Daily Mom’s Guide to Gifts for the Unique and Thoughtful Mom

Somehow moms always seem to be able to pick out just the perfect gift, even when it is something we never requested. Maybe it is their natural instincts when it comes to their children, or maybe they are simply more in tune to our thoughts and feelings than we give them credit for, either way moms are the magic behind every memorable holiday moment. Only once a year is there a day just for celebrating these wonderful women who gave us life, nourishing us physically, mentally, and emotionally with every fiber of their being.

Instead of gifting mom the usual flowers and card she is so accustomed to receiving, put a bit more thought into Mother’s Day this year. Knowing these same incredible moms can be incredibly hard to shop for we have done the legwork for you and complied some of the neatest, most thoughtful and unique gifts moms may not even know they need, but are sure to love.

Cameo 3 by Silhouette

Every crafty mom’s dream come true.

Yes, we really, truly are this excited about this one. The Silhouette Cameo 3 is joy beyond words. If you’re a crafty mama, this is 100% the most mind-blowingly perfect Mother’s Day gift, ever. The ultimate in DIY. This machine cuts over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric up to 12 in. wide, and is truly limitless when it comes to all kinds of crafts. From homemade birthday invitations, to printed t-shirts, to custom mugs – the opportunities are endless.

The Cameo 3 has built upon the foundation of previous Cameo models, and has some added bells and whistles, including Bluetooth capability. Which means you no longer need to connect the machine to a computer with a cord. Have WiFi? Will cut! Each Cameo 3 comes with 100 designs available for download, though there are hundreds of thousands more available as well. This latest edition has a dual-carriage, so you can use two different cutting tools at the same time.

And of course, you want to give Mom some supplies that she’ll need to start crafting to her heart’s content, right? We love starting with the Vinyl Starter Kit and Heat Transfer Starter Kit.

The Vinyl Starter Kit comes with:

  • 4 sheets of matte vinyl (9 inch width x 24 inch length) – one each of black, white, dark pink, and leaf green
  • 1 roll of transfer tape (9 inch width x 10 foot length)
  • Silhouette hook
  • Silhouette scraper
  • Exclusive download card redeemable on the Silhouette Design Store for 10 pre-selected vinyl designs
  • Idea booklet

And the Heat Transfer Starter Kit comes with:

  • 3 sheets of smooth heat transfer material (9 inch width x 12 inch length)
    one each of black, teal, dark pink
  • 2 sheets of flocked heat transfer material ((9 inch width x 12 inch length)
    one each white and yellow
  • Silhouette hook
  • Exclusive download card redeemable on the Silhouette Design Store for 10 pre-selected heat transfer designs
  • Idea booklet and instruction guide

Based in Lindon, Utah and founded in October 2009, Silhouette is a manufacturer of arts and craft products and Silhouette desktop cutting systems. Silhouette continues to innovate products and technologies aimed at allowing creative people everywhere the most options and fewest restrictions for electronic cutting, designing, and crafting. Silhouette has brought dozens of landmark products to market in the arts and crafts and consumer electronics spaces including the Silhouette CAMEO®, the Silhouette Portrait™, the Silhouette Curio™, the Silhouette Mint™ as well as its industry-leading design software Silhouette Studio® and Mint Studio™. Silhouette is also the proprietor of the Silhouette Design Store, an ever-growing marketplace of nearly 100,000 digital designs available for download. Crafters and makers of all kinds use Silhouette products to cut designs used for scrapbooking, card making, home décor, quilt and fabric projects, stamping, custom apparel, and countless other DIY genres.

Artifact Uprising

For the mom who loves to display family photos

If you’re looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift, look no further than Artifact Uprising! With photo books, prints, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect personalized gifts for Mom.

If the mom in your life loves to display photos of her family, Artifact Uprising is your one-stop shop. With so many unique frames and display options to choose from, you’re sure to find something your mom will love.

We are crazy about the Wooden Photo Ledge! It’s a fun way to display photos and prints, and allows you to layer them and change them out as often as you’d like. The ledge can be set on a surface, or mounted to the wall. Be sure to order some Everyday Prints so that she can begin displaying photos right away!

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to give mom photos to display, be sure to check out the Gallery Frames. These framed photos are museum quality and are available in many different sizes and colors. The Gallery Frames arrive ready to hang so that Mom can put them up without much fuss.


Gallery Frames | Wooden Photo Ledge


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Essential Oils from Rocky Mountain Oils

Treat Mom to some of the finest essential oils around.

