Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie de Viv Women’s Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. A women’s diamond necklace can be the most extravagant piece of jewelry she will wear. Many believe that you shouldn’t wear diamonds on a daily basis but rather only in particular settings. However, a women’s diamond necklace comes in many different varieties and these can be worn in many types of settings. Let’s explore the etiquette of wearing a women’s diamond necklace at parties, at formal events, and at the office, and also some changes in the old rules of wearing jewelry, and how to best organize your collection. 

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

A Women’s Diamond Necklace As Party Jewelry

Whether you’re going to a friend’s party in posh Beverly Hills or a small town, almost any diamond jewelry can work. Beautiful diamonds will always make a statement! Put on a burgundy shirt, add a diamond ring and pair it with a bold fuchsia lipstick. You will catch everyone’s attention! A women’s diamond necklace can be the key to rounding out your look, especially when an outfit feels bare or incomplete. A women’s diamond necklace will draw favorable attention to the wearer’s neckline and spice up any outfit, giving you a classy yet beautiful look for any party.

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace
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A Women’s Diamond Necklace for a Formal Event

A formal event is the best occasion to show off how elegant you can be, and this is the time to wear your finest jewelry. It’s best to choose one jewelry piece to emphasize your best feature. If you’re wearing your hair in curls, show off your cheekbones and stunning jawline with a  gorgeous women’s diamond necklace. A statement diamond necklace can also bring onlookers’ eyes to your face. Pull out the pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones to wear to a formal event. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and different precious stones to be extravagant and stand out. 

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

A Women’s Diamond Necklace At The Office

When choosing jewelry to wear at work, try to select pieces that aren’t distracting or noisy. You want to make sure you look professional and not too glamorous like you’re heading out to a party! Achieving that right balance between professionalism and style is crucial for the office setting. You want to look elegant but maintain a sharp look that doesn’t distract from your work.

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

Here are some dos and don’ts for office jewelry:

  • In a conservative office, wear stud earrings. They are simple yet elegant and will complement your outfit.
  • In a less conservative office, wear small gold hoop earrings that will add simplicity and elegance.
Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace
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  • Don’t wear too much sparkle. A subtle women’s diamond necklace can still work in an office setting. It won’t draw much-unneeded attention to you instead of your work. 
  • Don’t wear stacking bracelets; they make too much noise in the office.
  • Wear the fewest pieces to the office. It’s okay to wear a watch or bracelet, a ring, earrings, and a women’s diamond necklace. Anything more than that is too much for most work environments.
Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

Jewelry Rules: The Old vs. the New

So many rules existed in the past regarding jewelry etiquette. Many of those rules have faded with time. With fewer boundaries in what you can or cannot do, it has become easier to mix and match pieces in your collection. It also makes it easier to set your own trends and express your own creativity through your jewelry.

Here are some changes in jewelry etiquette:

  • Old rules stated never to mix metals. Always wear gold earrings with only gold necklaces. Now you can wear any combination of gold, silver, and copper without bucking any trends.
  • Old rules never mix real gemstones with faux stones, but now you can mix faux earrings with genuine women’s diamond necklaces. There are no more barriers. 

Keep Your Jewelry Organized

The most challenging part about wearing jewelry is keeping it organized. If your jewelry is left unorganized or challenging to find, you are unlikely to wear it! There are many ways to keep your jewelry organized and visible. Use a jewelry box with compartments to organize your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and place it on your dresser. You can also use practical jewelry travel cases with small compartments for storing your collection. These travel cases are wonderful for keeping you organized even when you’re on the go! A small travel pouch can also keep your valuable jewelry safe, especially if you are only traveling with a few small pieces.

So whether you are at the office, or a party, or a formal event, picking jewelry that will complement your look and withstand constant wear is the key. Check out what Joie de Viv recommends for the jewelry you’ll be excited to wear and never take off. For example, the Olivia Diamond Hoop Necklace is a great women’s diamond necklace and will complement any outfit. This feminine piece can be worn alone or combined with other pieces from the Joie de Viv collection to create a uniquely personal look. Their exquisite pieces will turn heads with their sparkling, high-quality VVS-VS clarity, D-H color diamonds that come with an IGI certificate. 

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace
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The Olivia Diamond Hoop Necklace is handcrafted in Miami, Florida. It has a gorgeous 18karat gold chain that is 18” long with an extra loop at 16”, adding a little “je ne sais quoi” to each piece. The necklace also features a radiant diamond with a carat weight of 0.06 ct. 

This women’s diamond necklace is a versatile piece that is perfect in a variety of settings. It works at the office with a button-up green silk blouse and black pants. It can be worn with a deep V neck floral dress at a party with friends and family. If you are going to a formal event, this beautiful piece will shine with an orange satin blouse and your hair in curls. The Olivia necklace will catch everyone’s attention!

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace
Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

Joie de Viv creates luxurious fine jewelry designed for the modern woman on the go. The company was founded by Vivian, who is a designer, entrepreneur, explorer, risk-taker, art aficionado, and proud mother. Each Joie de Viv collection is inspired by Vivian’s many unique journeys and joys.

“I believe that what makes a piece of jewelry truly priceless and precious is the personal stories and intentions the wearer associates with each piece. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beauty of your Joie de Viv collection comes from what each piece represents for you.” — Vivian (founder of Joie de Viv)

Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

Each Joie de Viv piece is crafted from the finest materials found around the natural world. Sustainably sourced sapphires, rubies, emeralds, precious metals, and ethical diamonds are featured in their products. Having such high-quality materials in their pieces gives a special sparkle to each item, and their sustainable jewelry brand is turning heads all across the industry.

Joie de Viv has been praised by Yahoo!, Town & Country, Forbes, and Vanity Fair:

  • “Joie De Viv is one of the best sustainable jewelry brands you can buy today.” —  Yahoo! 
  •  “These elegant hoops made with recycled gold offer a timeless sophistication that she’s sure to wear for decades to come.” — Town & Country
  • “With Joie De Viv, you don’t need to choose between high quality, sustainability, or affordability. You can have it all.” — Forbes
  • “Joie de Viv is revolutionizing the jewelry industry by offering their sustainable, high-quality fine jewelry at incredibly low prices and making it an experience.” — Vanity Fair
Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace
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Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace

Joie De Viv jewelry makes a great gift for graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or if you simply want to tell the special lady in your life that you care. Pass on the knowledge that their piece is from a sustainable jewelry brand that uses ethical diamonds, and you are sure to impress the gift recipient even more! This is high-quality fine jewelry at its best.

So when you want to dress with style and high class, accessories can make all the difference in the world! Adding jewelry to any outfit can instantly dress it up and even make a simple shirt and jeans pop. No matter how you feel about your wardrobe, a few simple and classic pieces of fashion jewelry can take a sub-par look and make it spectacular.  If you’re not the type to spend a few extra minutes in the mirror, adding on last-minute accessories, you can still easily elevate your look on a daily basis.  Simply use a few items of jewelry that match with everything and that you never have to worry about taking off. 

Olivia Diamond Hoop Necklace
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Consider adding Joie De Viv women’s diamond necklace to your outfit, which can help your entire ensemble shine whether you are attending a party or a formal event.  A more subtle women’s diamond necklace could still work in an office setting as well. The Olivia Diamond Hoop Necklace by Joie de Viv is a unique piece that can work in any of these settings.  Regardless of where you are headed, don’t forget to elevate your style and highlight your natural beauty with jewelry from Joie de Viv.

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Elevate Your Style With A Gorgeous Joie De Viv Women’S Diamond Necklace



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