X-HMT Chair: The Ultimate Work From Home Office Chair

Now more than ever, people are working from home instead of going into an office full time. Most people find that advantageous: comfy clothes all day and no needless chatter around the water cooler. However, working at your dining room table or on the dusty fold-out chair from your garage is not that glamourous and isn’t the best for your body. This is why the X-HMT Chair is the office chair that everyone needs and should have while working. Trust us, your body will thank you!

Why Ergonomics Matter

Most people do not realize why sitting improperly in a chair for hours on end can be bad. Most people working a fulltime job, sit at their desk for at least 50% of their waking hours during the day and almost 3,000 hours a year. In order to help prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in the workplace (home or conventional office) OSHA recommends fitting the job to the person. This means the proper ergonomic office chair and workspace while you work, which is more than just sitting properly at your desk.

You could develop back pain, neck problems, carpal tunnel, and a slew of other body issues due to improper posture while working. The proper chair can not only alleviate back issues while you work, it can actually increase your productivity. Between the headrest, proper lumbar support, and high-quality materials, an ergonomic chair provides long term support for your body. Less fidgeting, better circulation, and blood flow help create a better work environment for more productive working hours.

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X-Hmt Chair: The Ultimate Work From Home Office Chair

Relax While you Work

A massage while you are finishing a deadline? Yes, please! The X-HMT Chair has four combinations of massage along with therapeutic heating technology that will not only relax stiff muscles but will also increase circulation. With two levels of massage intensity (gentle and powerful) combined with two different massage modes (constant or variable) everyone will be able to find the perfect massage combination for their body. This office chair also helps reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing your stiff muscles while boosting your energy levels.

The fast warming technology and massage function will increase blood flow which helps you focus and heightens productivity. In addition, this office chair will speed up muscle recovery, so make sure you are getting your gym time in. So, not only will you be more relaxed, this office chair will assist with your overall body recovery. When your body is performing at top shape, so will your brain and therefore your work output will be at its optimal level, as well. In addition, the lumbar support and headrest will provide much-needed support throughout the day while sitting at your desk in your office chair.

X-Hmt Chair: The Ultimate Work From Home Office Chair
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Flexible and Versatile Charging Options

There are three easy ways to utilize all of the functions of the X-HMT Chair. Use this chair while on battery power so you are not connected to any outlets or charging, the chair also comes with a USB cord, making this the most versatile chair out there. You can easily charge your massage office chair through your computer or device, letting it work for you during the day. Or use the included wall charger, when you are in work mode letting the chair’s heat and massage therapy keep you focused and less stressed.

Office Chair of the Future

With a global pandemic, more people than ever before are creating home offices out of nothing, from office spaces in the master bedroom to workplace pods in the backyard. This is the future of work, less time spent at conventional offices and more time spent telecommuting from home. Working from home has plenty of advantages, but it often means working more than the typical 9-5 office hours.

Even if you don’t have the home office of your dreams, you can have the office chair that your body dreams of. The X-HMT Chair is the solution to your work from home needs, even if you are set up in your bedroom. Between the dynamic variable lumbar support and 10 ergonomic features, your body will thank you at the end of the day! This office chair is the first step to creating the ergonomic workspace your body requires.

X-Hmt Chair: The Ultimate Work From Home Office Chair

This means no more working from bed, uncomfortable chairs, or your couch. The right office chair will enable you to work better, longer, more productive hours, and have your body more relaxed at the end of the day. This chair is not a luxury item your body can afford not to have. With the massage function, better blood flow and circulation, your body and brain will be able to function and work at your optimal capacity. The X-HMT Chair has so much to offer and will be an investment in your daily routine and health.

X-Hmt Chair: The Ultimate Work From Home Office Chair
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Ergonomical Heat & Massage Chair
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As the world evolves into a telecommuting friendly environment, we all need to change our work from home habits. The X-HMT Chair is elegantly designed (no bulky office chair here!), easy to use, and has versatile charging options. Add this chair to your office as the first step in the ergonomic home office of your dreams. With this office chair, your body and boss will be thanking you in no time!

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X-Hmt Chair: The Ultimate Work From Home Office Chair



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