4 Tips for Improving Your Photography Using the Camera You Have

All parents should have at least one camera. The Daily Mom Team believes that you don’t need to necessarily buy a different camera in order to take better pictures. You simply need to learn how to better use the one you have. Here are four quick tips for improving your photography without spending another dime.

Four Tips For Improving Your Photography Using The Camera You Have

1. Carry Your Camera EVERYWHERE

4 Tips For Improving Your Photography Using The Camera You Have 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Carry your camera everywhere…and we mean, EVERYWHERE. Just toss it in your diaper bag. Of course, simply having your camera with you isn’t enough. Someone once said that the only bad photos are the ones that are never taken. So, make sure to use your camera just as often as you carry it. Pick up your camera everyday and look for opportunities to shoot everywhere you go. Don’t wait for an event or the right moment.


4 Tips For Improving Your Photography Using The Camera You Have 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Once you’re in the practice of carrying a camera around, it’d  help if you learned the basics of photography including composition, lighting and the basic workings of your camera and each camera is a little different, so read your manual. (Stay tuned to Daily Mom for upcoming posts that will explain all of those in more detail.) In the meantime, with the convenience of digital photography, you can get away with taking many photos with the hope that a few will turn out really well. In fact, when you’re photographing children, you’ll do that more often than not. Don’t be afraid of looking silly or not getting it right the first time. You will make mistakes and you’ll want to throw your camera in the trash at some point. However, the only way anyone ever improved their photos is by practicing.

3. Don’t be Shy

4 Tips For Improving Your Photography Using The Camera You Have 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Part of being a photographer is putting yourself out there. If you are a bit more reserved, start by taking a photography walk in your neighborhood. Simply put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and start taking photos of everything around you. Use your feet to zoom in close.

Along the same lines, if you really want to put yourself out there, choose your best photos and share them with others. Whether you post your images to Instagram, Facebook or a blog…share them! In fact, if you’re going to carry your camera everyday, you might even consider joining a Project 365 group. Be critical of your photos. If you don’t love them, don’t show them. Over time, your work will improve and your confidence will increase.

4. Find the Light

4 Tips For Improving Your Photography Using The Camera You Have 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Light is the biggest factor in making or breaking a good photo. A good general rule of thumb is to shoot in either early morning or late afternoon light ( in which photographers refer to as the “golden hour”). Either way, shoot outdoors for the best light. Physically move yourself so that you can compose your shot such that the light falls on your subject. If at all possible, avoid your flash.


Take these simple tips and challenge yourself artistically to improve and hone in on your photography skills, one step at a time. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to gift yourself, and your children, a beautiful photo of a memory captured forever in a photo. Not only will you cherish them down the road, your children will also thank you one day for preserving their different stages life.

We are excited to launch a new category with Daily Mom, and within the next several months we will bring to you many more photography tutorial tips, and inspirations , in our newest CAPTURE category.

Photo Credit: Ashley Sisk



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Ashley Sisk
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Ashley lives in North Carolina with her husband, two kids and Kitty Paw. She’s a work-from-home mom with a natural light photography business and a passion for sharing everything she knows. Since leaving the corporate world, she now spends her time trying to get through elementary school with her daughter, chasing her firefighter loving little boy, writing and finding ways to enjoy life. You can find her on Facebook, Google + or on her website.

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