Gear Guide – Tula: The Only Baby Carrier You’ll Ever Need

There’s a reason why Tula ergonomic baby carriers are world-renowned in the baby-wearing world: they are amazing.  The Tula carrier will transform your life with your baby – making it easier to get things done during the day and bond with your baby at the same time.  There’s truly nothing like being close to your little one throughout the day: baby loves it, and mama can enjoy the closeness while working around the house, exercising outside, shopping, or whatever tasks are on the day’s to-do list.  And best of all? It’s comfortable.  So comfortable that you can actually wear a 45-pound toddler with ease.  

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If you’re on the fence about babywearing, let us impress you with this stat: worn babies cry, on average, 43% less than their non-worn counterparts.  Happier babies and mamas who can get more done throughout the day?  That’s win-win all around.  Read on to learn about why the Tula is truly the ultimate carrier, and the only carrier you’ll ever need (or want!).


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Tula carriers are considered ergonomic soft structured carriers (SSC), meaning they have some form to them (vs. a long piece of fabric like a wrap), and are ergonomically made to provide your back and shoulders with ample support as you tote around your child.  SSCs are incredibly easy to put on (whereas a wrap has a steeper learning curve), and you can wear your little one on your front or on your back.

The Tula offers countless options to help get the carrier sized perfectly for your unique body, with multiple points of adjustments and snaps throughout the carrier.  All these adjustments mean that it’s easy to breastfeed with baby in the carrier, and when you’re a new mom, anything to add some ease & comfort into your breastfeeding routine is a welcome feature.

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Each Tula baby carrier is handmade with the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured knowing that both you and your baby will be safe when babywearing. Because of these high-quality materials, Tulas have an incredibly long life.  This one investment will take you from birth through age four (newborn through 45 pounds), and can be your go-to gear for your growing family, lasting through multiple children and beyond.  As an available add-on option, you can purchase Tula Free to Grow Extenders, which help make the carrier more comfortable for your toddler.  Tula carriers are 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton, woven into a sturdy canvas, and machine washable, which is an absolute must when navigating babywearing through the diaper-wearing, teething years.

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One of our favorite Tula features is the remarkably wide seat – one of the widest on the market.  The seat is the portion of an SSC where your child’s bottom fits, and it’s important for it to be wide enough so that the child is seated in an ergonomically correct fashion, to give your child optimal hip, leg, and back support, which is critical when it comes to developing bodies. You’ll notice that the Tula’s seat extends further on your child’s thigh than some other SSCs, because of this deep, supportive seat.  This deep seat also means that the carrier is wider, covering more of your baby’s back, which makes it more snuggly, and more importantly, more support for his or her developing spine.

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The Tula baby carrier has a perfectly-sized pouch attached to the waistband, where you can fit in your keys, some cash, or debit/credit cards, when you’re shopping with your little one or on-the-go.  And if your little one is ready to snuggle in for a nap while in the Tula (it’s so cozy, this will happen often!), you can snap on the removable hood to help darken the atmosphere, and help provide some head and neck support while he/she snoozes away.

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The Tula fabric choices are simply stunning, and oh-so-unique (Bliss Bouquet is featured throughout this post).  When you’re out and about with your Tula, you’ll get constant questions on where you got your gorgeous carrier.  There’s a color and pattern for every mama’s taste (or dad!), from deep jewel tones, to muted neutrals.

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And when you purchase a Tula, you are purchasing the highest quality product made from a company that cares – from lovingly making each carrier by hand, to minimizing packaging and the impact their company has on the environment, to personally answering every customer email they receive, and being highly involved in babywearing safety education efforts, this truly is a company you can stand behind and feel good about.


  • Panel: 15.5″ tall & 14.5″ wide
  • Hip belt: 5″ height, 28″ – 55″ length
  • Carrier weight: 2 pounds
  • Shoulder straps: The padded part of strap, when not expanded, is 20.” and 23″ when expanded. The webbing attached to the strap is additional 29″ long.

Love Tula Baby Carriers as much as we do?

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