8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

Party planning with adult friends can be stressful but the truth is once the entertainment is figured out, all else will fall into place. Every get-together needs memorable moments to be a true success. What better way to create those memories than through some light-hearted, tipsy fun? Sure everyone is used to the old-fashioned beer pong and card game of kings. However, if you’re ready for some new exciting ways to keep the buzz going with the same exciting energy, you’ll want to read on to check out these drinking board games you didn’t know you needed!

Drinking Board Games – Try Not to Pass Out!

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

If “cut to the chase” were a game this would be it! With 2-8 players, this deck of cards will get you and your friends to one clear objective. The directions are straightforward. Each player takes turns choosing cards and following the silly prompts on them. The game even leaves room for you to get creative and make up your own rules, adding to the fun factor.

The winner is the person who is the soberest at the end of the game. May the odds be ever in your favor, but you’ll probably have more fun if they aren’t. Please remember to drink responsibly too, and crash on the couch!


8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

This hybrid drinking game combines all the games into one competition. It features Quarters, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Kings Cup, and even more. The combination of drinking board games can be played with 2-12 players by spinning a bottle to decide who rolls the dice first. That player moves along the game board to determine which game or rule they must follow. During gameplay, participants are given a number of “sips” they’ll have to drink.

As you win different mini-games or complete challenges throughout the game, you’re awarded mini bottles to fill your 6-pack game piece with. Whether you choose something strong, a beer, or water to have in hand as you play, this game is sure to be a winner at your next game night.

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8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

It’s your favorite childhood board game as a drinking game! Minus the endless hours of buying and selling properties, this is one of those drinking board games that will take you back to your childhood with a twist. Choose your bottle cap game piece, grab a beer, and roll the dice to determine your next move. Throughout the game you’ll come across a few community cups, a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’, a dance-off challenge, and more. The game continues until there is one player left to get to the finish line. The last player left must drink the community cup. Cheers!

Wine Wars

8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

Do you love wine? Do you love trivia? Have we got the game for you! Wine Wars combines the best of both worlds for a game that tests your knowledge of all things wine. Perfect for the common oenophile but also a great way for the newbies to get more acquainted with the wonderful world of wine. The categories include Vine and Vino, Wine Cellar, and Cork Culture. Whether you know someone who is passionate about wine or you’re planning your next wine tasting with some friends, this game is the perfect pairing.

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Tipsy Towers

8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

Your favorite wood stacking game has an adult version and we are here for it. The 54 blocks include 36 different rules or mini games to follow as you select each piece. Your hand-eye coordination will be challenged as you take shots for causing a tower to tumble. Some of the rules that might lead to you taking a few more drinks along the way are rhyme time, finish your drink, give a drink, moose, and a bunch more. This game will surely live up to its name in just one round. This will easily become a party-time favorite. Happy building!

Fear Pong

8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

This game is the craziest ‘dare or dare’ game of drinking board games. What starts as your common beer pong game ends in the most outrageous, unthinkable dares. Cards are placed under cups, coaster style, which players toss red balls into. Each card features two dares, from which you choose one to complete after your toss. If you refuse both dares, you must drink whatever is in the cup. You have the option to get your hands on this game with all the accessories needed, cups and balls, or just grab a box with the dare cards alone. Also feel free to write in your own ludicrous dares on the included blank cards.


8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

One of the appeals of drinking board games is the ease of play; you know so everyone can keep up and can keep their cups. With the classic setup of this game, it will easily be a favorite among you and your adult friends. As players move clockwise around the board, their goal is to collect ten pink elephant cards. Along the way, the board itself and pass-out game cards will instruct players on when and how to take drinks. What sets this drinking board game apart from the rest you ask? Tongue twisters!

In order to win a pink elephant, players have to recite a tongue twister not once, not twice, but three times! This game is sure to bring laughs to any social situation.

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Sotally Tober

8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering

Laughs, embarrassment, and endless fun is just the beginning for one of the most entertaining drinking board games. Is there a better combination in the world of drinking board games? Sotally Tober is one of those games you play until you cannot play any longer. All you need is 2 or more players and the deck of cards. Shuffle them up and place them in the center of the gaming area so that you and your friends can take turns following the directions on each card.

Each card color refers to the card type and determines whether the player will be assigned a task, skill, curse, secret, or decree. The winner of the game is the person who has had the least to drink. Good luck figuring that one out!

Whether it’s a deck of cards, a classic game board, or some entertaining game pieces, drinking board games are a staple to any adult gathering. They do an excellent job of breaking the ice among mixed company or even just bringing old friends back to the memories of their college days. There’s something for everyone on this list, from beer drinkers to wine lovers. So out with the old and in with these newer, exciting varieties of drinking board games. Bottoms up!

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8 Exciting Drinking Board Games To Spice Up Your Next Gathering



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