5 Ways to Better Organize Your Craft Storage


Many craft projects require purchasing items in bulk or tools that can be used for more than one project. After a few months of DIY projects, those small craft items can easily start to pile up in corners, closets and drawers.

If Pinterest project leftovers are cluttering your space, it is time to start spring cleaning early and organize your crafting stash before taking on your next home project. Here are 5 ways to better organize your craft storage space.

1. Install a storage system

5 Ways To Better Organize Your Craft Storage 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If you have space, a closet storage system like the elfa from The Container Store is a perfect way to organize all your craft supplies and projects. If not, invest in a few tubs that can slide under a bed or on a shelf. Clear bins like these sterilite tubs work best for seeing what is inside and providing inspiration for working on new projects.

For organizing on a budget, recycled shoe boxes or Amazon shipping boxes can help start the journey towards a simplified craft storage system. Select boxes that are approximately the same shape and size to create an area that looks neat and easy to navigate.

2. Sort by purpose or craft type

5 Ways To Better Organize Your Craft Storage 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If you have multiple hobbies, start by sorting items into categories. For example, knitting and crochet supplies can go together, but scrap-booking and sewing should each have their own section.

You can further organize individual hobbies by types of object (like yarn or fabric). Once a material has enough mass, it should be separated into smaller bins.

  • Yarn should be separated by type (acrylic, wool or silk) OR by weight (sock yarn, DK, bulky).
  • Fabric should be categorized by blend (cotton, linen, upholstery) or color.

The goal is to create an organization system that allows easy selection of materials for the next time you start a project. It doesn’t necessarily matter what approach you use, just that you select a method that will most help you stay organized.

3. Label your storage bins 

5 Ways To Better Organize Your Craft Storage 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Once all the items are sorted properly, labeling the containers should be easy. Labels help make craft items easy to find. This will help you quickly decide what container you need to open to start a new project.

If you want to earn extra organizational points, write what is inside each container on an index card and tape it to the outside of the box. As items are removed or added, update the index card. This will prevent any need to open the box to determine if what you need is actually inside the box.

4. Go vertical

5 Ways To Better Organize Your Craft Storage 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Wall space is a great area for storing items that may otherwise not have a home. A pegboard or command hooks are perfect for hanging scissors, hole punches, or glue guns. If you just need to get something off the ground, thumb tacks or straight pins can work in a pinch.

Vertical storage is perfect when you have odd or otherwise wasted space. Consider using an over the door storage rack in the inside of your cupboards and cabinets. These are perfect areas for hanging flat items that you may want out of the way of little hands.

5. Trash the WIP (Works In Progress)

If you haven’t worked on a project in over a year, you aren’t going to finish it. Be honest with yourself and either undo (if the pieces are salvageable) or get rid of it. It’s unlikely that the blanket you started for a baby shower 4 years ago is still going to be useful to the recipient. If seeing the project reminded you of why you wanted to work on it, set a reasonable deadline (90 days) to wrap it up. If you haven’t finished it by then, it is time to show that project to the door.

Try these quick tips to start on the path to craft organization bliss and leave any other recommendations you have in the comments below!

Now that your craft room is organized, get crafty with some of these awesome DIY Craft Ideas.

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5 Ways To Better Organize Your Craft Storage 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families



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