Moms across the country have a new weapon in their arsenal – and it’s essential oils. Oils are powerful, and can help with anything from fighting illness, to relaxation, to focus, to energy, and more. But the key to using essential oils is using top quality oils. Sure, there’s oils at big box stores for pennies on the dollar, but they’re loaded with toxins and nasty ingredients (that may not even be on the label). So if you’re giving mom the gift of wellness this Mother’s Day with essential oils, make sure you’re buying them from the best company around – Rocky Mountain Oils. They are the highest quality in the industry, third-party tested, and 100% pure.

The Mood Kit is the perfect option for any mom, because let’s face it, being a mother is a hard job. Endlessly rewarding, and endlessly challenging, Mom deserves whatever uplifting help she can get. This kit is packed with eight of Rocky Mountain Oils’ finest, most powerful blends and single oils to help mom relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. It contains everything needed to spur joy, energy, calm, and peace. Could you ask for anything more? We think not!

The original blends of Peace & Quiet, Sweet Oasis, and Ylang Ylang will help mom find a sense of calm and relaxation. For extra energy and revival, she can try some Peppermint, or feel inspired with Bergamot FCF. And Lavender, Frankincense, and Vetiver are relaxing classics that should be a staple in anyone’s oil collection. The Mood Kit is the ideal starter kit for a mom looking to get into the amazing world of essential oils, or for a mom who is an experienced user.

Rocky Mountain Oils’ Migraine Support blend – well – to put it mildly, is a godsend. For hardcore migraines, to day-to-day headaches, this blend is sure to help relieve Mom’s pain (let’s remember, you might be the reason for her headache… we kid, we kid!). Made from a delicious blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, Helichrysum gymnocephalum, Roman Chamomile, and Helichrysum italicum, it will soothe migraines, headaches, and even achy muscles and joints.

Mala Necklace from Tiny Devotions

A stunning piece of jewelry with added health benefits, just for Mom.


Mala necklaces are stunning pieces of jewelry, ideal for any mom’s collection, but especially the eclectic mom, the crunchy mom, or the spiritual mom. The line from Tiny Devotions is gorgeous, thoughtfully created, and irresistible. We adore the Mama Mala for countless reasons, but really, is there a more perfect gift for Mother’s Day than a necklace made specifically for mothers?

Made from sandalwood, uber-smooth pink quartz, and smokey quartz, this necklace utilizes the healing powers of each of those three elements. The pink quartz – a.k.a. the stone of love – provides the wearer with reduced anxiety, increased calm and reassurance, carrying forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion. Smokey quartz is prized for its centering and grounding abilities, transforming negative energy into positive, and providing physical and psychic protection. Sandalwood is a material that has shown the test of time, with long-cherished benefits of giving off a soothing scent, and providing the wearer with positive energy and clear perception.

Each material has been specially selected to give the wearer maximum benefits, and the Mama Mala is an amazing gift to any new or seasoned mama.



Shhh Silk

Celebrate Mother’s Day with some Me time

When the day is done and the kids are all in bed, Mom deserves to sleep in style. Shh Silk is a luxurious way to end the day in pure relaxation. Shhh Silk pillowcases are constructed from 100% pure mulberry silk, a fabric so soft and gentle it’s like sleeping with your head on a cloud. Mom will head off to bed exhausted and wake up well rested with completely frizz free hair. This allows her to skip the morning blow out and head off to the day in a snap.

At the end of the evening, even the heaviest sleepers can use a bit of extra help to obtain the perfect amount of sleep. Shhh Silk’s Oversized silk eye mask is perfect for blocking out the light and the comfortable elastic band won’t add any additional pressure to her already busy day. She’ll sleep more soundly with all the light from the world completely blocked out, getting the rest she deserves after a long day.

Direct from Australia, all of Shhh Silks products are made from 22 momme 100% mulberry silk. Momme is a measurement of silk and the higher the number the better the quality of the silk. Sleeping on silk provides a wide variety of benefits, not to mention allowing your mom to feel like the queen we all know she is. The natural silk fibers allow skin to stay hydrated and reduces the likelihood of heavy bed creases from a deep night of sleep. For her hair, silk pillows reduce breakage, split ends and frizz. If she has long hair, curls or extensions, a silk sleeping cap can even help keep her hair looking perfect day after day.

Ashley Black: Fascia Blaster

Because every Mom deserves to feel good in her own skin.


Okay – let’s talk cellulite, one condition that bothers almost every woman. The FasciaBlaster was designed by Ashley Black to help reach the deep layers of fascial adhesion and thus reduce cellulite. (Are you like- what?) Let us break it down:

What is fascia: an interconnected network of tissues that joins every muscle and structure in your body. Fascia can become tightened and cause a grid-like web when fat tissue pushes through this web it causes the texture to become uneven, resulting in cellulite.

