We all do our best to put away a bit of cash throughout the year so that the holiday rush doesn’t catch us off guard. But then life gets in the way; the car needs new tires or the washing machine breaks down, and we’re back to square one. So if you could do with a little extra cash in the run up to December 25th this year, then here are a few ideas that could help you raise some helpful funds.

Sell Some Old Stuff

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Selling old things nowadays doesn’t have to mean setting up a neighborhood yard sale. Luckily it’s 2015 and many online auction sites exist that allow you to become an internet trader. ebay is of course the go-to option, as it’s possible to sell anything and everything on there. Yet there are also sites like Chrono24, where you can sell your old or unused watches. Selling items on Facebook could also be something you can look into if you’re a member of any local buy/sell groups, which could save you the hassle of shipping items across the country in some cases.

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If you find old CDs, DVDs and electronics lying around the house unused, or any books you probably won’t be reading again, consider giving the Amazon Trade-In program a try. You can exchange your items for an Amazon Gift Card that you can use on the site. With this easy and simple process you can build up your credit and use it to buy any last minute Christmas gifts on Amazon. These and many others are great avenues to raising extra cash from the comfort of your home.


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If you have an area of expertise that you can share with the world, then why not create a website and begin attracting traffic through your blog? You have a unique point of view and there are plenty of tips and insights you can probably share with your readers. If you love photography, enjoy writing, gardening, making jewelry, or you simply find yourself delighted when you try out new recipes, give blogging a chance and you will soon connect with people who’d love to learn more about the things you love doing!

Once you have done this, you can then start to draw interest from advertisers and begin placing affiliate links, which can be a great way to earn some income on the side. This can be anything from books you’ve enjoyed reading, skincare products you love using, or products that make your life as a mom so much easier. Whatever your interests and experience may be, there’s certainly something you know that can be valuable to others and bring in that extra cash you need.

Request a Raise

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Quite often, employers are sitting with a budget to give hard working employees a pay raise, but as they are never asked for it, they rarely dispense it. So if you feel like you have been performing in work and deserve an increase in salary, then don’t hesitate and ask as soon as possible. Chances are the longer you wait, the more likely it is you miss your chance for one.

You may have brought in new clients that helped increase your company’s revenue, or perhaps you’ve managed to cut down expenditure significantly and your floor manager is boasting about your excellent administrative skills. Whatever it is you feel that has helped your company go to the next level this year, you deserve to get a raise. So brush up on your negotiation skills and make sure you ask for a pay raise — and get it.

Cash in on Your Crafty Side

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If you spend your free time knitting or making jewelry, then this could be a perfect source of income for you. You can sell your creations on craft websites or local fairs, and get to know other craftswomen in the process. Handcrafted items are always popular among women, especially if they prefer wearing something unique that you can’t get elsewhere. Plus, not only will you feel satisfied that you spend your time doing something you enjoy, but you will also be making some money on the side, too!

Even if you don’t produce handcrafted items or sell vintage clothes, if you have beads, paper and other crafting supplies you don’t use, why not list them on Etsy? And if you find yourself frequently dabbling in digital design, Etsy is great for that, too! Selling some printable creations online is a fantastic idea to put your creativity into use, as there’s always someone looking for a solution to their children’s party or social event that’s creative and budget-friendly.

Take Photos and Sell Them

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If your passion is taking photographs and you’ve been complimented for the gorgeous family photos you take, why not offer your photography services to people you already know? The holiday season is a time when families want to remember their time spent together with photos that capture these unique moments. For a small fee you can offer to take photos of your friends and families in your neighborhood. That way they get photos to keep and you earn some extra money doing something you enjoy!

Selling your photos online is also a great alternative. With websites and blogs always looking for great quality photos to use, selling stock photos is a fantastic alternative for the photography loving moms and dads out there. Dreamstime, SmugMug and Alamy are only some of the many websites you can earn a royalty fee from selling your photos. You can also submit your photos entirely free to the 500px marketplace and earn 70% of your net sales starting today.

Become a Virtual Assistant

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If you have experience with social media or administrative tasks, there are plenty of small business owners, bloggers and independent professionals that might need an extra hand especially before the year comes to an end. As a virtual assistant you get to work from home without having to look for a babysitter, which makes this the ideal part-time job for moms. You won’t spend any time away from your kids and you can enjoy a much more flexible schedule that brings in extra money at the same time.

From organizing email and answering client questions to replying to blog comments and managing social media accounts, there are plenty of tasks you can do as a virtual assistant. If this sounds like a viable option to you, start by spreading the word on Facebook, LinkedIN and any other social media accounts you own. Your first client might in fact be someone from your own personal network. If launching a website for your side business doesn’t appeal to you right now, you could register on a freelance platform like Elance or Upwork and find your first client there.

These are just a few of the things you can do to earn some extra cash before the holidays. Surely there are tons of other ideas you can come up with, but as a starting point these may give you the inspiration you need to come up with some alternative solutions. TIP: Earn Extra Cash with VITAL. A VISA credit card that pays you for referrals!

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