Setting Intentions to Manifest the Life You Want

You can create the reality you want by setting intentions. Intentions are like goals. You set goals in order to pursue them. Intentions are the same sort of thing, just with a more spiritual universe aspect. Setting intentions for what you want then sets your thoughts and energy in the direction of those intentions. In turn, your energy informs your experiences. The idea may seem like a lot of spiritual mumbo jumbo, but the mindset that you can manifest intentions can actually get you closer to the life you want. 

Setting Intentions

Everything begins with setting intentions. You go to the grocery store, go to the kitchen for a snack, buy a new outfit, text your sister, apply to college, or get a new job all because of an intention. We are constantly manifesting intentions, both small and large, without always realizing it. 

Setting Intentions To Manifest The Life You Want

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, one of the “laws” that he describes is The Law of Intention and Desire. Chopra explains that “inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment.” What he means is that the act in and of setting intentions involves everything we need to make those intentions happen. When you are setting intentions, you make a goal or set a desire. When you set an intention, you are also setting your will towards that intention. That is the whole point of setting goals – to go after them. 

But just setting intentions and then leaving them to manifest themselves does not work. Setting intentions is just the beginning. The universe cannot bring your intentions to reality by itself. You have to give them attention and energy. Not only do you have to give them attention and energy, you have to give them the right kind of attention and energy. 

Setting Intentions To Manifest The Life You Want

The energy you send towards setting intentions is a huge component in this process. When you send positive energy towards something, you tend to get positive results. When you feel like things are going your way and you believe that you are reaching your goals, you feel more confident. This tends to bring good things your way. That is because when setting intentions, you decided (consciously or not) to be positive.

Likewise, when you send out negative energy, you are more likely to feel like things are not going your way. It is like those days when you wake up and decide it is going to be a terrible day. Most of the time when that happens, you do have a terrible day. Why? Because without knowing it, you set those intentions for the day. 

It is easy to doubt this whole idea of manifesting the reality you want. If your intentions create your reality and you look around and are unhappy with your life, it is easy to think the whole thing is a bunch of nonsense. No one wants to look at the unhappy parts of their life and blame themselves for them. Rather than wasting time blaming yourself, recognize that your negative thoughts can affect the way things turn out in your life. Then start on setting intentions to change your life. 

Manifesting Your Intentions Into Reality

Start setting intentions for the reality you want. Make a list of what you need and want for your ideal life. Focus on what you need internally to make this life a reality. Setting intentions needs to come from a place of contentment rather than from desperation or the idea that your life is lacking. Focus your intentions on how you can feel better and attract more greatness into your life. 

Setting Intentions To Manifest The Life You Want

Once you are clear on what you want, it is important to think about why you want these things. Setting intentions that are rooted in fear, societal pressure, or in the idea that you need more, you will not be successful in becoming happy. All you will do is create more fear and want in your life. 

Once you set your intentions, you can work on manifesting them. Spend time every day focusing on your intentions. There is no one right way to do this. You can meditate. You can practice visioning exercises. You can even focus on these intentions in the form of a mantra while commuting to work, practicing yoga, or going for a run. The purpose of focusing on your intentions on a daily basis is to focus your attention and energy on these intentions. Remember, put that positive energy out there and it will bring positive energy back to you. 

Setting Intentions To Manifest The Life You Want

Start living your life as if your intentions are already your reality. Think about what your life would look like if you already had the things you want. Intentions are energy. So living in a way that aligns your energy with the life you want, will help bring those intentions to reality. 

It is important to remember that the intentions you focus your attention on will grow, while the ones you take your attention away from will dissolve and eventually disappear.

In order to manifest your intentions, you have to follow a few guiding principles:

  • If you believe that you do not deserve happiness or that good things do not happen to you, they absolutely will not. Set an intention to allow good things into your life. 
  • Listen to and be open to signs from the universe. They are there all the time and come in lots of forms. Signs are not always telling you something positive. Just be open and willing to listen when the universe tells you something – good or bad. Setting an intention to listen to the universe is not a bad idea. 
  • Tune in to your body. Listen to your gut. This is the universe talking to you. Your body is always speaking to you. When faced with a decision, whether difficult or easy, large or small, tune in to your body. Ask yourself a yes or no question and feel the response. If your body responds with an uncomfortable feeling, the answer is no. If your body responds with a good feeling, the answer is yes. Go with the first thing that you feel. That is your gut talking to you. 
  • Trust that when things are not seeming to go your way, there is probably a reason. A component of setting intentions is surrendering yourself to the universe. When you let go of trying to make the universe bend to your will and you believe that things will work out the way they should, you will be surprised at the opportunities that open up for you.

Setting intensions and nurturing those intentions can bring you closer to the reality you want. Accepting your worth right now, regardless of whether you feel like you have what you want, will manifest more confidence and good things in your life. Trust that you will be given everything you need to create the life you want. Sometimes the intentions we set bring us something unexpected. Trust that what you truly need will come your way. In the end, feeling good and being happy is the true manifestation of a met intention. 

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Setting Intentions To Manifest The Life You Want

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