Academy of Pediatrics list of recommendations for swing safety, making it our top pick for out of this world parenting solutions.

Swing Safety Tip 1: Proper Recline

Infants under the age of 4 months should be seated in a reclined position to ensure proper positioning of their airways. Without the ability to properly hold their head and neck on their own, infants left unsupervised may restrict their own airways. A reclined position ensures that your baby is safely able to breath as they sway. The mamaRoo 4 provides an adjustable recline, allowing you to properly position your baby as they grow.

The Little Lunar Newborn Insert helps ensure that even the smallest babies are properly supported and comfortable!

Swing Safety Tip 2: Secure Base

The AAP recommends only products that can not tip over or fold up easily. With a solid base and secure safety straps, your little one will be safe and sound in the mamaRoo 4 for countless hours of play.

4 Out Of This World Tips For Swing Safety

Swing Safety Tip 3: Toy Safety

Toys should be securely fastened and out of reach from babies. The mamaRoo 4 features a toy mobile that inspires baby to reach for the stars. Securely attached to the base the mobile will draw the baby’s eye, while ensuring swing safety by not touching or being able to be pulled down to or upon the infant.

4 Out Of This World Tips For Swing Safety

Swing Safety Tip 4: Not for sleeping

The updated AAP sleep safety recommendations specifically advise parents to avoid allowing babies to sleep in a swing. If baby falls asleep while in their mamaRoo 4 they should be moved to a firm sleep surface as soon as possible. Avoiding sleeping in the mamaRoo 4 helps promote good sleep behavior and encourages babies to sleep on stable surfaces, not while in motion.

No matter how much you read about baby safety, the most important thing you can do is make the safest choices for your family. We recommend staying in tune with the AAP for their recommendations throughout the newborn years and beyond.

Interested in more tips on baby safety? Check out our sleeping tips for babies.

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4 Out Of This World Tips For Swing Safety