Bringing that Christmas Feeling to Your Warm-Weather Duty Station

If you grew up somewhere that gets snow in the winter, it can feel very odd to move somewhere and know there is no chance of a white Christmas. If this is your first year celebrating the holidays in a warmer climate, you might even find yourself browsing Instagram and longing for the type of weather you see your friends from home enjoying. You have no need to bust out the big sweaters, blanket scarves, and boots you see in all the pictures. Instead, you are probably still rocking shorts and flip-flops well past Thanksgiving. Bah humbug, right?

Bringing That Christmas Feeling To Your Warm-Weather Duty Station

Just remember, you get the joy of telling people it’s 80 degrees when they are still slogging through snow in April! Until then, you can use these tips to make the most of where you currently live and bring Christmas cheer to your warm-weather duty station.

Decorate Like Crazy

Bringing That Christmas Feeling To Your Warm-Weather Duty Station

If you can make your home look like the North Pole, it will be hard to not feel jolly! The simple act of decorating can also start to bring back some off the nostalgia and warm fuzzies of the season!

Bake Up a Storm

Your sense of smell is a very powerful thing, and the smell of Christmas cookies and other holiday treats baking can bring back so many fond memories of childhood celebrations. 

Bringing That Christmas Feeling To Your Warm-Weather Duty Station

It may not be cold outside, but you can recreate the smells of the holidays no matter where you are!

Dim the Lights

The holidays are all about that happy, cozy feeling right? While base housing at warm-weather duty stations probably doesn’t come with a fireplace, you do have some options!

Bringing That Christmas Feeling To Your Warm-Weather Duty Station

First, turn off the overhead lights and opt for lamps, candles, and, of course, Christmas lights. There is also a fireplace channel on Netflix that can add some cozy (visual) warmth.

Listen to All the Christmas Music you Can Stand

Listening to your favorite Christmas music is a great way to get in the holiday mood no matter where you are! Even when it’s hot outside, you can enjoy your favorite songs. If you leave Christmas music playing in your car and home, it’s easier to remember that it really is the holiday season — no matter what the weather says!

Seek Out Local Holiday Activities and Traditions

Even if you grew up with cold weather and snow for Christmas, the locals at your warm-weather duty station probably didn’t. But, they probably have all sorts of Christmas traditions that are specific to the region. For example, tamales are a Christmas staple in Texas. While it may not be what you are used to, it can be fun to discover local holiday activities and traditions.

Looking for other Christmas traditions you can start for your family at your current duty station? We happen to have a list of traditions you can collect from each place you call home!

Bringing That Christmas Feeling To Your Warm-Weather Duty Station

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