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Fall and winter is a great time of the year to be pregnant. The temperatures have cooled off, and it’s time to bring out all your favorite fall and winter clothes. With a bump growing you’ll find the need to find some new maternity clothing to add to your wardrobe. This is one of the best perks of pregnancy, and most certainly one of our favorite things to do. So why not invest in clothes that are fashionable, comfortable, and trendy that work for both pregnancy and beyond.

Nom Maternity is one of our favorite go to brands for dressing our bump both during and after. The Fall 2016 collection caters to modern moms who are fashionable and desire comfortable, high quality maternity and nursing wear. This line includes styles that flatter your body throughout its many changes of pregnancy. You can rest assured that you will look both chic and feel comfortable in any of their styles.

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With the holidays nearing you will love the Nora During & After Ponte Dress. This dress can be worn to both casual and dressier events. This versatile dress has an appealing graphic finish and is flattering on many different body types. When you’re pregnant you don’t always feel like dressing up. However, you can quickly pull this outfit together by just adding a cute pair of booties, heels, or your go-to flats and be on your way. The top is made from a comfortable black stretchy material and features a cross over and panel that allows you to discreetly nurse. As a bonus it even has pockets that will make you just adore wearing it. The Nora is available in both white, merlot, and navy windowpane with both shorter and longer sleeves.

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For days when it’s much cooler outside you can quickly throw on a cardigan, some tights, and boots, making this dress a must have for fall, winter, and spring. The Nora is a dress that you’ll want to wear after baby is born, because it’s just so comfortable.

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We are in love with Nom Maternity’s Michel Sweater in green. This sweater features overlapping panels that are a dream come true for nursing moms. You’ll love that it is machine washable and the perfect shade of green. Pair it with some jeans or leggings, and dress it up with your favorite accessories. There is really nothing better than a sweater that you can quickly throw on and look amazing in. Made with a lightweight fabric, this piece is perfect for those crisp fall and winter days. Available in green, black, or merlot, you’ll want to own one in each color.

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Make a statement with this must have dress, the During & After Snap Dress. Made of a super soft jersey blend, you will not want to take this one off. We’ve pared it with some booties and a fun chunky neutral necklace for a nice day out, but you will also just want to wear it cuddled up on the couch. The top features snaps and an under panel that provides you with discreet nursing access. The ruched detailing along the sides allows it to grow with you so you’ll look amazing in it both during and after pregnancy. The During & After Snap Dress is available in a variety of colors and is perfect for this holiday season.

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The staple of every pregnant or nursing mom is the During & After Snap Top. This green micro stripe top is made of a comfortable rayon, and has a panel to allow for discrete nursing. Simply unsnap the front and pull aside for nursing access. This shirt can be combined with a variety of pieces like jeans and a pair of flats or your favorite leggings, boots, and a light jacket. Either way you’ll love this fashionable top that comes in a variety of colors and both stripes and solids.

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What we love about Nom Maternity is that they design clothing to grow with you throughout your pregnancy and after. Their celeb-endorsed line is fashionable yet comfortable, something we find extremely important during pregnancy. Their styles are designed to last longer than 9 months of pregnancy, which is especially nice for nursing moms. Simply add some accessories, throw on a sweater, and switch out your shoes and you can easily dress up or down any of their styles.

About Nom Maternity

Nom Maternity is all USA made, and was established over 20 years ago as a Los Angeles boutique, and has grown from there. Anna Williams, a veteran of NY Fashion and the current owner, took her own background in fashion and combined it with the need for comfortable yet fashionable maternity clothes.

“NOM Collection focuses on high quality fabrics that will grow with you through your pregnancy and still look good after!”

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