Polywood Table: Affordable & Durable Furniture Solutions for Designing Your Outdoor Patio Sanctuary With Style

There’s no place like home. Especially when you’ve been in the middle of a pandemic. Now is the time to turn your haven into a palace. After all, there’s no better way to social-distance than by staying home or limiting your small gatherings to outdoors. But while you’re doing your part to shut down COVID-19, take care of yourself. Don’t stay indoors! Get outside and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D as the warm and balmy summer season approaches. Not an outdoors person? No worries! That’s where having a Polywood table can help inspire you to spend more time outdoors.

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Designing your outdoor patio space is easier than ever with Polywood! From dining sets to Adirondack seating, porch swings to lounge chairs, Polywood crafts high-quality, versatile furnishings that will make you yearn to get outdoors all year long. Whether you are beginning to plan your backyard BBQs or simply desire a sweet spot to curl up with a glass of wine and an amazing sunset, Polywood has a set for your family, large or small. There are so many health and wellness benefits to getting outdoors and enjoying life so let Polywood encourage and inspire you to create your own outdoor sanctuary this season and head outside!

Benefits of Spending Time Outside

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According to Healthline, Vitamin D has some amazing benefits! It helps with bone growth and can reduce the likelihood that you’ll develop certain diseases such as heart disease and multiple sclerosis.

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Health reports additional benefits of soaking up Vitamin D such as improving your oral health because it helps the body absorb calcium. Possibly one of the most important benefits of getting enough Vitamin D is that it can help fight depression.

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A Polywood table set isn’t Vitamin D, but it can help you get a healthy dose of this amazing and essential nutrient. When it comes to your backyard, Polywood is the place to go for your patio furniture. With the right patio furniture, you’ll want to spend every minute outdoors, soaking up the sun.

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The Vineyard 9-Piece Polywood Table Dining Set is just what you need when hosting small parties this season. This 59-inch table will seat up to eight people making it the perfect space for dinner, distance learning, or a little peace. Before we get into how fabulous this dining set is, let’s talk about Polywood, itself, first.

What is Polywood?

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So what exactly is Polywood? We’re so glad you asked. According to Homeguides SF Gate Polywood is recycled plastic made to look like wood. The next time you have an empty gallon of milk or detergent bottle in your hands, close your eyes and imagine what it would look like on your patio.

Milk containers and detergent bottles are the type of plastic that’s recycled and used to make Polywood. Since everything from Polywood is made from recycled plastics, every time you purchase something from them, you’re doing your part to improve the environment.

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Homeguides SF Gate does caution that products made from HDPE plastics aren’t immune to color-fading over time. But when it comes to the furniture available from Polywood, we’re not concerned and you shouldn’t be either. The Vineyard Polywood table – along with every other piece of furniture sold by Polywood, is made with color-stay technology, ensuring that your furniture will keep its vibrant color, year after year, season after season.

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DutchCrafters lists a few other reasons why a Polywood table is the way to go when purchasing patio furniture. Among them is the fact that this furniture is resistant to termites and other insects. If you live in states such as Texas, Florida, or Georgia, where – according to Termites Treatment – there are large populations of termites, a Polywood table is the best option for you. Another benefit listed by DutchCrafters is that because Polywood isn’t made of wood, it won’t splinter. You’ll never have to worry about getting a splinter or removing a splinter from a loved one.

Investing In Outdoor Patio Furniture With a Polywood Table and Chairs

Before you blow your hard-earned money on patio furniture, we want you to feel confident in your purchase. That’s why we took the time to find out some tips and tricks to consider when investing in outdoor furniture.

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Better Homes & Gardens recommends searching for easy-to-care-for furniture that is made with colors that coordinate with your landscaping. If the furniture you’re looking at requires more than the occasional wipe-down, you might want to think twice before buying it. That’s one reason we love Polywood! The Vineyard Polywood table set cleans easily with soap and water. It’s also available in eight colors, making it easy for you to choose an eye-catching piece of furniture that will look like it was custom-made to go with your landscaping.

Gardenista suggests considering the materials the furniture is made of before purchasing. For example, they advise that aluminum furniture may not be suitable for areas that experience a lot of high winds. Also, if you live in a wet climate, buying any kind of wood furniture might not be the best idea. If it’s all-weather wood, Gardenista reminds us all that all-weather wood furniture will need to be treated annually to keep it protected.

The Vineyard Polywood table set is “built to withstand a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, and strong coastal winds” and does not require the upkeep of wood no matter the season.

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Comfort, is, of course, another important consideration when shopping for any kind of furniture, including patio furniture. The Spruce reminds us that when shopping for furniture you should consider your outdoor space. If your backyard gets a lot of sunlight, you’ll want a patio table that can hold an umbrella. The 59-inch table included with The Vineyard Polywood table set is outfitted for a 1.75” umbrella hole.

While the umbrella isn’t included with the purchase, Polywood does have umbrellas available for purchase. The 9′ Tilt Market Umbrella and Base is an option if you’d like to purchase an umbrella for your Polywood table. It’s outfitted to work with every Polywood table. The canopy of the umbrella is available in 14 colors and has a diameter of 9 feet.

If everything mentioned isn’t enough to make you feel good about buying a Polywood table set, consider this: the Vineyard 9-Piece Dining Set has a 20-year residential warranty and a 3-year commercial warranty.

Vineyard 9-Piece Polywood Table Dining Set
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Summer time is here and it is time to get outside, show some skin, and soak up that gorgeous sunshine! Staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet and exercise. Let the people at Polywood help you soak up that much-needed Vitamin D and actually enjoy spending time outdoors! What are you waiting for? Get your Polywood table set today and design an outdoor patio or backyard oasis you’ll love to live in all year round!

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