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Summer is a time for outings to the park, beach, and getting together with friends for backyard barbeques. This means constantly being on the go and taking in the outdoors.

If you’re expecting a baby in the summer, it can require more necessities for you to pack and can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few items that can help make your new little one safe and comfortable while also allowing you to enjoy all the fun summer has to offer.


Large muslin or bamboo swaddle blankets, like Aden & Anais blankets, help keep baby feeling secure and comforted without overheating, and are good for more than just your standard swaddle.

These types of swaddle blankets make great nursing covers that don’t leave both baby and mom dripping in sweat. They also make a great blanket to lay on top of grass or sand while you let baby wiggle around. For added protection from the sun or rain, they can also be draped over a car seat.


Baby carriers are great for moms on the go and provide the freedom of using your hands to get things done. The downside is that many baby carriers, especially for newborns, can have a lot of layers and padding which becomes hot for baby and mom very fast.

Ring slings, like the Maya ring sling, typically only have one layer of fabric over the baby, and linen and cotton blends provide lightweight and breathable material that keep you and baby from becoming too hot. Gauze wraps are also great for newborns as they are soft and thin while still strong enough to support your little one.

You can also find wraps and ring slings specifically made for water, some even with SPF protection, which is particularly convenient when going to the beach or pool with other children. If you prefer a soft structured carrier with buckles or ties, look for one that has breathable mesh panels or an hourglass shape to provide more airflow.

When looking at purchasing a baby carrier, make sure to double check the weight requirements and that it is made following guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.


Because newborns have very thin and sensitive skin, and often don’t have the added protection of hair, adding a sunhat to their summer wardrobe can help protect them against sun damage.

Since most sunscreens are not recommended for use on newborns, look for a hat that is made of high UPF fabric and has a wide enough brim to shade their little faces and shoulders. A chinstrap is also helpful for keeping baby or wind from pulling the hat off.

iPlay makes excellent hats with UPF 50+ fabric and lined with wick-away microfiber.


If you are considering purchasing a stroller, jogging strollers are perfect for active parents. Many jogging strollers can be used from birth, like Graco’s Click Connect Travel System, all the way through the toddler years.

Jogging strollers do not have to be exclusively used for jogging either, they are great for daily walks, trips to the park, or events. The rubber tires tend to be more durable than the plastic ones on standard strollers and provide a smoother ride whether you are on a sidewalk, grass, or gravel. With the added option of being able to have a swivel or locked front wheel, they are also much easier to maneuver through large crowds and control when going for a run.


If you are choosing to breastfeed or pump and need to relieve engorgement or bottle feed your baby while out and about, having a hand pump can be very convenient.

Electric pumps work great for at home, but for outings where there may not be any outlets or privacy, hand pumps like Medela’s can be a lifesaver. They are discreet when pumping, and are more practical since you can just toss it in your purse or diaper bag.

Staying hydrated in the summer is very important for both mother and baby and drinking more liquids is recommended, so keeping water and milk on hand is always a good precaution to take.


Mosquitoes and other bugs can not only be very pesky and cause painful itching, but they can also carry several diseases. Typical bug repellents contain DEET, which work very well, but is not recommended for infants under two months old. The best way to protect your new baby from these creatures is to avoid areas where they concentrate and cover any exposed skin or use protective netting.

You can find several different plant based oils, such as citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass that can be made into sprays and applied around the area in which your infant will be. These oils tend to last for a shorter period of time than products containing DEET so it is important to reapply it more often.

To add even more protection, you can slather some baby oil onto your baby’s skin. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil is popular for this use. While the oil may not keep the bugs away for good, it makes their skin more difficult and unappealing to bite.

Remember to always read warning labels when applying a product directly onto the skin and avoid putting product on hands as babies tend to suck on their fingers.

Having a baby in the summer can have many advantages: you are able to skip the worst of cold and flu season, you can get out and be active, and your child will love having a birthday they can celebrate outdoors. When equipped with any of these essentials, you will be able to relax and enjoy the nice weather and your new beautiful baby.


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Now that your summer baby has everything he or she needs, be sure to prepare yourself for those summer postpartum months. Here are some tips for Creating a Postpartum Survival Kit.

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