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Whether you simply love body wash, or you have a special bar of soap that you adore that doesn’t come in a body wash form, one thing is known – bar soaps are much cheaper than body wash. What if there was a way, though, that you’d be able to easily turn your favorite bar soap into a creamy body wash, by only spending a few minutes of your time? Check out this easy (and adaptable) how-to guide.

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 We love this hand-poured, cruelty-free dead sea salt mineral-rich bar of soap, however, to fight with application of a bar soap on a squirmy toddler is anything but ideal. Using this one bar of soap, however, it can be easily transformed into a liquid-type form using just a bit of effort, and a stove.

The great thing about this recipe is that it allows you to get your creative juices flowing. Is your favorite soap unscented? Add in some essential oils to make it a yummy smelling body wash! The sky is the limit with add-ins.

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How To:

  • Using a cheese grater, finely grate your favorite bar of soap.
  • Add 2-3 cups water to the grated soap, and stir over medium heat until the soap completely dissolves and the water looks “milky.”
  • Optional Use add-ins
  • Allow the mixture to cool for around two hours. At this point, it will start resembling a body-wash type gel.
  • Optional Heat mixture and add more water to reach desired texture
  • Transfer body wash into a squeeze container, and use!

DIY Body Wash From a Bar of Soap 3 Daily Mom Parents Portal

 Tips of the Trade:

  • The first time you make this recipe, the amount of water will vary depending on your particular soap. Begin with 2-3 cups of water. If the mixture is too thick once it cools (it may even completely solidify!) heat the mixture back up and add more water. If the body wash is too runny, heat the mixture up and add more soap. Once you find the correct ratio for your particular bar of soap, write it down so next time it will be an easier process.
  • This body wash will not lather. If you crave the sudsy lather, experiment by adding in some glycerin, which can be purchased at a health food store. Adding castile soap to your mixture will also create a lather. Commercial body wash uses sulfates to create a lather, and this natural recipe does not include additive lathering chemicals.
  • If your skin is especially dry, considering adding in a tablespoon of vitamin E oil, or some coconut oil. Coconut milk is not suggested, as it will decrease the shelf life of your body wash to a few days before it turns rancid.
  • If you’d like to add a scent to unscented soap, add in some essential oil drops. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant, or lavender oil is known for its soothing scent that relaxes your body.

Have fun experimenting!

If you have a favorite “recipe” that has worked well with your skin, leave it for us in the comment section!

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