25 Unique Proposal Ideas

Every girl dreams of the day she gets engaged.  Some girls want the proposal in front of all their friends and family and others prefer an intimate moment with just the two of you.  Regardless, thought and effort goes a long way when it comes to proposal ideas.  The best ideas are the ones that have meaning for both of you, that are special, memorable and over the top just enough to be the perfect story to tell the grandkids one day.  Here are some of the best unique proposal ideas.

25 Unique Proposal Ideas
  • Scavenger hunt, with some proposal ideas, you might need a little help from others and this is one of them if you plan to do this in any public space.  Start at your home and hide a couple of clues there and then around town (or at home) and end up in that perfect proposal spot for you two.  
  • Engraved wine bottle, perfect for all the winos out there!  Have her favorite wine engraved with your proposal message and be ready to get down on one knee with the ring when she opens the box.
  • Post-it notes around the house. Spelling it out for her during her normal get ready routine.  Start with one on her nightstand, in the shower, her medicine cabinet, on her mirror, etc. until you get down on one knee with the ring.
  • On an airplane, with the crew’s help, en route to the vacation that your girl might be guessing you will pop the question you beat her to the punch.  Picture this, the flight attendants come by and offer you and your bride complimentary champagne and during your cheers, there is an announcement from the crew.  “Can the gentleman in row 13, seat A, please get down on one knee and ask a very important question?”.  During this time you kneel down in the aisle and pull out the ring.  
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  • Have a custom book made, there are two ways you can do this with either a picture book with all your favorite pictures of your relationship made with mpix or a similar website.  With the last pictures asking you to marry her with photos of yourself with a sign or just with the words.  Or you can create a book you write yourself a story about your love story and end with a proposal.  Blurb has options for this as well as magazines.  
  • While ring shopping, think Sex and the City but with less theatrics.  Some girls like to be surprised with the perfect ring from their future hubby.  But, let’s be honest, your idea of the perfect ring may not be hers.  So, taking her to the store to try on rings is a great step in the process.  Instead of just shopping, be ready to actually get down on one knee when she finds the perfect ring.  When it comes to proposal ideas, this one takes the cake!
25 Unique Proposal Ideas
  • Recreate your first date, regardless of how good or not your first date might have been, every girl remembers this date better than most.  Recreate it from start to finish but with a ring on bended knee at the end!
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  • Have a puzzle made with you holding a marry me sign. Just make sure it’s not too difficult and will end up taking weeks to put together! 
  • Fake a surprise party, plan a party for someone else, and propose in front of her closest family and friends.  This is perfect for the girl who puts her friends and family first and wouldn’t want them to miss out on this very special occasion.  Plus she will be dressed up and ready for a party!
  • Get a temporary tattoo with the words Marry Me.  Just make sure you put it somewhere she can see it easily when you want her to!
  • During an extreme activity think hiking a mountain at the top with breathtaking views (bring some bubbly to celebrate the occasion), white water rafting (wait to propose till you are on land) or snorkeling (you can have a sign with you under water and wait to pull the ring out on dry land).
25 Unique Proposal Ideas
  • At an aquarium, this is perfect for the girl who loves the ocean and is one with the fishes.  There are always staff cleaning, feeding, and checking on the wildlife.  They swim in the tanks, so you will need to plan ahead to have one of them holding up a sign while you are cruising through.
  • During the holidays use lights to spell out “will you marry me” on the front of the house, on the wall in the backyard, or on the garage.  It will take her a moment to take it all in, which will give you the chance to get down on one knee and pull the ring out.  This is one of the proposal ideas that will really shine!
  • Sing Marry Me by Bruno Mars during karaoke night and get down on one knee at the end. Doesn’t matter if you have a good voice or not, she won’t care!  The cheesier the better, honestly!  Bonus points if you can get someone to video you and her reaction.
  • Via drone, if you already have a drone this can be you delivering her a special package or note.  Or have a friend or family member deliver the package for you.
  • Put a video on youtube with you declaring your love to her and end with you on one knee and then in person with the ring.
  • Have your family wear shirts during a holiday for a group photo. Get everyone shirts that will spell out marry me and have them quickly take off their top layer for the picture.  Then ask her to make sure the photo turned out well, this is best done at the beginning of the get-together!
  • Game night, spell out marry me during a friendly scrabble game or during charades with friends or family (have them be in on it or a surprise for all!). 
25 Unique Proposal Ideas

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  • Carve it into a pumpkin during the holidays, then put the ring inside before showing her your masterpiece. 
  • Get her a mug with the words “will you marry me” on the bottom and provide your future bride with coffee.  You just have to be able to wait long enough for her to drink her coffee before you get down on one knee.  Maybe you should only fill it halfway to make this one of the best proposal ideas.
  • Go to a cooking class together to make an item where you can spell the words “marry me”.  Pizza would be perfect for this one!
  • Create a paper fortune teller with a ring inside. Remember making those as a kid to predict your future? The nostalgia and the perfect ring will make any girl swoon.
  • Hollow out her favorite book with the ring inside. This proposal idea is perfect for any book worm out there.  Just make sure this is not her only copy of that book!
  • Dress up in a tux for Halloween and pretend it’s your costume until you get down on one knee.  This is one of the proposal ideas that is perfect for the gal who loves to dress up, always attends every party, and has the pictures to prove it on her favorite social media account!
  • 10 days of Christmas leading up to a proposal on Christmas day.  Everyone knows this traditional Christmas song.  Even better to make it real life, each day pick things that are special to you and her that go along with the song. On Christmas, instead of 12 drummers drumming, she gets one diamond ring forever!

The best proposal ideas come from the heart and end with a ring.  At the end of the day, you don’t need a fancy set up, with a professional photographer hiding in the bushes, you just need the perfect memorable moment that you and your forever will always remember and cherish!

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25 Unique Proposal Ideas

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