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Live music is something everyone should experience. Whether you are a concert junky or you saw New Kids on the Block once in second grade, we all have memories of our first (or only) concert. As a parent, you may wonder what it is like to have kids at concerts? What is the right age? When is it appropriate? Is it too loud? Is the environment kid friendly? Those are all good questions and we have some answers, some tips, and some compelling reasons to experience live music together as a family! You can take kids to concerts and here is how and why!Experience Live Music With Your Family 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Is it ok to have kids at concerts?

Live musical performances absolutely should be experienced by kids. Music, as with any of the arts, is enriching and beneficial to us all at any age. When it comes to live music, there are some things to consider and ways to attend performances in a kid friendly way.

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The Right Age: There is no ideal age for a concert or musical performance. It depends on the kid. It depends on the artist. It depends on the rules of the venue.

  • Before buying concert tickets for your child, check with the venue to ensure that the show is “All Ages.” Some shows are 18 or 21 and up only.
  • For preschool or early elementary school aged children, a good intro to a concert is something designed for kids. Check for local musical events for kids.
  • Consider your child’s attention span and their love for music. If you have a 5 year old who will happily dance and sing along to an entire album from his favorite band, he may be ready to attend a real concert.
  • Don’t take a child to any show that may involve particularly adult themes or language. If a local band has burlesque dancers on stage, that is probably not ideal for a first grader. Save the concerts with explicit lyrics for another day and time if profanity is not something you are ready to introduce to your child. It really is up to your family’s values and what you feel comfortable with your child experiencing.

Protect Their Ears: Hearing protection is a must for kids at concerts. You can purchase ear protection like these headphones. Your child will still hear the music but won’t risk hurting his ears.

Choosing Your Seats: We think outdoor venues are ideal for attending a concert as a family. The sound isn’t so overwhelming and you can choose to sit in the lawn seats where your kiddos have room to dance. If you are going to an indoor venue, avoid seats right by the speakers. Even with ear protection sitting right by a speaker may be too overwhelming for your child.
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The Benefits of Live Music

Now that we’ve covered the issues to consider, we want to encourage you to take those tips and get your child to his first concert. There are legitimate benefits for having kids at concerts. Why not share those benefits with your entire family. Check out all the ways that live music is good for you:

Stress Relief – Experiencing live music actually reduces the release of stress hormones in your body. Cortisol levels lower when you go to a concert. What a fun way to let off a little steam!

Pain Relief – Listening to music has an anesthetic effect on the listener. Studies in hospitals discovered this amazing benefit of music. Live music heightens this effect because your body releases endorphins that block pain.

Positive Connection with Others – When you attend a concert you feel connected to your fellow concert goers. This feeling of connection improves your outlook on life. If you and your kid can enjoy a concert together, you will leave there feeling more connected.

Exercise – Attending a concert is good for your body. You walk to and from the venue. You are on your feet, dancing jumping, waving your arms during the show. Even singing outloud has physical benefits by strengthening your diaphragm. So buy those concerts tickets to your family’s favorite band and dance and sing the night away together.

Sense of Well-being – A study in 2016 found that “people who regularly attend musical performances have a higher feeling of well-being than those who don’t.” How amazing is that. Your entire family can just feel better overall by going to concerts together. That is the beauty of kids at concerts.

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Source: 6 Reasons Going to Concerts Is Good For Your Health

A Real Life Concert Experience

Daily Mom managing Editor, Elena, recently attended at Florida Georgia Line concert and saw first hand how amazing it can be for families to go to concerts together. Florida Georgia Line is incredibly popular and if you have a kiddo who loves this band, you could totally rock out with them as a family!

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The music at a Florida Georgia Line concert is a mix of different genres. Kids at concerts get to see a perfect mix of rap, country, pop and rock with some boy band thrown in there when they start dancing in unison. Their live show is wildly entertaining. The duo is really cool on stage. A favorite moment was when they performed a song with videos of their own wives and families on vacation together on the big screen. Lots of families with kids were there. This show was at an outdoor amphitheater making it perfect for taking kids to concerts. It was affordable for groups to buy lawn seat tickets, bring their own chairs and blankets and dance the night away together.

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However you choose to introduce your child to live music, make sure it is fun. Don’t force him to go if he isn’t ready. You want your entire family to be excited and anticipating the night together. If you do it right, you can leave a show, like a Florida Georgia Line concert with a feeling of happy exhaustion from dancing, singing, and celebrating together. Bring your family closer together with the benefits of live music. Fair warning though, once you take your child to a concert, he will surely be asking when the next concert is going to be. Make live music a family tradition!

Need more reasons to enjoy music with your family? Check out “Why Moms Need to Dance.



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