Stroller Guide: Fuze by Summer Infant

The new Fuze stroller by Summer Infant embraces the idea of giving you all the options you could need to feel comfortable as you are out and about with your little one. Wrapped up in a sleek stylish package, this smooth ride is comfy for baby and easy for you! Let’s take a look at the details that make the Fuze so slick.

The Seat

Forward Facing / Parent Facing

We all love to have our babies facing us when they’re tiny so that we can see what they’re up to, tend to them and talk to them as we stroll. Baby loves it too! Aside from having them in their infant car seat (which the Fuze has an attachment for) they will grow out of the seat before we would like them to face forward in the stroller! The seat on the Fuze is easily removable to switch from forward facing to parent facing in just seconds. Then when your toddler wants to see the world, flip that seat forward!

Adjustable Angles

Start your newborn out in the stroller seat if you don’t prefer to attach their infant car seat. It’s easy because the seat of the Fuze reclines completely flat! Which is also nice for a sleeping toddler to keep their head from falling to one side. Press the large buttons on each side of the seat and simply recline to your desired angle.

The Fuze can seat a child up to 50 pounds!


The sunshade is a nice size and feels sturdy as it flips open and closed. The shade has a flap held closed (and open) by magnets that make it easy to use and very functional! You can keep it open to allow for airflow as well, since the viewing area opens to a mesh window. You can easily talk to your little one trough this and keep them happy! The fabric of the shade is thin enough that when it is all the way open, it is almost completely out of the way.

Safety Harness

The five point harness on the Fuze has one very notable feature. You can pop open the buckle with one hand, with the press of a button! Quickly remove your squirmy child without any fumbling. A velcro pad covers the buckle to keep it “out of sight, out of mind” so your older child is less likely to press the quick escape buckle. The rest of the strap component is easy to adjust to your child’s size and comes with generous shoulder pads that also help keep the straps from twisting.

The Frame

Adjustable Handle

Are you extra tall or maybe not vertically gifted? Does your older child like to push the stroller? Choose your handle height simply with the press of a button and adjust to your liking! As you use the stroller, you can easily adjust the handle up and down until it feels comfortable for you.

Generous Basket

The storage basket is of generous size (but remember the 10 pound limit!) and it is so easy to access no matter which direction you have the seat facing. The bar around the basket is spring loaded so you can simply press it down to pull things from the basket quickly. Scooping your diaper bag out from under the stroller seat has never been easier.

Smooth Rolling

The wheels in the front are placed close together which gives the stroller the ability to turn quickly and easily. They can lock forward to help you get though the rough terrain of the playground, too! Speaking of locking, the brake on the stroller isn’t actually on the wheels, it is located as an easy to flip foot pedal on the axle of the back wheels. No more hurting your toes trying to lock or unlock the stroller brake!

Style & Function


The seat sits high on the frame so it’s quite comfortable to put baby into the stroller compared to many others. The handlebar is wide and easy to grip and steer. The Fuze rolls smoothly and turns corners even in small shops with narrow aisles. Though it’s not an all terrain stroller like its larger wheeled counterparts, the Fuze has incredible shocks that give such a smooth ride. You can take it through grass or bumpy stone paths without a struggle or a worry about baby’s comfort. There’s an attachable cup holder for your convenience. There is also a safety bar that can be unlatched from one side so you can more easily remove your baby from the seat without having to lift them over the bar.


Lifting up on little sliding buttons on each side of the frame collapses the stroller flat as it locks shut. It’s quick and simple to close the stroller and stick it into your trunk! If you would like to store it upright to conserve space, rotating the handle to the highest position creates a flat surface for the stroller to stand on (as shown in the photo above). Some strollers with this reversible seat design require you to remove the seat before folding, which means you must transport and store two parts of your stroller. Thankfully the Fuze folds up in one piece, whether the seat is forward facing or parent facing!


Let’s just talk about how chic this stroller looks. We all know strollers are made to be functional, but just as we love our diaper bags to look stylish instead of character emblazoned, we would much rather push a stroller as slick as a sportscar! This particular model has a silver frame (aluminum, not plastic) with all sleek black fabrics and details. The shape itself is cool and a bit futuristic. The other color options available are equally sharp looking!

Loving the Fuze by Summer Infant?



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