Moms vs. Non-Moms: How did they stack up?


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As moms, we’ve all felt the sting sometimes. Maybe your newborn will only fall asleep when Daddy is bouncing them? Or your toddler suddenly behaves angelic for Grandma while you’re away, and saves all their pent up frustration for an epic tantrum twenty minutes after she leaves? Let’s face it, raising tiny humans is hard. So today, we’ve decided to “test” moms against non-moms, to see who comes out ahead in some minor parenting tasks. You may be slightly jealous at how chic and professional your single girlfriend looks on a daily basis, but will she be able to hang doing your job?

1. Multi-tasking:

As moms, we are constantly being pulled in one direction or another. Does your infant want to nurse around the clock, and your toddler insist on riding the vacuum cleaner? Baby-wearing vacuum rides all around!  

Task One: Vacuum the main living area wearing a baby and giving the toddler vacuum rides.
  • Mom Time : 6.57 minutes (We’ve had some practice.)
  • Non-Mom Time: 10.32 minutes
Winner: Mom!

2. Getting Dolled Up:

Tasks like taking a shower (alone!) and applying makeup are sometimes a treat for moms, depending on how old her children are, and what their temperament is. Not to mention the almost always daunting task of rummaging through your closet trying to find an outfit to wear that either a.) still fits from your pre-pregnancy days, or b.) doesn’t look frumpy, or isn’t covered in mysterious stains that you vaguely remember as remnants of last week’s toddler snack at the park. So, unfortunately Mama’s, this challenge we lost. Both moms and non-moms were asked to get “dolled up” for a night on the town, and the non-mom won, hands down. Probably because she wasn’t mandated to stop a sibling argument halfway through blow drying her hair, or sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider (complete with hand motions) while applying makeup.

Task Two: Get “dolled up.”
  • Mom Time: 58 minutes- complete with many “breaks”
  • Non-Mom Time: 40 minutes
Winner: Non- Mom!

3. Baby gear:

Baby gear is confusing. Knowing which button to push to magically make your stroller collapse small enough to shove into your trunk, or setting up and taking apart the dreaded playard is no easy task. As moms, we get a crash course in this stuff when the baby pops out and you’re forced to tackle the puzzle, head on. So, we should obviously have this challenge in the bag, right?


Mom wins! Barely. Our first piece of baby gear that moms and non-moms were challenged to tackle was the Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard. Playards are typically confusing for anyone, however, the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard is insanely easy to set up- and take apart. Compared to some of the other tasks, this one was quick and easy for our non-mom friend to figure out. Easy to follow directions located on the Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard made this challenge a close call because assembly is so easy- anyone can do it!

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Task Three: Setting up and putting down a playard.
  • Mom Time: 29 seconds
  • Non-Mom Time: 35 seconds (Impressive!)
Winner (by a hair): Mom!


Task Four: Getting a stroller out of the trunk, placing a baby in it, taking the baby out, collapsing the stroller and putting it back in the trunk.
  • Mom Time: 1 minute and 17 seconds
  • Non-Mom Time: 4 minutes and 47 seconds (hidden collapse button, anyone?)
Winner: Mom!

We hope this lightened your mood today, and made you laugh at some of the “problems” that all women can relate to, no matter what your stage in life may be!

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Photo Credits: The Memoirs of MeganIt’s a Logical Life

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