Massaging the fascia using the FasciaBlaster provides a number of different benefits. One of which is reducing the look of cellulite. Other benefits include reducing pain, improving blood flow and flexibility. The FasciaBlaster is easy to use by rubbing briskly up and down the skin and can be used anywhere on the body. For a full video tutorial check here. This tool does more than get rid of cellulite, making it every mother’s dream beauty tool.




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Planner by Golden Coil

Make motherhood as organized as possible with a customized planner.

golden-coil-planner-1 (1)

Ever search for the perfect planner, only to find that what’s available just does not align with what you need? This happened to Trisha and Michelle, creators of Golden Coil planners and notebooks. They were shopping for their mom for Mother’s Day, and with a pure shortage of the perfect planner, they set out to create a company that allows people to design their own customized planner from scratch.

Yes. A completely customized planner (or notebook, if that’s your thing). You pick the cover, the interior pages, the number of pages. There are so many options, it will blow your mind (it certainly blew ours, and took awhile to figure out which of the amazing options we needed!). Each one is 7.25″ x 9.25″ and ranges between 0.75″ and 1.25″ thick, depending on how many pages you’d like included (from 66 pages to 242). Each page is made from 80# Mohawk paper, which may not mean anything to you right now, but once you get this home, you’ll be astonished at how easily your pen glides across it – and – you can even write with a Sharpie with no bleed-through!

These planners are built to last in a way that we have not experienced before. Our custom planner begins in May 2018 (our choice), and ends in December 2019 (again, our choice). It’s filled with pages for day-to-day activities, and month-at-a-glance views, room for lists, and room for meal planning. No matter what Mom wants in a planner, Golden Coil will hands down, absolutely deliver. You can even import your own contacts and digital calendar, so it prints seamlessly into your new Golden Coil planner. Incredible!

golden-coil-planner-1 (5)

golden-coil-planner-1 (9)

The Cheeky Doormat

For the mom who loves an overstated entrance.

The Cheeky Doormat offers exactly what you would expect: Brilliant phrases that will make you laugh – and sometimes blush – printed on a doormat of your choice. Whether you prefer ultimate laughs with If You’re Reading This, Bring Champagne or a simple Oh Happy Day message, the Cheeky Doormat is ready to help you welcome your guests. They also love hearing original ideas from customers and welcome unique phrases or sayings as long as they keep with the spirit of spreading laughs and good cheer. A few other favorites include this mat for families with like, a bunch of kids as well as the classic and traditional family welcome. Each mat is 18×30″ and handmade in California. The husband and wife duo behind these hilarious doormats work with their U.S. made production partners to complete the mats. The mats are high quality with a thick absorbent underside and a course overlay to withstand seasonal elements.

Scenery Bags

For the theatre lover.

When the mom in your life loves theatre, gift her a once in a lifetime gift of a Scenery Bag. Made from recycled theatrical backdrops, these bags have seen history in the making. As set pieces are retired, the fabrics are rescued by the Scenery Bag team and turned into one of a kind art.

This stunning blue bag was once a part of the Broadway Mama Mia Ocean set created by scenic designer Mark Thompson.

Each bag is numbered and tagged with the details of the show it was originally a part of and once the bags are gone, they are gone forever. Perfect for storing art supplies, jewelry or makeup, or even including a pair of tickets to her favorite show hidden inside, this unique gift will put you at the top of her list.

In addition to being a beautiful functional gift, each bag sale includes a donation towards introducing children to theatre. Arts education is in dire need of assistance throughout the country and purchasing a bag from her favorite show will help bring the arts to more children.


Scenery Bags


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Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You

Perfect for the crunchy, crystal-loving mama.

If the mama on your Mother’s Day shopping list is a crunchy, chakra balancing, angel-card-reading lover of healing and balance, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You should be at the top of your list. Learning how to work with crystals can truly change your life in a multitude of ways. Whether it be to calm anxiety, increase abundance and prosperity, gaining more energy, get better sleep, and more, crystals can help, and this book will show you how. This is hands-down the definitive guide to harnessing the power of crystals in daily life. Packed with simple, easy-to-do rituals from the beginner through crystal guru, mom will have endless ideas to put her crystals to good use and gain whatever it is she is seeking.

More than just your mom to shop for? With wives, grandmothers, and mother-in-law’s, to celebrate this Mother’s Day check out all of our Daily Mom Gift Guides for Mother’s Day where you are sure to find something for every special lady in your life.





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