10 Best Poop Toys & Games For Kids

There’s no getting around it: poop emoji mania has hit. Children have long been obsessed with bodily functions, well before the poop emoji existed, and toy and game makers have jumped aboard. The poop gravy train (perhaps that was a poor choice of words on our part…) has proven irresistible, with children wanting all things poop emoji and poop toys. And because we never like to disappoint, we’ve rounded up all the best poop toys and games just for you. Because we’re #1 at #2.

Flushin’ Frenzy Game

Poop Emoji2
Poop Emoji

This Flushin’ Frenzy game involves plunging a toy toilet and waiting for poop to come flying out (Yes, “flying out” is actually in the game’s Amazon description). The lucky child who catches the poop midair, earns two tokens. Did we mention that the toy poop is grinning like a game show host?

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Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Poop Emoji5
Poop Emoji4

A poop emoji pen with seven different fart sounds. Could you ask for anything more? Probably not. Every time you click the pen by pushing the cheerful poop emoji’s squishy little face, the pen rips a new fart sound. Not incredibly appropriate for school, but it’s bound to bring out endless laughs at home.

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Fishing For Floaters Game

Poop Emoji6
Poop Emoji7

This Fishing For Floaters game might win the prize for grossest yet most fun. Each game comes with multiple poop toys, nets, and fishing rods, so your child can work on his or her fine motor skills while fishing toy poop out of the tub. We’ll just hope for your sake that they’re only fishing out toy poop.

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Remote Control Poop Car With Spinning & Farting Action

Poop Emoji11
Poop Emoji10

What a time to be alive. When there’s a remote control poop car with spinning and farting action, well, you can guarantee your child will love it. Made from polyvinyl material for “realistic look and feel,” this is the #2 toy in the world. The Pile Driver, as it’s affectionately named, spins 360 degrees and makes fart sounds at the push of a button on the remote control.

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Christmas Poop Emoji Candy Dispenser

Poop Emoji12
Poop Emoji13

This jolly little fellow is a pooping poop emoji candy dispenser, with a Santa hat, no less. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with this festive stocking stuffer. Fill with candy, wind him up, and let him go!

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Poop Emoji Slime

Poop Emoji14

Just going to leave this one here. Poop emoji slime. Moves like a liquid but feels like a solid, and smells nothing like actual poop, thankfully. Sticky, goopy, and everything you would want poop slime to be like.

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Don’t Step In It Game

Poop Emoji15
Poop Emoji16

Don’t Step In It, is, quite literally, exactly what it sounds like. A game in which the object is to avoid stepping in pretend, doughy fake poop, while blindfolded. Step in the fewest piles of poop to be crowned the winner.

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Poop Emoji Farting Plush

Poop Emoji18
Poop Emoji17

This cutie little stuffed farting poop emoji is the plush toy of your child’s dreams (and possibly, your nightmares). If you drop him or give him a firm pat, he farts. You can invent all kinds of toss-the-poop games with this guy: whoever makes him fart, loses. Or wins, depending on the audience.

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Doggie Doo Game

Poop Emoji19
Poop Emoji20

The only thing better than poop is dog poop. And the Doggie Doo game delivers just that, plus farts. Spin the wheel and squeeze Doggie’s leash, and try to make him fart, not poop. The game also “teaches responsibility,” by including miniature shovels to clean up Doggie’s doo.

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Poopeez Toilet Launcher

Poop Emoji21
Poop Emoji22

Any toy that comes with the instructions, “if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, launch it,” is bound to be a winner. Poopeez Toilet Launcher does just that. This toy comes with two character poops that you place in the toilet, flush, and watch them fly.

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We hope you’re not feeling crappy after seeing our amazing list of poop toys and games. Get it? Feeling crappy? Poop puns are almost our favorite kind of puns; they’re a solid number two.

10 Best Poop Toys Games For Kids



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